Friday, June 27, 2008

Aurorah Magic - Djinn

Name: Aurorah Magic

Age: ageless

Your group: Djinn

Brief background story of your character:

Aurora'h is a djinn spirit who took the form of what a human might call a mermaid. She hails from the depths of the Indian Ocean. Her family, so to speak, were a small group of similar spirits.This group would often conjure up storms and play deadly mind games on poor souls who had the misfortune of being lost at sea. Though Aurora'h herself never took part in the more dangerous games, she has been known to taunt poor sailor's with her charming voice.

One day, the stronger among them accidentally stirred up a powerful current of ocean current. Aurora'h, and a few others fought against there own to try to restore the balance -- but to no avail. The poor female spirit ended up getting caught in fast moving stream of warmer ocean waters. With her powers weakened from her attempts she had no choice but to go with the current.

After was seemed forever she ended up in a small bay. Only a few hours after Aurora'h caught the attention of the human's above -- and almost caused one to drown during pursuit of her. Nonetheless she was soon captured by a slaver who was a more skilled swimmer. Unsure what to do with the odd catch she was promptly released.

Once her powers were somewhat restored after rest, she changed her fins into human legs. Although she still returns to the bay. Maybe you might be lucky and see her. The lonely djinn singing to the moon.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

She's charming, yet tends to be a little on the dense side concerning human matters And is know to be a terrible flirt at times. A true dreamer at heart, she prefers to spend her free time singing to the ocean waves. She's usually very easygoing, a little shy, and has a very warm personality.

She can be overly flirtatious and shallow. Yet this young women can shock everyone around them with sudden, very rare, storms of rage.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Delisia Lusch - Guest at the Palace

SL Name: Delisia Lusch

She came out of the desert cloaked in black. To most people's eyes this was a young man but, in fact, it was a woman dressed like a man. She said little at first when she arrived in the city but observed and kept to herself. Before long, however, she found herself having to use her sword against the roaming slaver's. She showed great courage and quickly learned how to beat them off. The slaver's seemed enjoy the total freedom control the desert and the city streets, snatching unwary girls and enslaving them while the saltana seemed remote and blissfully unaware of this scourge devouring the city. The fearless little warrior who had come from the desert was Delisia, fair of skin with bright blue eyes and blonde hair. She would soon make a name for herself and it was not to be long before she gained the
attention of the Royal court for her fearless resistance to the slaver's. But who was she She never really said...

Delisia was born on the far northern island called by the Romans, Britania. Her father was a black smith and armorer. He had long ago served as a bowman in the service of the King and seen action in the English possessions of Normandy and Brittany but his wounds had brought him home to the small coastal village of Tovil Cove, a sleepy fishing community on the south coast.

He had three sons and one daughter, Delisia, the youngest of the family. She grew up in peaceful times and her brothers were privileged to have access to swords their father made. They learned from their
father to wield the weapons and became fine archers as well. Even Delisia, who's name they say means "delicate" or "delicacy" would play fight with her brothers. She was too small to help her father in the smithy but she did throw a small hammer and even learnt from her father how to make a dagger which she wore on her belt with pride.

One day a traveling Monk came to the village carrying a large cross and a book. He preached to the people telling of the Holy Land and its fate at the hands of Saladin, the Kurdish Warlord. Delisia sat with her brothers captivated by the Mock's stories. When finally the Monk called the able bodied young men
of the village to answer the King's call to arms to save the Holy Land the three brothers were the first to pledge. Even Delisia begged to be allowed to go but this only brought laughter and her brothers who told her it was no quest for a little girl. Shortly, and with tears in her eyes, she would be standing holding her father's hand as she watched her brothers leave for the crusade.

The village seemed empty with the young men away and Delisia would run on the cliffs overlooking the cove. She was still just a young girl and destine to marry when the men returned. She would often pick flowers and day dream about what her brothers were doing. And it was just such a morning as dawns early light broke over the sea when she saw a huge galley slip quietly into the cove. Suddenly, fire tourches were flickering as man began running from the boat as it beached. She heard screams and started to run down to the village. On arriving smoke filled the air as the roof tops began burning and amid the fire and smoke she could see strange looking men running about slashing with swords. She arrived at the smithy to find her mother laying dead and her father being cut down as he tried to fight them off. Delisia drew her dagger and charged, stabbing a leg as she raced toward her dying father. But she was grabbed by the scruff of the neck and held up as the dagger was knocked from her hand. She struggled wildly then paused as she caught sight of her dying father. She barely made out his last desperate cry, "Run child!"

The men that came from the sea were pirate slaver's. They killed the old people and those few men that had tried to fight them. But Delisia was safe because she had value as a slave and, along with other women and children she was bundled onto the ship and pushed in the hold, after which a heavy
grating sealed them in. Some days later the air grew hot as they arrive on the Barbery coast of North Africa. Along the way many had died of sickness, exposure and shock but not Delisia. She had held a small cross given her by her father and preyed every day for deliverance. Perhaps the good Lord had heard her and a great storm arose in the sea as the galley hugged the coast. The waves washed
over the boat and soon it was in trouble and taking water. It heaved high in the terrible seas then turned over and sank. Still under water the heavy grating that had covered the hold fell away and Delisia desperately swam away trying to surface. Eventually she surfaced and gasped for air then clung to some wreckage tossing about in the waves. As the sun came up and the storm subsided the flotsam and jetsam of the wreck washed up on the shore. Delisia, still clinging to the wreckage was part of it.
She was alive but all along the beach there were bodies and shortly she was walking amongst the tragic scene eyeing the dead women, children and pirates. No one had survived but her.

Delisia had but one wish as she stood there on the beach, to get back home but she was in a strange land and she knew her chances of survival were slim. Undaunted, she searched the bodies for clothes, food and coins. She striped and pulled on leather breaches and boots then a shirt and cloak and, finally,
she bound her head and mouth in a black scarf like she had seen the pirates do. She knew her best chance was to appear as a man so she found a sword and dagger then set off along the coast. She walked for many days passing thru villages and buying a little food on the way. Her thoughts were to reach the Holy land where she believed the crusading Knights would save her and take her home. But it was not to be.

Perhaps it was good fortune, she didn't know, but she came upon a caravan heading into the desert. She spoke to one of the camel drivers who had a few words of her language and he turned out to be friendly and very willing to take some coin. He promised they would be traveling to places were she might find her own people and as the days and weeks passed she became aware it would never be. Delisia didn't know where she was and was totally dependant on the camel driver until, one day he told her he knew she was a woman and would take her as a wife. But she took off in the night and, aware they were near a coast, followed it until she came upon what she thought was a mirage. In the distance she could see gleaming towers and soon a great city wall as she drew closer. She had found
the lost city of Ireem and, not knowing if this city offered her better or worse than she had already endured, she headed for the city gates...

hjordis Kjeller - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): hjordis Kjeller

Age: unknown, though she has been wandering far from home for many winters

Your group/occupation/level: prey/slave, odd jobs

Brief background story of your character:
I spent much of my childhood in northern Brittnia, however, since adolescence, I have been wandering and restless, hoping for peace. I never knew my true father, but my mother remarried in my childhood, and was killed by that man's tyranny. He threw me out into the cold shortly after that, and I did what I had to do to survive. I worked in many unspeakable places, was treated poorly and knew little comfort. I fell in love with a young man I met in town at a young age, the only man I have ever known who was kind to me. He swore his love for me, and promised he would give me the kind, comfortable life he felt I deserved. But my employer at the time learned of our secret meetings and threatened to have my young man arrested and killed if we continued to meet (actually, I believed that he would have my love killed anyway, simply because he could!). Out of fear for my love, I ran. I found my sanctuary on a ship, leaving my homelandfar behind, swearing that I would hold my love's promise a deep secret in my heart, and draw my strength from it for the remainder of my days. I believe that evil man who seperated us is now long dead, for it has been many years that I have been running. Here, in the city of Ireem, I pray to find peace from the restlessness that have plagued me these many years. But now I know not where my love is, and will never speak his name, lest another jealous master use him against me. If we ever do meet again, I know that he will know me and rescue me from my plight, whatever it might be. In the meantime, I will do what must be done to survive.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
I am headstrong and wise, but find fault with myself in that I am still far too trusting. My mouth gets me into more trouble than it is worth at times, even when my intentions are good. I do my best to please my master but will take correction without complaint when it is deserved.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mystic is open for tarot reading

The Mystic's presence commences when the sun reaches its highest. This is known as "noon" (slt) to those from faraway places. Until the last client.

10 dinar for simple readings.
15 dinar & up for a more complex reading that may take much time.

Herbalist - djinn teas to quiet unsettling dreams 10 dinar each.

~*~ Anoron, al djinn of Marid ~*~

(Anoron Hanson)

The Catacombs reopened!

The catacombs, which are the base for the undead group, are open again after a make-over.
Now you don't even have to be alive to earn money (LOL) and you surely wont't want to miss the rats brain stew if you feel REALLY hungry and desperate for health ..!
The Undead group is now growing and stronger. Watch out for the Undead wandering in the desert at night! :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Group Leaders

From now on, each group will have a leader:

Citizens Leader: Sassy Jaxxon
Palace Leader: Jacqueline Aluveaux
Knight Leader: Dream Questi
Magi Leader: Jonh Lungu
Dungeon Keepers Leader: Jak Kruh
Bedu Leader: Ponzio Rossini
Slaver Leader: Rock Garzo
Djinn Leader: Derin Swenson
Undead Leader: Lizzy Byrd
Prey Leader: Monica Fitzpatrick


  • A Group Leader will help members to their group to organize and act as group.
  • A Group Leader will talk with group members, other group leaders and admins to organize group activities.
  • It's not mandatory to be part of a group. If you'd rather want to play on your own, you can surely do that, but you will still have to respect the group guidelines (e.g. knights should still be the 'good guys'.).
  • Group Leaders don't take disciplinary actions, but they may be consulted on that, if you have problems with a group member, and will report to Admins.
  • For undead and preys, please report to Admins directly for now.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mikalen Mantel - Prey/Slave

Name: Mikalen Mantel

Role: Prey/Slave

Mikalen, along with a few of her friends, came to the city of Ireem by way of ocean voyage from the Americas. She was curious of the foreign lands and it's culture so they set out before she was to wed a boy her family proclaimed to be suitable for her. "He will have the strong hand of guidance and it will soon take the wildness out of you. You will see, my dear, it's for the best.", her Mother chimed to her one early morning. Mikalen couldn't stop the dark feeling she got in the pit of her stomach at the words. She knew then she must get away from this house, her family, and mostly that boy.

She didn't dare come out of her room until the ship had left the dock. The deckhands quickly cleaning from the celebration of departure and hurrying about to prepare for the evenings festivities. It was that very night she had her first taste of the forbidden liquor. Wine. Rich and dark. How it burned and tickled and made her seem to glow from the inside!

As they rounded the coastal point of this strange lands, she strained her eyes as they stood on the ships deck to see everything she could see. Her blonde hair whipping around her face unable to be tamed by the pins and hat atop her head. She held it in place and caught sight of the darkly-tanned cabin boys who watch her. She blazingly tore the hat from her head and tossed it to the sea - her wreath a memorial to the old life she's left behind.

The streets held so many interesting things for her untrained mind. Such unique and delicate adornments to the filmy, bright silk cloths the women drape about themselves. How she longed to free herself of the thick and overlaid gowns the western world dictates she wear, she thinks as she smoothes the bodice with a gloved hand. Catching the eye of her childhood friend and most trusted companion, she tosses her a pile of the silken clothes and then some coins to the woman who sold them smiling broadly to her as she bows repeatedly in thanks.

The night brought the heavy scent of the lands ... the incense burners filling the hot and comforting air with essences of sandalwood, myrrh, lotus and other mixes of floras and spices she is unable to name. Almost intoxicated by the sounds of the music from the taverns, the loud and boisterous conversations from groups of men who gather around. The camel's songs that seem to filter through it all. Holding tightly to her girlfriends arm, both of them wearing the filmy silk cloth, heavy coin belts and beads and the delicate embroidered slippers they found in the various bazaars that day, they run and almost skip into dances as they trod over the worn cobbles that make the streets.

With a delightful squeal, she pulls her friend by the hand into a tavern. “Wine! They will have wine. I bet it’s very sweet and will be nice in this heat. Bring us wine!!”, Mika calls out into the crowded room. The dancing girls part a path and they stumble in their playful run to a nearby sofa. As they settle a servant has busy setting glasses and a bottle to the table after pouring them full. The night spins by in a blur of rainbow coloured silk, chiming bells, clinking coins and … a lot of wine.

The sun brings a pain of which she’s not felt before. Mika feels out around her and tries to gather her thoughts within the sickening thudding in her head. She is alone in a cool stand of ferns under a tree of some sort. Quickly she sits up and then steadies herself from passing out with the rush of blood to her head and the pounding hangover from the wine. She rushes to the hotel and finds it empty with a simple note on the pillow.

“Mika, dearest Mika. Forgive me. The ship was sailing and I didn’t know where you were. I will return and find you, I pledge this to you my dearest friend. Until then, stay well!”

Alone. Alone?! Panic rushes over her and she collapses with the last though being she is here in a foreign land without friend or family. How will she survive?!

Tarm the Wild (Selvetarm Aeon) - Physician's Assistant

Name: Tarm the Wild
( SL Name: Selvetarm Aeon )

Role: Physician's Assistant (citizen)

The sands shift and dance to hot and dry winds, baring long forgotten ruins like old bones in the desert. A lovely bedouin lass sifts through the rubble away from her camp and finds a glimmering ring with a brilliant red gem like burnished blood. She slips it onto her finger and brushes the grit away. The heat shimmers intensify around her and a blazing presence overwhelms her, leaving her shrinking back against a broken pillar where she stumbles to the ground. A massive efferitti forms from a pillar of flame, looming over her with a deep rolling laugh. He tricked and threatened the trembling lass into freeing him from the ring, then he overwhelmed her and she knew no more. She awoke in her camp under the care of the wise woman who said someone had taken advantage of her and left her in the sand. Months later she was with child and she named the strange golden eyed male babe, Tarm.

A few years later, his tribe was overcome by slavers and he and his mam shipped off to different parts. He was twelve when he was shipped off to the far north lands full of barbarous celts and norsemen, traded around for labor and eventually for pleasure as his young body hardened from riggorous work in the fields. After many years of service to nordic war queens and celtic princesses, tired of being tossed back and forth as the spoils of war, he escaped waring tribes and made his way south, catching the first ship he could back to his homeland where he found himself in the city of Ireem and immediately on the run from predators.

Saved by the Palace Physician, he now makes his home in the city eagerly tending to the needs of Ireem's fair citizens, easing their most intimate aches and pains.

Palace Physician Office is open for business!

If you are wounded and short on money, you can go and visit the Palace Physician: Sassy Jaxxon. She will give you a full checkup and if you are not already dead :), she may find a cure for you. Apparently she became physician by reading all books in the library (see her backstory), so good luck ! :)
But if she can, she WILL actually heal you (and your health score).

Disie Decuir - Prey

Name (Full SL Name): Disie Decuir

Age: Young but sassy

Your group/occupation/level: Youngest daughter of a wealthy silk trader

Brief background story of your character:
Bored with helping out with my family's business... I have snuck away ... playing dress up... wanting to see the world..

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Disie has a taste for quality... trained from an early age to recognise the finest of sliks... she covets the jewels and finery of her fathers clients.. sheilded from the realities of life by her four older brothers, Disie just wants to touch and taste the outside world... she has a passion for life and is willing to risk the wrath of her family to pursue her desires.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kakyuu Mai - Palace Alchemist

Name (Full SL Name): Kakyuu Mai

Age: 23

Your group: Palace Alchemist

Brief background story of your character:

I am is a simple alchemist. My practice combines elements of elements of chemistry, physics, mineral and herbal remedies, astrology, a little mysticism, spiritualism -- Taoism, and some art in the form of witting Chinese characters. Although I am still young and have a lot more to learn about my trade.
I hailed from a far off region named Zao. Because of the internal war of succession I was forced to flea the land to seek a calmer state. Sadly, I ended up in trouble for insulting nomad's leader. Dreadful! I was then sold to a slave ship bound for a far off land. My beloved alchemic scrolls stolen by some over sized slaver.When the ship arrived at Irem's port I managed to evade my captures due to my petite size -- later that evening I made a daring trip to steal back what was mine! Even though I was injured and nearly captured I was successful.
It was during a faithful dash though the palace that would later came across one of the head alchemists. Armed with knowledge, I was able to use her nimble tongue aid her in getting a position.
I currently use her skills in the above fields in service of the great Sultana!

Update July 14, 2008:
A month or so later I emerged from the catacombs. The court prophet was only a meter or so away -- I called out to him. I asked to have my soul returned to me as to end my current state of being "undead". He listened to my pleases and agreed to cast away the chains that bound my soul. I still bare the scare along my hand from that event, from when the crystal burned my flesh. After the bond was broken, and my spirit returned, my skin began returned to a healthy appearance. Though the tips of my long noir tresses died as a result.
Sadly, I would that this was all in vein for reasons I dare not say here. It was with a heavy heart that I transfigured an old gift into a twin necklace. All my feelings of amore are know locked within it's core. I gave the more enchanted half to someone I once concerned very dear to me before my past ordeal -- Seiya Perl. Now her heart is protected...
Because of a few things I dare not return to my old occupation. I know study Alchemy, conjuration, Illusion under Lord Magus as Wizard -- or good magi.
Perhaps one day my eyes one shine with the emptiness of my heart, and my scares will be no more.

Update July 28, 2008

During the passing weeks I would spend more and more of my time locked away in an old alchemist library. Afraid to wonder the streets do to my past association with a particular group. Though, my daear friend Seiya found me once again and convinced me to come out of hiding.
Shortly after more good news came my way. I was invited to take a trip East with my dear friend. We traveled with a large caravan with members of anther court to India, than the high court of the Song Dynasty. There I was reunited with a few family members. I also learned more about my family heritage and found I was the distance cousin of Lady Míng Lián Huā. Because of this I was given greater access to secret alchemy scrolls. Because of my adventures in the west the court appointed my their ambassador.
Though, the special even was with Seiya and myself. On the eve of a grand festival of Qi Xi Jie (Sometimes called the 'Chinese Valentine's Day) we became life partners.
Months later we returned to the Ireem. I returned to my studies under the head magi, dispute my new stature. I know take the name Kakyuu Lián Huā -- Wizard Alchemist.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

To an outsider she comes across as an unlikely genius. Truth be told, this young woman is intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information. Flexible, she tends go with the flow at times. Further more she's very adaptable and dexterous. Able to tackle many projects at once.

The downside of such a curious mind, however, can be a lack of follow-through. She can be wishy-washy, often changing her mood on a simple whim. Not exactly the bravest person. Tending to shy away from psychical battles that do not directly involve her... Although, if forced, she is more than ready to test out a few remedies or use her "gifts" on a foe.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Elizabeth Sinn - Knight

SL Name: Elizabeth Sinn (SilentSinn Hiess)

Role: Knight

Elizabeth Sinn -- a young English girl lost in the Kingdom of Sand, far from family and home. The daughter of one of Lionheart's Crusaders, she was stolen by Saracen raiders and traded to slavers who intended to sell her in the market of the Kingdom of Sand. The night before the slave ship arrived at Slaver's Bay a great storm arose and the ship was broken on a reef. Elizabeth reached shore, apparently the only survivor, and made her way to Ireem, where she found herself the prey of Bedouins and slavers alike. Though captured a few times, she refused to submit, and came to enjoy outrunning -- and taunting -- the desert scum who pursued her. Within Ireem she danced for dinars, hoping someday to pay for passage home ....assuming anything besides slaveships docked in the bay.

One day, while she danced, she noticed an old man in a tattered cloak watching her intently. Bold as always, she approached him, only to learn that he had once been a knight of the city, in love with a knightrix who was captured, tortured and murdered by Bedouins. Handing Elizabeth a heavy bundle, the old man bade the English girl to learn the art of the sword and become a knight, for in her, he said, he saw the same spirit that had inhabited his lost love. Now Elizabeth serves beside her friends, the valiant knights of Ireem .... while occasionally roaming the desert to tease and taunt her mortal enemies, the Bedouins and slavers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fallon Karu - Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Fallon Karu

Age: 23

Your group/occupation/level: Slave

Brief background story of your character:
I was sold into slavery, but as luck would have it I fell off the back of the caravan enroute to be resold. I have hidden in the city outskirts, sneaking around and listening. I have heard of a group of outlaws that has buried a treasure in the desert and I am trying to find out more information about this treasure, thinking that I might someday be able to buy my freedom. I know the desert well, and move about with ease. Some say I'm bewitched because I am able to sneak around undetected. I gather information and try and use this to my advantage.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
I tend to have a smart mouth, and cannot remember much of my past. The fall from the caravan has made me forget many things. I know that I am smart, and resourceful and extremely crafty. You will not capture me long... I will bide my time until I can escape.

Rock is the new KoS Champion!

Rock Garzo has proven himself to be the Champion of Kingdom of Sand. Whoever wishes to challenge him is now allowed to try to take the title from him. Just IM him to schedule a time and a day where the challenge will be taken, and communicate to an Admin.

About RolePlay at Kingdom of Sand

1. Overview: All players are welcome
We - at Kingdom of Sand - welcome all kind of players. We keep roleplay rules simple for everybody, so it is not required to be an experienced roleplayer to join the game here. However, the few rules MUST be respected. Thank you.

2. Language and Nationality
Although the prevalent language is English, we welcome people from different countries and languages. Therefore, we appreciate your effort to communicate in English. Please be patient with other players to ease the communication barriers.

3. Attack on Sight & Safe Zones
At Kos we encourage and support the attack on sight because it is a reflection of a real situation. E. g. in real life, if you are considered an enemy, you would just get attacked without a previous announcement and an explanation of the reasons. To compensate for this, we have added 'Safe Zones' at KoS for all players. In Safe Zones you won't be attacked or captured. If you wish to relax and have a peaceful conversation with another friend, you should remain in a safe zone, or make sure that there is no danger around you.

We don't think that it is reasonable to complain to a potential enemy who is about to attack you that he is not allowed to do so, because you are having a conversation with your friend and please could they can come back later.

So pick carefully the location for certain type of roleplay. All players have safe zones in different areas of the SIM.
Having to be aware of the danger zones is part of the game.
So, e.g any predators should not be standing in an opponent's safe zones, unless they are aware of the consequences.

However, with all the above taken into account, we realize that there will still be cases of players who are clearly here simply to fight and cause trouble. We believe these people will be easy to spot and they will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Simple Rules about RolePlay
Do whatever you want as long as you don't cause harm, annoyance, lag or grief to other people. Be polite and respectful to other people. If you are roleplaying with someone and you feel uncomfortable with the situation, use IM to ask them to stop. At this point they MUST stop. If they do not then see section 5 - Reporting Abuse & Griefing. Always respect your partner's ability to withdraw consent at any time.

However, be aware that this SIM is based on Adult themes, like capture, sex, sword fighting, and violence. If you'd rather avoid Adult themes, we have provided citizen meters, with a less risk of the above, because they have a larger safe zone. Yet, that risk still exists for citizens as well. If these themes are not to your liking maybe you should consider finding a more suitable place in SL for you.

5. Report Abuse & Griefing
If you see or experience any abuse or griefing, please submit evidences ( chat log, picture, and/or description of the occurrence) to the Kingdom of Sand Administrators.
If you are subject to griefers, you can and should also report it to Linden Labs, using Help -> Report Abuse from the menu.

Important! Please READ

This note is to clarify some misunderstandings and a few important points relevant to roleplay here at KoS.
Please READ.

A clarification of the Knight's role in KOS.
Knights in KOS are NOT in the employ of the Sultana. They are NOT Palace guards. If any or all of them choose to befriend and protect the Sultana they do so of their own choice, they are free agents. Their role is as good mercenaries, they choose the path of what they see as righteous and good as opposed to the predators whose activities they see as bad. Knights who wish to be 'bad' they should member of the predator group.
Knights have come to the land to defend those unable to defend themselves, e.g citizens and slaves. This was always their role.
Their oath should be: 'Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that your God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. '
There is some confusion we see within the other predator groups who see them as linked to the Palace and the Sultana.
The Sultana is grateful for their elegance if they choose to give it. But She has an army of her own, otherwise how would she have become Sultana in the first place, how would her family have ruled these lands for so many years.

The Sultanas Army
We recently pointed out this fact of the Sultana having a large army to some individual and they found it unbelievable, asking, ok where is this great army then, I do not see it.
Well its like this, when you enter any Sim in SL based upon a large complex like a city you have to suspend belief and imagine that the city is in fact populated by more than the few AV's you see walking around. If you do not, then the whole fantasy of the place is gone. Besides this the Rulers of Great Cities almost never had their Armies stationed in the cities they ruled.
In KOS it is also this way.
Although you do not see actual Palace guards you must assume they are there, same as the people who run the shops, even though we do not have actual AV's to represent them all, they are imagined to be going about their daily work. If we wanted to be dead exact in numbers of actual characters in a sim we would have build a very small village. Personally we did not think this needed explanation, but there it is anyway.

The back story no one reads.
In the opening story of Ireem we made it clear that the Sultana and the Predator groups got along because She kind of turns a blind eye to their activities, or they just try to keep her ignorant of them. Either way in our imaginary world here in KOS each predator group is only a small band of souls who are here for profit. They are very much like the gangs as portrayed in the recent Rome TV series. They all wanted a piece of the City but never for a moment considered taking over the senate or overthrowing the government. In fact they were immensily better off when the government was at peace and they could get along with their trading and internal small conflicts for dominance of the streets.
In reality they are like tenants of the Sultana who allows them to camp around her city and trade within it as long as they appear to be doing as she wishes. At any point she could wipe out a group by simply calling upon her army. This is a fact of life in medieval times and in KoS.

Group activities.
When we started KOS as it is now we thought that there would be far more individual activity than group activity. But as we progress we see that many people seem to want to make group ties stronger. This is fine with us as long as the group as an entity does not interfere with those individuals who just want to come to KOS to function alone.
We have been approached by a few people asking about choosing leaders for groups. Originally we assumed that the leaders would arise from those who played here the longest as would be reflected in the skill scores and their titles such as Warlord for the knights and Sheikh for the bedouin. But it seems that some people would like to choose leaders outside these simple guides. This is fine with us and we will be looking for the best leaders for each group in the next week or so. If you wish to nominate someone for a position of leader in your group, please contact us.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Costantino Forcella - Knight

SL Name: Costantino Forcella

Age: 40 years old

Your role: Knights

In 476 I was with my legion in Gaul under my marshal Siagrio when Odoacre removed the last emperor of Rome, Romulus Augustus, and gave to Zenone the arms of the romanian west emperor. Siagro didn't accept to be under to a barbarian and created a new kingdom which was the last romanian enclave surrounded by barbarian and hostile people. Ten years later barbarian people broke out in the region. Our legion was defeated and only few of us survived. and with a handful of soldiers we fleeted through south. Our only hope was to escape through est and to join up with the armed forces of the sacred Roman empire of the west. We reached Narbo's harbor disguised by merchants and there found an Arabian captain who consented to bring us through west. After a lot of months of travel we reached the west land but we were deceived..... we weren't in the roman empire but more and more in south. The Arabian captain was a slaver who had sold us. Slavers make us march for weeks in the desert until a group of knights got free us and brought us in a city, qalat a-nissà. My soldiers and me swore to serve the king our saver, Abdarrahdam. 12 years later, Ponzio Rossini attacked the city, captured and destroyed it. He kidnapped Maryam Amoufhaz, daughter of the King, and future Queen. I was injured and was saved by Akita Meli, she cured me and brought me in Ireem, a misterious site and out of the time. Nobody survived to the massacre. I have to give her my life, we are best friends and I protect her. Now, this service in the knights order, my sword serves my Sultan and all of the people who are in danger.

Costantino, has fought for many years, he doesn't like to fight, but if he's forced he used the tipical romanian efficiency. He doesn't tolerate to see women humiliated. He fights with himself to keep the promise did to the king Abdarraham to protect his daughter Maryam Amoufhaz and to prevent him by her, now Ponzio's wife, to capture women in Kos. He is very attracted to her, but he won't ever admit it.

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Djinn Elemental Realm

The Djinn Group Base is finished and almost ready for visitors. Here is a picture:

Champion Challenge - Final round Sat 14 June at 2PM SLT

Lizzy won the second round of the fight with Rock.
Tomorrow Saturday 14 June at 2:00PM SLT, there will be the final round of the Champion Challenge.
Come and find out who will be the winner!
FIght will be at the Arena, as usual.

If anybody wants to challenge the champion, please read the rules.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

New Encampment for Knights and Slavers!

In preparation for a new game element, we have added an encampment for the slavers by the ship in Slaver's bay and a new base for the knight group, situated on the high plateau above the ruins temple. Both these camps will be safe zones for the groups and will have means to earn K$ for the members of the groups.
We are also planning a base for the djinn group for the next day or so.
The harem is also ready and anyone interested in the position of harem master/mistress please contact Kora or Zhella for further details.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rock is challenging Lizzy! Tomorrow at 2pm SLT

Rock and Lizzy have just had their first fight today in the arena. Rock won the first fight. Tomorrow there will be another 1-2 fights to decide who is the best.
Please come and support your local hero ;-) - whoever he/she may be....

When: Thursday June 12, 2008 at 2:00PM
Where: Arena,Kingdom of Sand

The Champion Challenge

~ Kingdom of Sand ~
Champion Challenge Rules

If you wish to make a challenge to become KoS champion first contact the Current Champion through IM. His/Her name is displayed on the champions board at the arena and at the marketplace just inside the main gate.
If both are agreed on the challenge then set a time that is convenient to both of you.
If possible try to set a day and time that is good for all members of KoS as this will make for better attendance at the event.
Next, contact an Admin who will make a group announcement about the challenge, giving the time and day etc.
All challenges take place within the Arena.


  1. If the Champion does not turn up at the arena, and has not previously warned of their absence, then the challenger takes the title by default.
  2. The championship will be decided over the best of three rounds.
  3. No punching, kicking or eye gouging
  4. Only legal KoS weapons maybe be used. If you are not sure check with admins before event.
  5. A challenger cannot re-challenge the champion for 1 week.
  6. A new challenger can challenge the champion at any time.
  7. The winner will be given the Champions sword (see it in the Landing area ) and the title of KoS Champion. Your profile picture will also be displayed on the Championship board. From then on others may challenge you back. Please make sure your Profile is not hidden from search as we will take your picture from it for the challenge board.

Current Champion: Lizzy Byrd
IM her to schedule a challenge.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yukie Yoshikawa - Djinn

Name: Yukie Yoshikawa

Age: Unknown in human standards

Your group: Djinn/Trouble maker

Brief background story of your character:

It isn't known wether this mischievious trouble maker was ever ranked within the Djinn social standards. She rarely speaks and usually gets into more trouble than she causes as most of her pranks backfire. Unable to cast any serious or influential magics due to the restraints placed on her by the higher order of Djinn she wanders around curious of the surroundings of the mortal relms.

Occassionally displaying her temper when her pranks backfire in the form of threatening weather changes she is unable to actually use her magic to have any affect. Smoke and mirrors is this Djinni's capabilities as her powers are restrained by the shackles she wears.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Constantly curious yet at the same time disinterested. Likely found to be wandering around aimlessly until something catches her attention. Rarely though will anything hold her attention for long though. She's fast and evasive although unable to produce any real magic she's found most likely to fall prey more to her own pranks backfiring than anyone else being caught by them.

Often and easily distracted by whim and whimsey it would also seem that there is one type of interaction that does overwhelm her and hold her attention, even if for a temporary period of time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Go Fishing!

If you are tired to eat sheep eyes and steak offered at the local Inns, here is your chance to get some fresh fish to cook at the camp! And you even get paid!
Go around the Slaver's Bay with the boat. It sails from the dock (when available).
Watch out for the sharks!

MichelleNackt Low - Prey/Slave

Name: MichelleNackt Low

Age : 19

Your group: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:

From before my tenth year I have little or no memory but of a sailing ship and traveling. How I came to be on this ship I know not. I remember waking in a warm bed with soft coverings to the gentle motion of the sea. I recall the kindness and concern my father showed me while he watched over me night and day during my delirium from fever. My father was always kind to me and often sat and told me stories of sea battles and many strange and distant lands. He would sit and talk with me listening to my thoughts and dreams, brushing my golden hair, which always seemed to fascinate him. His dark hair and face were a strange contrast to my fair skin and golden tresses. Later he left the sea and retired to a small cottage high on the white cliffs were we might see the ships below. My life was wonderful and happy until father’s health began to fail. The only cure was for him to move to a fairer climate doctors said. So we traveled from the balmy shores and white cliffs of our home in search of a gentler climate to ease fathers ailing health. We traveled by sea and landed in many places seeking to make our new home but never remained for long in any place. Father seemed restless as if something was driving us onward. We set out on our last journey together in a smaller ship, the only one setting sail at father’s chosen time. On the third night of our voyage as I slept, I had a dream like many times before but this night in place of foretelling good tidings and happiness my dream foretold horrible destruction. In my dream my loving protector and guide came to me. Agrona this time had no good tidings and no words of comfort. “My child she said as always I will protect you and woe be it to him that wishes to take your life but now comes a time of testing for you. In this night all which has kept you in loving comfort will be taken from you and you will be cast into a strange land. Many will pursue you and take you, this is my plan, but finally one will come who I have sent. You must demonstrate the strength to accept my will and give of yourself freely until I am satisfied that you are worthy but until that time, know this, you are mine, and I will continue to keep you as I always have. Now awake and bid your father of this world farewell.” I ran to my father, waking him and telling him my dream and to my surprise he did not comfort me but began to shake and tremble to the point that I wanted to comfort him. He then told me that I was not truly his child but had been given to him for safe keeping by the goddess Agrona with the knowledge that in the day she took me from him he would die. This is the day of my death and I welcome it he said. I listened in horror as my father told me first that he was not my true father and that he was also about to die. I sat at his feet and cried with my face upon his knee while he told me of my early life. He told me that he took me from a northern ship as instructed by Agrona. No one on the ship was allowed to live except me and he knew not of my real mother and father. He stroked my hair as he told me of his instructions to take me and protect me with his very life. He lifted my face to his looked into my eyes then kissed my forehead. As he moved away and attempted a smile for my sake there was a horrible crash in the bowels of the ship as if the ocean itself had torn out her keel. I screamed and tried to clutch to my father as all went black… I awoke some time later on these shores alone and orphaned a second time in my short life crying over my loss and wondering what was to become of me…

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif (Tim Deschanel)

Royal : Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif ( The honorable Red Tiger ) Son of the great Sultan Q-Adir Ebrahim (powerful , capable father of multitudes) from the Great Kingdom to the North of Ireem.

SL Name: Tim Deschanel

Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif, has attracted the eyes of women for almost as long as he can remember. He is a novelty among the men of the region, possessing blond hair and blue eyes. In fact his dashing good looks are only amplified by the one physical trait which gives away the desert blood running through him, his dark, swarthy skin that remains forever browned in the sun.

The Prince has lived a privileged existence. Son to one of the most powerful Sultans of the desert he has not wanted for anything. His mother was a french woman who taught him the ways of the "Occidental ". A favored son of the Sultan Q-Adir Ebrahim he was afforded a European education. Sent to France to study at a Royal academy he learned to appreciate the study of science and the arts. However, during this time his most favored area of study had to do with the fairer sex gaining an appreciation of western woman who, like his own mother, displayed a sense of awareness and independence that seemed more assertive than most of the woman in his fathers Harem.

His best friend at the Academy was a handsome, dark haired Count named Jean Malfort. Despite any cultural difference the two men bonded as brothers. They were soon recognized as being two of the most notorious skirt chasers in Paris The two men were almost impossible to resist. During the height of the social season they were nearly always found in the center of a bevy of beauties, eager to be compromised by one or both of the young men.

Upon completion of his education , Prince Omar-Tighir sadly left his carefree existence to return to his homeland and to the responsibilities that awaited him as a Sultans Son.

His father would be expecting him to take his first wife and while the young Prince could enjoy his pick of any woman in the Kingdom to be his first bride he found himself hesitant to do. His natural male urges imagined the benefits of having many wives but his experience as his mothers son showed him that the jealousy of the Harem created many conflicts he would rather avoid. No Omar-Tighri intended to break from traditions and take but one wife and this being the case he was in no hurry to wed when so many lovely ladies still clamored for his attention.

So he remained in his fathers Kingdom dutifully fulfilling all the responsibilities of his position save for this one until the day came that his father, having requested and audience with him to discuss the affairs of the Kingdom decided it was time he put his foot down.

"My son why do you wish to make my existence so difficult?"

" How so my father? What cause have I to make you you displeased with me?"
The older man leaned forward jabbing his finger towards his son with each word as if to drive the point home. "Why have you not yet taken a wife?"

The Prince shaking his head "father I shall marry and you shall have many grandchildren but all in time.... I am young yet and i see no reas ...

" No! No Time ...It is done. I have chosen a wife for you "

"Chosen a wife for me father? You can not mean to tell me ..."

"yes! I do mean ...she is from the kingdom of Ireem ..." ignoring his sons stunned expression " her father was the great Sultan when he died she was just a small child, too young to take the throne. her aunt was only a few years older almost a child herself and she took the difficult responsibilities of Sultana. "

" I beg you father not to do this..let me ...."

"SILENCE!! YOU ARE MY SON AND YOU WILL HONOR MY WISH!" after a few moments of silence he continued more quietly " Her Aunt the Sultana Zanlu has requested a match. NNNNNaaa listen my son this is a good match. Good for our kingdom and good for Ireem. Your marriage to the Princes will bind our Kingdoms and no on will dare challenge our combined power"

" I have no say then father? "

"None, it is done. You will marry her in a fortnight. Ready yourself for you leave for Ireem in the morning to meet your bride" Seeing the despondent look on his sons face the great Sultan softened "Son this woman you marry as is your duty to our can choose many other brides after..the ones of your own choosing. It will not be so bad"

Prince Omar -Tighri shrugged hopeless. "No my son it is true is said Princess Sarai Nahara is a kind and beautiful lady and that she is lush for bearing many babies ... your good friend the Count Jean Malfort has sais as much "

" Jean what does Jean know of this? "

after a long pause the Sultan spoke "It was he who delivered the proposal from the Sultana..he spoke of you to her in such glowing terms that she decided to offer the match for her niece."

Prince shook his head in disbelief "What ? Jean got me into this..why I will see him hanging by his toes for this one.."


And So the Handsome Prince found himself promised to the Princess Sarai Naharra of Ireem--He departed for Ireem despite his reservations ands swallowed any further protests knowing they would prove futile and only serve to anger his father. He had lived as he wished for many years, indulged in his youth but now still a young man at 27 he was about to take the very mature step of taking a wife.

Princess Sarai Nahara (Jacqueline Aluveaux)

The backstory of Princess Sarai Nahara

SL Name: Jacqueline Aluveaux
Throughout the night of endless stars
I saw as in a dream
Arising from the swirling sands
The towers of lost Ireem.......


The Great Sultan, of Ireem is dead. I mourn his loss though it has been several years and I suspect I shall all the days of my life for he was my father and I loved him dearly. I am the Sultans eldest child- Princess Sarai Nahara . I am 18 but feel mature beyond my years. Life sometimes has a way of making a person grow up quickly. In my case I have had little choice.

Father had many in his Harem, but only two wives. His favorite wife, Annabella, was my mother. She was a French Noblewomen and his captive prior to being elevated from the harem to become his wife. Father often teased mother saying that as an infidel it was only because of her bewitching beauty and grace that she was finally honored with the status of favored wife. Despite being forced into captivity, my mother soon grew to love her captor.

I have a half sister, Princess Merhri. She and I were born a few months apart. Her mother died during child birth and my mother took Merhri under her care as if she were her own flesh and blood. Mehri and I are very close, in fact we are as close as any sisters might be. I adore her and she is my best friend and confidant. I can trust her with my life.

After mothers death I became fathers constant companion. Some of my fondest memories of those years are of my father and I riding out onto the dunes together on his prized Arabian steed. As father had no male heirs I was groomed to assume the responsibilities as his Royal Heir and protector of our people but when father died I was stunned and ill prepared to assume the role. I felt lost and overwhelmed. At 10 years of age the mantel of Ruler and Kingdom was too much to bare. Mehri and I were only children and we found ourselves left alone with only servants and loyal knights as our comfort until the day our aunt Zanlu, our fathers beloved sister, returned to Ireem to take his place on the throne.

When our dear aunt returned to Ireem, she was scarcely 17 years of age. She assumed the role of governing the Kingdom and in doing so aunt Zanlu gave up her dreams to do her duty. She was kind and loving and despite the burden of her new position she was always there to offer Merhi and I her love and support. Since her arrival sister and I have wanted for nothing. I am grateful and hold her in the highest esteem. I believe she truly has the best interest of her Kingdom and people at heart. I am confident in her love, her loyalty and friendship. She has sacrificed her dreams to fulfill her obligations and to serve as the Sultana. I strive to be a make her proud and I remember my fathers words when he instructed me in the roles and responsibility's of Royalty.

Once again my life is undergoing tremendous change. Like my Aunt before me, I am being asked to put my aside my wishes to do what is in the best interest of the Kingdom and my people. Aunt Zanlu has arranged a marriage with the son of a very great and powerful Sultan. His Kingdom is to the North of Ireem. The Alliance this marriage will bring will be of benefit to both the Kingdoms. Individually we are great but with our combined wealth and military power we will be untouchable. It has been a whirl wind month since Auntie asked me dine with her privately so she could break the news. I was stunned and unprepared for what she had to tell me and I readily admit that my initial response was to protest ...but I remembered my duty as a Royal I will do what best for Ireem and for her people. I will do as my Aunt the Sultana asks. Auntie Says I shall be pleased with this Prince- for he is said to be handsome and golden and smells of exotic spices. She says his mother, like my own was european and that he is not fat or soft like some Sultans sons I have met and that I will be his first wife. She did not say he was eager to be married but did stress that he is reported to be a man of duty, and honor. I find myself wondering what he thinks of this arrangement ?

I know the people of my Kingdom see my life as one of privilege. They see my pampered existent and they must certainly believe life is simple. I do live well, this is undeniable! I have never worried about were I would sleep, or what I would eat. I have Royal Guards and knights to protect me and handmaidens to brush my hair and bathe me. My skin is oiled in fragrant scents and I am clothed in the finest textiles. The Palace servants see to my to every need. I have everything a young woman might want, but I do not have the luxury of marrying for love.

Lastly there is this...As of late my sister Princess Mehir and I have discovered some things that have begun to shake our Royal and sheltered existence. My sister and I share a gift of sight that we inherited from our grandmother. The gift is said to skip a generation and so our father and our aunt did not receive it. We see things ..usually in dreams and as of recently the dreams have taken a darker turn. We are confused by what we are being shown...But we believe that we are being given a warning. All is not as it appears in Ireem ..all is not well. We fear that if things continue as they are Ireem will be destroyed and no marriage, no alliance, no amount of wealth or military force will turn the tide to our destruction. To make things worse our dear aunt assures us that her advisors are well informed and report that all is as it should be in Ireem. She thinks our visions are but fearfull, childish night terrors and that sister and I are worrying over nothing but sister and I feel she is being deceived by her advisors. That they are not telling her the truth in fact they deliberately keeping her in the dark.

I dread that things will become more and more bleak, until the paradise that was once the Ireem of our forefathers is forever destroyed. I do not know if it is possible to change the fate of Ireem or if it is inevitably set in its course, but both Mehri and I believe that we have no choice but to try and set it right. Understanding that we will need help if we are to combat the dark forces that wish to devour our Kingdom, we seek to build a secret coalition to work alongside the knights. Spy's, Prophets, warriors and Holy Men sworn to oath to protect and combat these dark forces. To defend Ireem and protect the Sultana.

Princess Mehri Abriel (Lillie Vella)

The backstory of : Princess Mehri Abriel ((Lillie Vella))

Inspired by the Story base line provided below:

My Mother was the Sultans first wife. I understand he married her to fulfill his duty to beget heirs and hoped she would bare him sons. Sadly my mother was reported to be a cold women, who sought at every turn to undermine his power and conspired against him. She was beautiful, but power hungry and she used her feminine wiles to captivate men and control them. She resisted my fathers advances so it was no surprise that it took her so long to conceived. I was the first and only child she gave him. She was not pleased to be pregnant and cursed her thickening body. She took no joy in carrying me and was said to throw fits yelling and stating clearly that she had no wish to be a mother. I have often wondered if that was the reason she died giving birth to me. Perhaps she wished once too often not to be a mother. I never knew her and I somehow believe this is a blessing.

I am Mehri Abriel, the Sultan's second daughter, I became a source of light and joy in my Father the Sultans' eyes - for unlike my mother, I laughed readily, and was quick to demonstrate my loyal devotion to father. In fact other than my appearance I was very unlike my mother in every way.

My eldest half sister, the Princess Sarai Naharra and I were born 7 days apart. After the death of my mother, Annabella, Sarai's Mother took me to her breast and raised me as her own child. She taught me about love, trust and devotion. When she died I mourned the loss of the only mother I had ever known.

I am very close to my sister Sarai. We love each other beyond words. When Father passed She and I clung to one another. We were two lost children and looked to each other for reassurance. I look back now and I realize we were but babies really -ten year old orphans with no one to turn to. Then our aunt Zanlu arrived. I still remember the day. See her in my minds eye. She tried so hard to be brave for us. She came into the palace and rushed to our chambers sweeping us into her arms and hushing our fears. I realize now she must have been frightened too. Her whole world was also upside down but she was determined to be brave for us. She has been a mother, a sister, a role model and the Kingdoms Sultana. I adore her. She and Sarai are the two most important people in my life.

I value family above everything and this is why I am so determined to protect my sister and my aunt.

Sarai and have concerns about Ireem and about our Aunt Zanlu. Like my sister the Sarai, I have the gift of Sight and of Dreams. As of late she and I have become increasingly aware that all is not as it should be. We have experienced what a Palace Prophet has called :The Awakening.

Ireem is a place of terrible conflict and lawlessness you see. Slave trade flourishes and factions battle for supremacy even as life inside the Palace seems tranquil and beautiful. We have both seen the visions and have struggled to understand all that we are meant to understand.

The Awakening:
The dream is pleasant at first. Sister and I are in a Royal caravan that travels the sands outside Ireem. It is beautiful,we note... somehow more beautiful than we've ever known it to be; almost perfect, a paradise. It occurs to us that this is the Ireem of yesteryear. The Ireem of the ancients. The caravan passes the ancient ruins...we blink in disbelief for now, in this Ireem, the fallen pillars stand upright rather than strewn on the desert floor.

Then a wind begins to blow across the desert. It begins as slow cold breeze...cold? Why cold, we wonder? Somehow we realize we are in a dream? Then we wonder how we could both be having the same and wonder if it is even possible for such a thing to occur.

The winds continues to build, picking up force with each gust. Soon a desolate howl accompanies the gusts as they whip across the desert floor stirring up the dust and sands. Sarai and I turn into the winds…. only to see dark foreboding clouds approaching, and a wall of sand that threatens to swallow us and the city. We sense doom, destruction, evil. It is overwhelming... the darkness brings with it cold... freezing cold and soon they we are aware that we are in the sand... struggling to breath, hiding our eyes... blinded, the sand stings our skin…then laughter… insane laughter swirls around us and the cries of the lost, unearthly and cold as death.

Suddenly it stops and we wonder how it is possible we are still alive. We turn to see what is left of Ireem. Rubble and sand and desert... Gone is the glory of the Palace, the fountains, the markets... Just gone as if they had never even been there. A black raven flies overhead and lands on what appears to be a skull. stacked near a wall of bodies…. men , women and children ...and then we scream our voices carried off into the winds!

This was the dream I awoke from - I sat upright and swinging my feet off the bed I ran up the tower stairs to my sisters room.
I found Sarai is sitting in upright in her bed, drenched with sweat, breathing heavily. For a moment we simply stare at each other, then Ii spoke..."You dreamt it too this time? The nightmare?”

Sarai just sat there a moment shaking her head as if she hoped to banish the visions that lingered. She looked at me a moment in confusion before realization seemed to dawn on her . "Ireem? You dreamt of Ireem too?"

I nodded grimly, “I have been having the same dream from time to time since we were but infants… but now almost every night I dream this.” Shaking, I came closer, then climbs into her bed.

Then she told me "I had the same dream Mehri...... I think it was gone… all gone." Shivering, Sarai turns to me and asked" The raven then? You saw the raven?" I nodded solemnly and Sarai took a deep steadying breath, "Ahhh then, it is as I feared, an omen of things to come."

So you see we share much sister and I --most of all we share a burden regarding the future of Ireem. Can we change destiny? Even if it is were written in stone..have we a choice but to try?

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Derin Al-Djinn of the Ifrit

Derin Al-Djinn of the Ifrit

SL Name: Derin Swenson

Born of Ifrit tribes that opposed the tribes of Al'Yazid, Derin was born of evil, raised amoungst deprivaty and was made to suck the sweet nectar of corruption. His Father, Shaharam a dark chieftain of his tribe, held in regard the ways of might and supremecy. The power of the Magi's magic and influence that they had stolen from the Djinn were unforgivable and he was one of the first to side against the Magi, going so far as to openly take on a demonic advisor for it's power and knowledge.

But not all hope was lost for this young Djinn, a product of the terrible Ifrit nomadic tribes, for his mother was a beautiful, kind hearted Djinn who was born amoungst the soft hearted tribes of the Sila Djinn. Taken captive at a young age by Shaharam, she was very much his prized possession.

She would have faded away into the sands many moons before she had, if it weren't for her son. Though his father introduced him to all kinds of acts of evil, it was his mother's hand that had shown Derin the true motives of the demonic advisor by his father's side. It was his mother that had shown him the once inherent nobility of their race. Only once this was instilled did his mother finally disappear into the sands to embrace death.

Once his mother was gone, there was no longer a shield to corrupt the youth from his tribe's perverted acts. But he had been shown another age, one that had shown Djinn of all levels and tribes as noble beings. So Derin used the only gift of magic his mother had given him, he segmented a part of his conscienness away, deep within the recesses of his mind and he allowed his tribe's wickedness to take hold.

For 8 years he learned under Tarzak, his father's demonic advisor. For 8 years he had endured torture and ridicule. He was slave to a demon, yet he learned...that was the pact his father had struck with his advisor. Make his son, his heir into a powerful Djinn, able to crush the infidelic Magi and to banish the prophecy that would destroy his race.

But this was not to be, though he learned, and learned well all he could under such a short time, Derin had other plans in mind. It was his 21st day of birth, a time honored amoungst the Djinn as a time a young one came into his own power. All the knowledge and their inherent birthright came forth and the young one was finally called, truelly, a Djinn. It was during this comming of age ceremony that Derin struck. The ritual itself, different form tribe to tribe, included baptism in a pool of fire. The young Djinn upon rising from the pool felt his heritage for the first time.

It was during that intoxication of power that Derin lashed out in a flash of mystical power at his mentor, who was caught off guard. Drawing upon more power than he would normally undertake, at least for a long time, he banished the demon, Tarzak, to the pits of Hell. Causing chaos to errupt. Using the last of the knowledge the demon taught him, Derin dove once again into the fire and found himself smoldering on the desert floor.

He had used the fire as it was described to him to transport him elsewhere. Where that was, the unexperienced and underpowered Djinn did not know. He was free, and he would live his life not as his father led, but as he thought his mother would want him too.

Looking up, Derin looked upon a city made of spires, he knew not what city it was, but it was, hopefully far away from his former tribe. Derin slowly stood up and started walking towards it.

Derin is a very hard Djinn. Weakness, is just that weakness. Though he was taught benevolence by his mother, he is still his father's son and takes what he needs or wants, either through force or manipulation. He hates demons with a passion and he agrees with his father in one thing, the Magi must be stopped, though his prejuidices are not blinding to the point of killing them on sight.

Callum Maktoum - Bedouin

Name (Full SL Name): Callum Maktoum

Age: 31

Your group: Bedouin

Brief background story of your character:

Born as a bedouin, he is used to the hard life in the deserts. After his parents were murdered by bandits, he swore revenge and followed their bloody trace to Samarkand, where he finally killed them. The Khan was impressed by this young and fierce fighter and made him Amir of the Immortals, the elite forces of Samarkand. Callum spend several years in service of the throne, until an intrigue did cost him his position. He had to flee to save his life and decided to go back to where he came from, his bedouin tribe. Things have changed a lot for him, but he soon started what he always was best at: fighting.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Callum is a proud bedouin, loyal to his leaders. He would sacrifice his life for his brothers in arms. When not looking for a fight or guiding his queen, he loves to have fun, sometimes with the head of a knight.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Harem Masters - Coming Soon!

~Kingdom of Sand~
Harem Masters

Coming Soon!
  • Only 4th level players (either predators or knights) can apply to become Harem Master
  • They will wear the citizen tag.
  • They won't capture slaves, but they will buy slaves from predators
  • Harem masters make money:
    • hourly salary 12K$/hour
    • renting slaves to occasional 'clients' of the harem
    • paid activities in the harem (various animations)
  • Although they own the harem and the slaves, in all other parts of the palace, they should respect the peace and tranquility of the Sultana's residence,.
  • The Harem Master can always resign at any time and return to be Predator or Knights.
If you are interested in becoming an Harem slave, you will enter only by being captured by a predator and sold to an Harem Master. You will obey the rules of the Harem, or you may be sold back to other buyers.
You have the option to buy your freedom at any time and become a citizen and get a job within the city.
If you are rented out to harem clients, you will remain within the palace facilities. The harem services will range from bath, massages, full service, etc.

If you are interested in a position as Harem Master, please IM an Admin for authorization.

Keil Ansar - Gardener

SL Name: Keil Ansar

Role: Citizen / Gardener

I was born in the poorest family of Ireem. My family and I have always been known hunger. And I had to work all my life, days and nights.
When I was 6 years old, my father promised me as wife to my cousin, who was the blacksmith of the village. When I was 16 years old I got married with him.
Today I am 29 years old. I have 10 sons, and an old husband (43 years old), and he is at the end of his life. However, he is not a bad husband. He beats me only three times a week.
Luckily some days ago I met Stuey, the gardener of the Sultana's palace and he offered me a job to become his chief assistant.
This is hard work. It is not easy to find water in the desert, but it is okay for me. I love the plants, and I talk with them all day, because they are my only friends.
By nature I am a little strange. I am curious and sometimes spiteful.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Daniella Oldrich (Dani) - Minstrel / Prey

IC name: Dani, though her real name is unknown

SL name: Daniella Oldrich

IC Age: 19

The hot sun beems overhead as she lefts a slender arm to wipe the sweat from her brow. Slavers? She'd been travelling with slavers. She had to be more careful. Her blue eyes survey the desert anxiously, her ears perking as she listens for sounds in the distance. Nothing. She sighs heavily her thoughts escaping her as she collapses on the stone floor of what she thought of now as her sanctuary. The city wasn't too far off, she had time to rest.

She was a joker of sorts, at least, that was the nice way to put it. She is a beautiful face with darkness hidden deep in those bright blue eyes, and sticky fingers behind her soft touch. She stolen from the slavers, as she had from all those who'd been nice enough to help the young minstrel. She'd weave wonderous stories for them at night, all the was up until that final night. She'd sneak out from the tent they'd be nice enough to build for her, and rob them of food and anything of value that was not too risky. Is it wrong? She shrugged as she laid there, the girl never had family, they'd given her up a very long time ago, or so she'd been told. The girl had been raised by a rugged man, from far, very far, north he'd told her. A small smile played on her lips, he'd been the first pale faced man she'd met that had been nice, civil even.

She learned everything she knew from him, right down to charming the pants off of a man. She smirked now, sitting up and letting her gaze fall on the city, Ireem. The possibilities were endless for this twice orphaned child, almost as endless as her lies.


Dani, as she likes to be called now, can be quite kind and generous, but equally as greedy: an oppotunist to the fullest. Behind her kind eyes and warm smile is a coldness that only a few can pick up on.

Maryam Amoufhaz - Bedouin

MARYAM AMOUFHAZ Malikat as-Sahara' Queen of the Desert



Maryam bint Abd Ar-Rahman I,arab princess,is the only descendant of the royal Amoufhaz family that once ruled in Qal'a an-Nissa',capital of the Reign of Siqilliya.One day her kingdom was invaded by a fierce and powerful tribe,coming from a far desertic land,that wanted to take the power over the reign whose head was Ponzio Rossini.Maryam's family was murdered,except her.She had touched Sheikh Ponzio's heart with compassion,so he decided he would take care of the little princess and took her with him to the city of Ireem.Maryam,little but proud child,at first refused Ponzio's care and many times tried to escape from the man who had made her an orphan and who later took her under his protection.Years passed and Maryam started to appreciate Ponzio,after all if he hadn't saved her she would have been dead.Respect and affection were the prevailing feelings in her heart.Life in the desert was hard for her,as she wasn't used to such a simple life,that same life that would make her a strong and honourable warrior.As she became a woman Ponzio stopped seeing her as the little princess he had brought up and he married her as his only wife.At Ireem there is still someone who belongs to Maryam's past,Costantino Forcella,a brave knight who had promised her father to protect her whatever happened before she was kidnapped by Ponzio.Costantino thought Maryam was killed as it was for all Amoufhaz family.When he found out his worst enemy,Ponzio,had taken her with him he promised himself he would take revange and let Maryam live a free life.

Character/personality traits/strenght/flaws

Maryam is a proud and fierce warrior.She has a great sense of honour and she really demands mutual respect from the others.Al-kalama,the power of the word,is a weapon she can use very well for her interests and for keeping the peace between the predators and the knights at Ireem.Her noble origins make her a very fine and cultured lady with big love for bellydancing and singing.She is a brilliant entertainer herself.One thing she cannot accept is when people take advantange of her goodness and peaceful attitude...Then she will chase you and take revange no matter at what cost...And it will be your end...