Sunday, June 15, 2008

Important! Please READ

This note is to clarify some misunderstandings and a few important points relevant to roleplay here at KoS.
Please READ.

A clarification of the Knight's role in KOS.
Knights in KOS are NOT in the employ of the Sultana. They are NOT Palace guards. If any or all of them choose to befriend and protect the Sultana they do so of their own choice, they are free agents. Their role is as good mercenaries, they choose the path of what they see as righteous and good as opposed to the predators whose activities they see as bad. Knights who wish to be 'bad' they should member of the predator group.
Knights have come to the land to defend those unable to defend themselves, e.g citizens and slaves. This was always their role.
Their oath should be: 'Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that your God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. '
There is some confusion we see within the other predator groups who see them as linked to the Palace and the Sultana.
The Sultana is grateful for their elegance if they choose to give it. But She has an army of her own, otherwise how would she have become Sultana in the first place, how would her family have ruled these lands for so many years.

The Sultanas Army
We recently pointed out this fact of the Sultana having a large army to some individual and they found it unbelievable, asking, ok where is this great army then, I do not see it.
Well its like this, when you enter any Sim in SL based upon a large complex like a city you have to suspend belief and imagine that the city is in fact populated by more than the few AV's you see walking around. If you do not, then the whole fantasy of the place is gone. Besides this the Rulers of Great Cities almost never had their Armies stationed in the cities they ruled.
In KOS it is also this way.
Although you do not see actual Palace guards you must assume they are there, same as the people who run the shops, even though we do not have actual AV's to represent them all, they are imagined to be going about their daily work. If we wanted to be dead exact in numbers of actual characters in a sim we would have build a very small village. Personally we did not think this needed explanation, but there it is anyway.

The back story no one reads.
In the opening story of Ireem we made it clear that the Sultana and the Predator groups got along because She kind of turns a blind eye to their activities, or they just try to keep her ignorant of them. Either way in our imaginary world here in KOS each predator group is only a small band of souls who are here for profit. They are very much like the gangs as portrayed in the recent Rome TV series. They all wanted a piece of the City but never for a moment considered taking over the senate or overthrowing the government. In fact they were immensily better off when the government was at peace and they could get along with their trading and internal small conflicts for dominance of the streets.
In reality they are like tenants of the Sultana who allows them to camp around her city and trade within it as long as they appear to be doing as she wishes. At any point she could wipe out a group by simply calling upon her army. This is a fact of life in medieval times and in KoS.

Group activities.
When we started KOS as it is now we thought that there would be far more individual activity than group activity. But as we progress we see that many people seem to want to make group ties stronger. This is fine with us as long as the group as an entity does not interfere with those individuals who just want to come to KOS to function alone.
We have been approached by a few people asking about choosing leaders for groups. Originally we assumed that the leaders would arise from those who played here the longest as would be reflected in the skill scores and their titles such as Warlord for the knights and Sheikh for the bedouin. But it seems that some people would like to choose leaders outside these simple guides. This is fine with us and we will be looking for the best leaders for each group in the next week or so. If you wish to nominate someone for a position of leader in your group, please contact us.

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Anonymous said...

I'm seeing a lot of what I call muggings going on. no RP, just groups of knights and citizens attacking predators on sight, and vice versa.
I've played in a lot or RP sims, both capture and non, and i can tell you where this will lead. Those who just want to fight will flock here, but anyone who wants to roleplay, or enjoy the beautiful sim, will stay away. it will devolve into a combat sim, with everyones hand against everyone else. I, at least, think that would be a shame.

If we don't get a handle on the unrestricted fighting soon, there wil be nothing BUT fighting in the sim.