Saturday, July 19, 2008

September Roux - Lady of the Court

Name: September Roux

Age: appears to be 20

Your group/occupation/level: Lady of the Court

Brief background story of your character:

As a young lady, September travelled with her dear father to dangerously exciting countries. She was spoiled and was not denied when she wished for her seventh birthday to visit Arabia. During a raid on the small village they visited she was taken and sold to a slaver. Her light eyes and freckled skin were assets not to be ignored and soon she was sold again to a sultan's harem. Too young to be bedded by the sultan, she was educated by the other woman and taught the ways of pleasure. She learned quickly and embraced the new culture as her own. September also made friends with a retired enuch that painted murals inside the palace. He taught her how to handle a brush to create beauty. Time passed quickly and September soon reached thirteen. It was time for her to give herself to the sultan. Being young she found herself falling deeply in love with the sultan and praying that he would choose her over the hundreds of other ladies in his harem. Though she was taught how to protect herself from pregnancy, September let herself become with child in hopes that the sultan would love her more. Before she could reveal herself to the sultan or healer a man came to the palace demanding that she be given into his custody and returned to her father Duke Roux of Willowcrest. After many gifts and promise of many more to come September was sent back to a father that hardly reconized her. Gossip ran wild and many of the gentry considered her exotic habits enough to condemn her as ruined. The baby that September thought to gain the sultans favor with was lost in misscarriage. The news that she had been with child devastated her father and slowly he lost himself in drink. He bid her to find a husband that could handle her passionate nature and take care of the large estate he was leaving her upon his death. She traveled to the Kingdom of Sand to do just that and to hopefully find herself deeply in love again.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

September is a very passionate woman and does not know how to act the demure English lady. Often she tries to imitate those she's read about in books or watched at balls but usually she seems over exaggerated. She is sweet natured but has a rough underbelly due to her experience with harem politics and will not hesitate to use any weakness revealed to her advantage. September is a talented artist and uses this to seek trust and approval from strangers. Often she is found in courtyards sketching, seemingly unaware of her surroundings, picking up on every scandal and intrigue that is taking place around her. She is a lady consumed by lust and the desire for love. She will stop at nothing to find her happy ending in a land of destruction.

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