Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Update to rules on Palace access (and safe zone areas, eg. preds camps)

Update to rules on Palace access (and safe zone areas, eg. preds camps)

As the Palace has begun recruiting role play staff it has become necessary to re think the rules on who is and is not allowed to be there without good reason.
Any Explorer may enter the Palace to look around.
Any Player with a disabled game meter is also allowed in as an explorer.
Any player who disables their meter to enter the Palace must stay that way until they leave the place, no changing to role play half way through your visit.
If Palace staff are there you may be offered an official tour.
The very top floor of the Palace, the Harem, is now out of bounds to everyone except chosen Palace staff and official visitors.
Its simple, if you cannot get past the guard on the stairs you are not one of these.
If you enter the Harem (top floor) by sitting on a pose ball you will be ejected from the Sim.
All Explorers are asked to take special care in the Palace, as in the rest of the Sim, not to disturb role play. They may not use any sex pose balls, use emotes or play music or in any other way disturb the atmosphere of the Sim.
The Palace is a safe zone so absolutely no fighting at all takes place there.
For role playing only official staff may stay in the palace.

All other players must have a good role play reason as to why they are there, such as an audience with the Sultana or another Palace official, or some other prearranged role play event.
This rule includes Prey and Knights.
All players without good reason for being in the Palace will be challenged by the palace guards, should any be around, and asked to leave unless you have the above mentioned good RP reason for being there.
Attacks on palace guards within the palace will be seen as a form of griefing.
Palace guards will RP asking you to leave the Palace grounds, you may RP your way out, but you will please leave or be reported
Please note that the above rule also applies to all Predator camps, although it has never been stressed.
So a Bedouin must have a good reason for being in the knights camp etc etc.
Obviously if there is no opposing predator in the camp then this rule cannot be enforced, but should one arrive while you are in their camp they have every right to ask you to leave or attack you without warning should they wish.

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