Saturday, July 26, 2008

Anja Skinstad - Prey/Slave

Name: Anja Skinstad


My name is Anja Skinstad. I come from some nothern territories, where you see snow in the valleys in wintertime, even though it is a most beautiful country - covered with green grass and deep forests small rivers and brooks cutting through and inhabited by very friendly people.. The people of my country almost never fights - except when the borders are attacked - and then they are very dangerous. No intruding army has ever escaped alive...

The girls of this wonderful country is raised to serve their husbands and to keep the family traditions. And they do it well. Most of them.

I am afraid to say that I was too adventurous in mind to follow traditions, so one day I ran off and joined a caravan going south. What I didn't understand was, that the merchant who owned the caravan wanted some specific services in return for my relative security in the caravan. So when I rejected him - he got angry - beat me up - and threw me off like garbage in the harbour of Ireem - without money and with only the clothes I was wearing.

I must say Ireem is a beautiful city, and I have already met a lot of wonderful people here, so I intend to stay. And one day I might get a better job and be respected?

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

I believe in the good in people. You may say I am a bit naive. On the other hand I can be furious if I feel I am being cheated on or teased in an evil way. I like to help other people. And I have some skills with my hands like needlework and so.

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