Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vangi Igaly - Royal Guest and a "Dutch" Nobleman

Vangi Igaly is a Royal Guest and a "Dutch" Nobleman:

Vangi Run from europe.. he ran from his grief.. His father, a well known and respectful Nobleman married Vangi's girlfriend. He could not cope with this and ran with lots of pain in the hart to Spain.

During his stay in Spain he earned a lot of money as a merchant.
He decided to search of more adventure and traveled to Egypt.

During his long journey he met some poor people in the city of Fayoum who asked/begged him to take them as his slaves. First he hesitated, but than he agreed. He did not treed the slaves as slaves... but they became his closest friends in life.

Than he traveled with his "Slaves" with a caravan through the dessert to search for new products. But something terrible happened. The whole caravan was robbed by bedouin robbers.

Only Nobleman Vangi survived this terrible robbery. He lost everything he owned and loved. Finally he arrived with a bad health in Ireem.
After he regained his health and was taken care of sassy jaxxon.. He found a job as a Blacksmith...

He worked hard for a living. Than something beautiful happened. The Royal Princes of Ireem had visited Northern Europe once and she recognized Vangi Igaly Imediately. She met him in the Spanish City of Gartagena.

Since than he is living a good live in the Palace of Ireem...

But he is still not forgotten the brute robbery of the bedouin people...

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