Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kakyuu Mai - Palace Alchemist

Name (Full SL Name): Kakyuu Mai

Age: 23

Your group: Palace Alchemist

Brief background story of your character:

I am is a simple alchemist. My practice combines elements of elements of chemistry, physics, mineral and herbal remedies, astrology, a little mysticism, spiritualism -- Taoism, and some art in the form of witting Chinese characters. Although I am still young and have a lot more to learn about my trade.
I hailed from a far off region named Zao. Because of the internal war of succession I was forced to flea the land to seek a calmer state. Sadly, I ended up in trouble for insulting nomad's leader. Dreadful! I was then sold to a slave ship bound for a far off land. My beloved alchemic scrolls stolen by some over sized slaver.When the ship arrived at Irem's port I managed to evade my captures due to my petite size -- later that evening I made a daring trip to steal back what was mine! Even though I was injured and nearly captured I was successful.
It was during a faithful dash though the palace that would later came across one of the head alchemists. Armed with knowledge, I was able to use her nimble tongue aid her in getting a position.
I currently use her skills in the above fields in service of the great Sultana!

Update July 14, 2008:
A month or so later I emerged from the catacombs. The court prophet was only a meter or so away -- I called out to him. I asked to have my soul returned to me as to end my current state of being "undead". He listened to my pleases and agreed to cast away the chains that bound my soul. I still bare the scare along my hand from that event, from when the crystal burned my flesh. After the bond was broken, and my spirit returned, my skin began returned to a healthy appearance. Though the tips of my long noir tresses died as a result.
Sadly, I would that this was all in vein for reasons I dare not say here. It was with a heavy heart that I transfigured an old gift into a twin necklace. All my feelings of amore are know locked within it's core. I gave the more enchanted half to someone I once concerned very dear to me before my past ordeal -- Seiya Perl. Now her heart is protected...
Because of a few things I dare not return to my old occupation. I know study Alchemy, conjuration, Illusion under Lord Magus as Wizard -- or good magi.
Perhaps one day my eyes one shine with the emptiness of my heart, and my scares will be no more.

Update July 28, 2008

During the passing weeks I would spend more and more of my time locked away in an old alchemist library. Afraid to wonder the streets do to my past association with a particular group. Though, my daear friend Seiya found me once again and convinced me to come out of hiding.
Shortly after more good news came my way. I was invited to take a trip East with my dear friend. We traveled with a large caravan with members of anther court to India, than the high court of the Song Dynasty. There I was reunited with a few family members. I also learned more about my family heritage and found I was the distance cousin of Lady Míng Lián Huā. Because of this I was given greater access to secret alchemy scrolls. Because of my adventures in the west the court appointed my their ambassador.
Though, the special even was with Seiya and myself. On the eve of a grand festival of Qi Xi Jie (Sometimes called the 'Chinese Valentine's Day) we became life partners.
Months later we returned to the Ireem. I returned to my studies under the head magi, dispute my new stature. I know take the name Kakyuu Lián Huā -- Wizard Alchemist.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

To an outsider she comes across as an unlikely genius. Truth be told, this young woman is intellectually inclined, forever probing people and places in search of information. Flexible, she tends go with the flow at times. Further more she's very adaptable and dexterous. Able to tackle many projects at once.

The downside of such a curious mind, however, can be a lack of follow-through. She can be wishy-washy, often changing her mood on a simple whim. Not exactly the bravest person. Tending to shy away from psychical battles that do not directly involve her... Although, if forced, she is more than ready to test out a few remedies or use her "gifts" on a foe.

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