Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Callum Maktoum - Bedouin

Name (Full SL Name): Callum Maktoum

Age: 31

Your group: Bedouin

Brief background story of your character:

Born as a bedouin, he is used to the hard life in the deserts. After his parents were murdered by bandits, he swore revenge and followed their bloody trace to Samarkand, where he finally killed them. The Khan was impressed by this young and fierce fighter and made him Amir of the Immortals, the elite forces of Samarkand. Callum spend several years in service of the throne, until an intrigue did cost him his position. He had to flee to save his life and decided to go back to where he came from, his bedouin tribe. Things have changed a lot for him, but he soon started what he always was best at: fighting.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Callum is a proud bedouin, loyal to his leaders. He would sacrifice his life for his brothers in arms. When not looking for a fight or guiding his queen, he loves to have fun, sometimes with the head of a knight.

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