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Princess Mehri Abriel (Lillie Vella)

The backstory of : Princess Mehri Abriel ((Lillie Vella))

Inspired by the Story base line provided below:

My Mother was the Sultans first wife. I understand he married her to fulfill his duty to beget heirs and hoped she would bare him sons. Sadly my mother was reported to be a cold women, who sought at every turn to undermine his power and conspired against him. She was beautiful, but power hungry and she used her feminine wiles to captivate men and control them. She resisted my fathers advances so it was no surprise that it took her so long to conceived. I was the first and only child she gave him. She was not pleased to be pregnant and cursed her thickening body. She took no joy in carrying me and was said to throw fits yelling and stating clearly that she had no wish to be a mother. I have often wondered if that was the reason she died giving birth to me. Perhaps she wished once too often not to be a mother. I never knew her and I somehow believe this is a blessing.

I am Mehri Abriel, the Sultan's second daughter, I became a source of light and joy in my Father the Sultans' eyes - for unlike my mother, I laughed readily, and was quick to demonstrate my loyal devotion to father. In fact other than my appearance I was very unlike my mother in every way.

My eldest half sister, the Princess Sarai Naharra and I were born 7 days apart. After the death of my mother, Annabella, Sarai's Mother took me to her breast and raised me as her own child. She taught me about love, trust and devotion. When she died I mourned the loss of the only mother I had ever known.

I am very close to my sister Sarai. We love each other beyond words. When Father passed She and I clung to one another. We were two lost children and looked to each other for reassurance. I look back now and I realize we were but babies really -ten year old orphans with no one to turn to. Then our aunt Zanlu arrived. I still remember the day. See her in my minds eye. She tried so hard to be brave for us. She came into the palace and rushed to our chambers sweeping us into her arms and hushing our fears. I realize now she must have been frightened too. Her whole world was also upside down but she was determined to be brave for us. She has been a mother, a sister, a role model and the Kingdoms Sultana. I adore her. She and Sarai are the two most important people in my life.

I value family above everything and this is why I am so determined to protect my sister and my aunt.

Sarai and have concerns about Ireem and about our Aunt Zanlu. Like my sister the Sarai, I have the gift of Sight and of Dreams. As of late she and I have become increasingly aware that all is not as it should be. We have experienced what a Palace Prophet has called :The Awakening.

Ireem is a place of terrible conflict and lawlessness you see. Slave trade flourishes and factions battle for supremacy even as life inside the Palace seems tranquil and beautiful. We have both seen the visions and have struggled to understand all that we are meant to understand.

The Awakening:
The dream is pleasant at first. Sister and I are in a Royal caravan that travels the sands outside Ireem. It is beautiful,we note... somehow more beautiful than we've ever known it to be; almost perfect, a paradise. It occurs to us that this is the Ireem of yesteryear. The Ireem of the ancients. The caravan passes the ancient ruins...we blink in disbelief for now, in this Ireem, the fallen pillars stand upright rather than strewn on the desert floor.

Then a wind begins to blow across the desert. It begins as slow cold breeze...cold? Why cold, we wonder? Somehow we realize we are in a dream? Then we wonder how we could both be having the same and wonder if it is even possible for such a thing to occur.

The winds continues to build, picking up force with each gust. Soon a desolate howl accompanies the gusts as they whip across the desert floor stirring up the dust and sands. Sarai and I turn into the winds…. only to see dark foreboding clouds approaching, and a wall of sand that threatens to swallow us and the city. We sense doom, destruction, evil. It is overwhelming... the darkness brings with it cold... freezing cold and soon they we are aware that we are in the sand... struggling to breath, hiding our eyes... blinded, the sand stings our skin…then laughter… insane laughter swirls around us and the cries of the lost, unearthly and cold as death.

Suddenly it stops and we wonder how it is possible we are still alive. We turn to see what is left of Ireem. Rubble and sand and desert... Gone is the glory of the Palace, the fountains, the markets... Just gone as if they had never even been there. A black raven flies overhead and lands on what appears to be a skull. stacked near a wall of bodies…. men , women and children ...and then we scream our voices carried off into the winds!

This was the dream I awoke from - I sat upright and swinging my feet off the bed I ran up the tower stairs to my sisters room.
I found Sarai is sitting in upright in her bed, drenched with sweat, breathing heavily. For a moment we simply stare at each other, then Ii spoke..."You dreamt it too this time? The nightmare?”

Sarai just sat there a moment shaking her head as if she hoped to banish the visions that lingered. She looked at me a moment in confusion before realization seemed to dawn on her . "Ireem? You dreamt of Ireem too?"

I nodded grimly, “I have been having the same dream from time to time since we were but infants… but now almost every night I dream this.” Shaking, I came closer, then climbs into her bed.

Then she told me "I had the same dream Mehri...... I think it was gone… all gone." Shivering, Sarai turns to me and asked" The raven then? You saw the raven?" I nodded solemnly and Sarai took a deep steadying breath, "Ahhh then, it is as I feared, an omen of things to come."

So you see we share much sister and I --most of all we share a burden regarding the future of Ireem. Can we change destiny? Even if it is were written in stone..have we a choice but to try?

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