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Derin Al-Djinn of the Ifrit

Derin Al-Djinn of the Ifrit

SL Name: Derin Swenson

Born of Ifrit tribes that opposed the tribes of Al'Yazid, Derin was born of evil, raised amoungst deprivaty and was made to suck the sweet nectar of corruption. His Father, Shaharam a dark chieftain of his tribe, held in regard the ways of might and supremecy. The power of the Magi's magic and influence that they had stolen from the Djinn were unforgivable and he was one of the first to side against the Magi, going so far as to openly take on a demonic advisor for it's power and knowledge.

But not all hope was lost for this young Djinn, a product of the terrible Ifrit nomadic tribes, for his mother was a beautiful, kind hearted Djinn who was born amoungst the soft hearted tribes of the Sila Djinn. Taken captive at a young age by Shaharam, she was very much his prized possession.

She would have faded away into the sands many moons before she had, if it weren't for her son. Though his father introduced him to all kinds of acts of evil, it was his mother's hand that had shown Derin the true motives of the demonic advisor by his father's side. It was his mother that had shown him the once inherent nobility of their race. Only once this was instilled did his mother finally disappear into the sands to embrace death.

Once his mother was gone, there was no longer a shield to corrupt the youth from his tribe's perverted acts. But he had been shown another age, one that had shown Djinn of all levels and tribes as noble beings. So Derin used the only gift of magic his mother had given him, he segmented a part of his conscienness away, deep within the recesses of his mind and he allowed his tribe's wickedness to take hold.

For 8 years he learned under Tarzak, his father's demonic advisor. For 8 years he had endured torture and ridicule. He was slave to a demon, yet he learned...that was the pact his father had struck with his advisor. Make his son, his heir into a powerful Djinn, able to crush the infidelic Magi and to banish the prophecy that would destroy his race.

But this was not to be, though he learned, and learned well all he could under such a short time, Derin had other plans in mind. It was his 21st day of birth, a time honored amoungst the Djinn as a time a young one came into his own power. All the knowledge and their inherent birthright came forth and the young one was finally called, truelly, a Djinn. It was during this comming of age ceremony that Derin struck. The ritual itself, different form tribe to tribe, included baptism in a pool of fire. The young Djinn upon rising from the pool felt his heritage for the first time.

It was during that intoxication of power that Derin lashed out in a flash of mystical power at his mentor, who was caught off guard. Drawing upon more power than he would normally undertake, at least for a long time, he banished the demon, Tarzak, to the pits of Hell. Causing chaos to errupt. Using the last of the knowledge the demon taught him, Derin dove once again into the fire and found himself smoldering on the desert floor.

He had used the fire as it was described to him to transport him elsewhere. Where that was, the unexperienced and underpowered Djinn did not know. He was free, and he would live his life not as his father led, but as he thought his mother would want him too.

Looking up, Derin looked upon a city made of spires, he knew not what city it was, but it was, hopefully far away from his former tribe. Derin slowly stood up and started walking towards it.

Derin is a very hard Djinn. Weakness, is just that weakness. Though he was taught benevolence by his mother, he is still his father's son and takes what he needs or wants, either through force or manipulation. He hates demons with a passion and he agrees with his father in one thing, the Magi must be stopped, though his prejuidices are not blinding to the point of killing them on sight.

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