Friday, June 27, 2008

Aurorah Magic - Djinn

Name: Aurorah Magic

Age: ageless

Your group: Djinn

Brief background story of your character:

Aurora'h is a djinn spirit who took the form of what a human might call a mermaid. She hails from the depths of the Indian Ocean. Her family, so to speak, were a small group of similar spirits.This group would often conjure up storms and play deadly mind games on poor souls who had the misfortune of being lost at sea. Though Aurora'h herself never took part in the more dangerous games, she has been known to taunt poor sailor's with her charming voice.

One day, the stronger among them accidentally stirred up a powerful current of ocean current. Aurora'h, and a few others fought against there own to try to restore the balance -- but to no avail. The poor female spirit ended up getting caught in fast moving stream of warmer ocean waters. With her powers weakened from her attempts she had no choice but to go with the current.

After was seemed forever she ended up in a small bay. Only a few hours after Aurora'h caught the attention of the human's above -- and almost caused one to drown during pursuit of her. Nonetheless she was soon captured by a slaver who was a more skilled swimmer. Unsure what to do with the odd catch she was promptly released.

Once her powers were somewhat restored after rest, she changed her fins into human legs. Although she still returns to the bay. Maybe you might be lucky and see her. The lonely djinn singing to the moon.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

She's charming, yet tends to be a little on the dense side concerning human matters And is know to be a terrible flirt at times. A true dreamer at heart, she prefers to spend her free time singing to the ocean waves. She's usually very easygoing, a little shy, and has a very warm personality.

She can be overly flirtatious and shallow. Yet this young women can shock everyone around them with sudden, very rare, storms of rage.

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