Saturday, June 21, 2008

Group Leaders

From now on, each group will have a leader:

Citizens Leader: Sassy Jaxxon
Palace Leader: Jacqueline Aluveaux
Knight Leader: Dream Questi
Magi Leader: Jonh Lungu
Dungeon Keepers Leader: Jak Kruh
Bedu Leader: Ponzio Rossini
Slaver Leader: Rock Garzo
Djinn Leader: Derin Swenson
Undead Leader: Lizzy Byrd
Prey Leader: Monica Fitzpatrick


  • A Group Leader will help members to their group to organize and act as group.
  • A Group Leader will talk with group members, other group leaders and admins to organize group activities.
  • It's not mandatory to be part of a group. If you'd rather want to play on your own, you can surely do that, but you will still have to respect the group guidelines (e.g. knights should still be the 'good guys'.).
  • Group Leaders don't take disciplinary actions, but they may be consulted on that, if you have problems with a group member, and will report to Admins.
  • For undead and preys, please report to Admins directly for now.

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Mora said...

Congratulations, Leaders and thank you!