Saturday, May 31, 2008

Diannah DeCuir - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Diannah DeCuir

Age: 18

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/slave

Brief background story of your character: Diannah is a princess of the kingdom of Saxony. Since she was second in line to the throne behind her older brother, she grew bored with castle life and decided to explore the world.

While cruising on the Mediterranean, her ship was captured by pirates. All the men were killed, and she was kidnapped. Fortunately, she managed to escape from the pirates with her virginity intact.

She found herself in Ireem, where she is trying to find a way back to the safety of Saxony. While the Sultana has politely taken her in as a visiting dignitary, even Diannah gets bored sitting around the palace all day...

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: Diannah is a bit arrogant, and notoriously curious, which seems to always get her in trouble.

Friday, May 30, 2008

IobeyU Oh - Slaver

Name: IobeyU Oh

I was born in a far away kingdom ruled by women from over the sea.
Our people escaped from the Mayan civilization, when the Spanish destroyed our main cities. We fled south, through the jungle, and finally established ourselves near the Rio Maranon, because it was impossible to go further into the Inca's kingdom.
The only men we met in our travels were captured to provide our group with the seed to continue our population but they were not strong enough to ensure our survival.

With our need for population growth and our great skill in astronomy, our queen decided to send slavers around the world by sea, to collect new citizens or workers.
A lot of slavers died because our ships were not strong enough to survive the treacherous seas.
I am part of the royal family, but being only the third from the throne I could be sacrificed to our gods, or selected as a leading warrior which requires that my right breast be cut from my body to improve my ability to use the bow. My Queen offered me the choice of becoming a slaver, which I gratefully accepted.
One night, we saw stranger's in two boats on the Maranon River, and managed to capture one of the craft. After killing all men except their leader, a lieutenant of Francisco de Orellana, who we force to show us how to sail the boat and the way to his country. After three months on board, we made land fall in a new world, known to us as the Spanish kingdom. We were too few to take control of it, so we choose to travel north and south, which is why I have learned a few words of others languages. North was too cold for us, and so we began travelling to the south. We discover a new sea, much calmer and begin to explore it, after having fed the lieutenant to the sharks.
One day, we discovered this Kingdom, and for now, I stay here, trying to get my ship filled with enough crew to return to my country.
With so many travels in this multitude of lands some of my beliefs have changed, however I still at times display many harsh habits from my home country.
Even if I'm less cruel than before I still hold too many traditions from my past, our gods are death and the sun, and we frequently make sacrifices to them.
As a sea traveler, I sometimes I offer prey to the Death God of the sea, by the Sharks, to gain us good winds, and a safe land fall.
A lot of people say that I only use slaves for my own pleasure, but this is not the case, because my quest is to return to my country only women strong enough to survive there. With this in mind I must learn if the women I capture will be content and capable of serving in the Kingdom of Women...
Gold in these strange lands of my travels is a mystery to me. In my country Gold is but a beautiful metal for the making of plates, utensils and jewelry with maîs used as our only form of money. Needless to say, our Mayan people have suffered greatly from the strangers coming to kill us for this worthless metal.
So understand I place little value on Gold and have not come to seek it.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anoron Al-Djinn of Marid

Anoron Al-Djinn of Marid (SL Name Anoron Hanson)

With the rise of the new religions and the spread of the Magi Domination, the hand of the Djinn were increasingly lost. The Djinn tribes could not hold back even the early incursions that the Dark Magi and had brought upon the lands and its sultans. Fearing either destruction or the flight of all Djinn from the land of the mortals, the tribes held a great meeting in the Sacred Mountains of Asir. Here Al-Yazid, a great Jinn sheikh, set forth the great Choice.
He had had a vision in the desert, in which a great scythe in the shape of a crescent moon had split a great Djinni in half. In order to survive, Al-Yazid told the Djinn tribes they must side with the Magi, or against them. There was much debate over the vision, and the mountains were rocked by skirmishes between groups of the Ifriti tribe and those of the Jinn tribe under Al-Yazid. Finally, the leaders of the tribes agreed to decide, but only on a tribe by tribe basis. The Djnn and their allies, sided with the Magi tribes. The Dark Djinn sided against the Magi, for they had been corrupted by demons hiding within the Ifriti, whose choice for evil was never in doubt.
The sheikh of the small Marid tribe allowed the Djinni of his tribe to decide as individuals, for the Marid are very proud and the strongest of the Djinni.

As a result of this decision two of the Djinn who resided among the human tribes in Persia made ready for the birth of their child. It was born to them a daughter, Anoron, or Agape to the Dijinn. Malik the father and one of the Djinn of Marid high counsel decided to have his daughter learn among the Magi. This gesture had pleased the Magi and so after many months the child grew to know the basic knowledge taught by the mystics. Also, in good faith the Magi declared that she is to have a Master to guide her with her lessons. This Master was to be Akri of Ad, that was his Mystic title yet he is known as Severus, Prophet of the Sands.

Anoron's teachings thus began in Ireem Zhat al Imad, The great City. There she met the Prophet of the Sands who now guided her training. She became skilled with the gift of sight and learned on her own that of tarot and tea reading and had brought with her great knowledge of the most powerful herbs used by the Djinn.

New Male Outfit - FREEBIE!

We have released a complete men outfit in arabian theme. And it it FREE! -- Lucky guys ---


SamanthaTT Ling - Prey

Name (Full SL Name): SamanthaTT Ling

Your group/occupation/level: Prey

Brief background story of your character:

The only daughter of a wealthy and noble family from the land far away, across the Eastern Ocean. Her land hidden away in the mountains...closed to all outsiders and strangers. From birth she was kept locked away for the day when she would be married off to a nobleman, but she craved more. One night after long preparation, she manages to escape her land with a few trusted slaves.

She has gone off to see the world and experience its wonders, but finds her self lost in the savage Kingdom of Sand.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Wealthy and spoiled from birth, she is well educated and adventurous. She travels with a few loyal slaves who would do anything for her.
Katrina Yan being one. In her land it is forbidden for proper ladies to be seen by such she travels carefully concealing herself from the watching eyes of the untamed land's denizens.

Aiesha Ansar - Prey/Slave

My god I an so bored, ten days on this boat with no company except these loutish sailors, and they smell so badly, and they have no manners, why I don’t even think any of then can actually read, it is so horrible. I find the whole thing so utterly boring and inconvenient, why could not my father arrange a decent marriage for me, he’s so stupid, and my mother made no attempt to stop this, she’s just a doormat, I hate them both. I know why he did this, it’s the dowry, all I am to him, to them is a source of wealth, I am being treated like an animal, sold off into marriage to a complete stranger, for their profit. I hope this man, this Ahmed al Burq, is going to understand that I will insist on being treated with the honour I deserve. It is well known at home that I am
beautiful, a delicate flower, exquisite and fragrant my Father described me as to his friends, although of course they never saw me, never saw anything of me beneath the veil, except my eyes which I knew were as attractive as could be, huge and doe like, I often raised them to steal a surreptitious glance at his guests, after all I have to be careful, too look directly at any man would be
disgraceful. I grow tired of sometimes of hiding my curiosity, always with my eyes demurely lowered, always swathed in robes to ensure I do not become the object of mens lust.

How did this man come to lust after me then, Shira, my maid told me she though
perhaps a eunuch had described my loveliness, and so this man, my husband to be
arranged to marry me, to establish a business arrangement with my Father in
which I was the cement to bind the contract. Why he needed to do this is beyond
me. He is the wealthiest merchant in the entire country, but I know a girl is
nothing, just a thing to be passed from her father to her husband with no
opportunity to experience life, or love. It is so unfair!!
I keep myself to my cabin, a poor affair, there are no tapestries on the
walls, and the floor is bare, my furnishings are basic, my bed not the soft
heaven of home, but a lumpy ordeal each long and undulating night. I gaze out
the small window at the never ending vista of azure sea, and despite my
revulsion, hope each day that I will hear the cry of land, and that we will
arrive at Ireem at last.
I have heard much of Ireem, how truly fabulous it is, but surely it cannot
compare to home, no of course not. But my unknown husband must be rich, he must
be able to keep me in at least the same comfort as I enjoyed at home. If it is
not considerably better, I will make his life unbearable, he will need to treat
me well to molify me for this unendurable journey.

My name is Aiesha Asran, and I am twenty years old, before this journey began
I lived my entire life in the womens quarters of my Fathers palace, a haven of luxury and beauty, and although I suppose I was pampered from birth, it was no more than I deserved. I know I am beautiful, all the harem slaves say so, all the eunuchs say so, and so I should not have been surprised I suppose when my life was turned upside down in a few short minutes. Oh, of course I knew I would be married off, I knew I would have to give my body to a man in time, I even wanted to do that. I had heard the slaves and maids giggling about the joys of love, I wanted love, but I wanted to choose the man I was to surrender myself to. I thought my Father who always seemed to dote on me, would allow me this small privilege, but no, the greedy pig!

Aiesha is unworldly and spoiled, but she is not wrong about her beauty, nor is
she wrong about her arranged marriage. Her future husband has arranged her
passage to Ireem, and intended to meet her from the ship and convey her to his
home far inland beyond the borders of the Kingdom of Sand. He was on his way
with his entourage to meet his bride when they were attacked by outlaws, the
entire party was killed, and their bodies lie in the sands, food for vultures
and other carrion eaters for days now. And so when Aiesha arrives at Ireem, she
will not be met by a husband, she will find herself alone and at the mercy of
fate. To add to her woes, she has no idea of how to exist outside her life of
pampered luxury, nor of course does she have any money. After all why would
she, money was something only ordinary people needed to worry about. What will
become of her, when she steps off the boat, swathed in her robes and veiled,
how will her life change?

Kingdom of Sand - Shop Rental Agreement (OOC)

~Kingdom of Sand~ Themed Shopping Area - Rental Information

Internal Wall: L$ 590 per week (14 prims max)
Corner Wall: L$ 690 per week (17 prims max)
Flat Wall: L$ 790 per week (20 prims max)

Minimum rental period is 1 week.

To rent the space, please contact Kora Zenovka to be added to the Vendor Group.
The Vendor Group (1001 Land Management) will allow you to build in the space.

************************ Disclaimer ******************************
At ~Kingdom of Sand~, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone or anything without explanation.
Prices are subject to change, and so are the rules. If it happens, you will be notified by IM.

*********************** Rules *******************************

- All merchandise and display should be in THEME with the SIM
- This is an Adult SIM. Mature content is allowed, but not explicity pornography. If in doubt, please consult with us before paying for the space.
- You are responsible to pay the rent before expiration. As a courtesy, we will send a reminder before expiration. However, we are entitled to remove your objects and prims if a payment is not received by the expiration day.
- NO SCANNERS (sensors)
- No Sound
- All textures MUST be 512x512 or less.

Vendors with listeners, timers and those which runs high on the Top Script List will be subject of refusal. This rule is for everybody's benefit to keep the SIM low-lag as possible.

By renting here, you are stating that you have read the rules and agree to abide by all rules listed or face being banned from the rental system without refund.

Welcome to the ~Kingdom of Sand~ Shopping Area. We wish you a lot of business and success.

For any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Kora Zenovka

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Salome Sirbu - Magi Apprentice/Jeweler

Name (Full SL Name): Salome Sirbu

Age: 27

Your group/occupation/level:
Magi Apprentice

Brief background story of your character:
Stolen as a child from her parents (spoils of war) in the north
Sold to a jeweler as a house servant
Jeweler recognized her talent for design, freed her, renamed her and raised her as his own child.
He was much older and widowed with no other children, and when he died the business went to her
She sold her business to a competitor and seeks now to establish herself here
would like to be the town jeweler

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Determined, focused, funny, upbeat, artistic, tends to be alternately domme and sub, depending, loves to change skins and clothes - and shapes!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lodar Runo (Lothar III), German Prince and Knight

Lodar Runo
Age: ageless
Lothar III. German prince and knight XII. Century

Its Pontificate obtained improvement within the church and peace between the Holy lake and the world teachings. Honorius supported the choice of the counting pulse Lothar II/CIII of Supplinburg as the German prince. During its first Italy course by Pope Innozenz II. reach the confirmation of the realm rights of concessions in Italy of the Pope. Anacletus II offered the imperial crown to Lothar, but in the end innocent won its support, and it promised to escort the new Pope back to Rome. The cities carefully, avoid, which were hostile, reached it Rome, which was mostly held of Anacletus. At the persistence of the innocent and Byzantine emperor John began II Comnenus, the campaign, directed against Roger of Sicily. Two main armies, one led the proud by Lothair, the other one by Henry on Bavaria, imported Italy. On the river Tronto, did counting pulse William of Loritello honour testifying to Lothar and opened the gates from Termoli to it. In Sicilia Lothar met the Sultana of Arabia and followed its Ireem Zhat to the Al Imad, one of the most beautiful cities of Arabia in the center of an inhospitable wilderness. After long months of its reliable devotion and the protection of the Seine majesty Sultanine he becomes their first knight. Then the katasthrophe happened. Straight one day after the funeral of the loved father of the Sultanine and their painful mourning, supported by their people' s condolence, before the gates of the city Sultanine and her knight received a frightening surprise, Lothar injured heavy by an attack of a carnivore of the desert sons. After this attack it could not hold its blade each longer and its health never recovered and was since at that time companion and advisor of her sovereignty...

Personality characteristics, strengths, errors:
although there are problems in the different Mentality and persuasion... up to today Lothar of the sovereignty Heron von Ireem Zhat tries to put its heart to the Al Imad to feet. Lothar was ever very more sincere. useful and successful man… against the crusades and raw Kraft of the arms. A beautiful spirit and a painter, which saw the beauty of its environment. Its large weaknesses were beautiful women and all kinds pleasure, which could offer the life. Each sincere friend of the family of your sovereignty is always friendly welcome in the house Lodars of distant homeland and gets all honours of hospitality.

Seiya Perl - Guest at the Sultant's court

Name (Full SL Name): Seiya Perl

Age: 22

Your group/occupation/level: Citizen/ Serving Girl at the Good Knight's Inn and Dancer

Brief background story of your character:

Seiya was born in a far off land. Born the 6th daughter to the head chief of a nomadic desert clan. Named after the field of stars which shown above her on her first day of life. On a faithful eve the clan was raided by a group raiders.

The young girl, about ten years old, was taken pensioner to a large desert town of Irahs. Seiya was sold to the sultan as a slave girl for his large heram. Growing up in the heram she learned the art of basic service, dance, and basic survival skills from the other female's who lived their. Shortly after the girl bloomed into a beautiful young maiden.

The young girl noticed the sultan's eye upon her. On the Eve of her 18th year she was summoned to the Sultan's chambers. The young woman approached the male cautiously. With out warning the older male suddenly pulled her onto his bed. Seiya quickly drew a hidden dagger, stabbing the Sultan repeatedly in his side. The site of the blood scared the young woman. In a pancake she grabbed a flask of water, and the man's prized sword -- the blade of the moon . Fleeing the castle via the back ways.

The older teen would end up wondering the desert sands. With very little water she feared that the end would be near. Yet, in the distance she spotted a town. There, the kindly Jennifer took pity and offered Seiya a job at the Good Knight Inn.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Seiya strong willed and forceful and has strong convictions, though as they seek truth above all things. In company She tends to come off as fiercely independent, refusing lead than follow the crowd. She dislikes interference or aid by others. She is very sunburn and will only accept aid if it’s on her own terms. She thinks profoundly and deeply to thoroughly explore all possibilities before deciding on safer alternative. In spite of the often intensely introverted personality, she has a desire to aid her people.

She dislikes interference or aid by others. A very stubborn individual, she will only accept aid if it’s on her own terms. In most personal relationships Seiya is often ill-at-ease, if not downright unhappy. She can be somewhat self-centered but not excessively so, wary and cautious around unfamiliar people. The young woman treats casual acquaintances with diplomacy, tact and, above all, reticence. She tends to be intensely loyal to the few people she calls true friends as well as her clan.

To seek affection, she can exert an almost hypnotic and irresistible disposition. Fast becoming a tenacious friends or lover, ready to sacrifice everything for the said partner.

UPDATE Jun 23, 2008:
As the weeks went by, Seiya slowly became bored with her current occupation. Once she earned enough to afford a camel she left the city and traveled north. She would often stop at small cities along the way, often earning her way by dancing and performing on the streets. Because of her pose and grace she would sometimes be involved to perform in nicer soundings. During her travel's she picked up a few more sensual based skills.

It was during one of her performances that she caught the eye of a young lord, a relative of the ruling family. Seiya would visit the young man daily. Often enchanting him with her tales of forign lands and her knowledge of the arts. Beguiled by the young woman's gifts, the young lord used his clout to invite Seiya to his cousins court.

The young woman would continue to learn the various gifts to "entertain" more like the young lord. All she earned would go to the bettering of herself in the arts, culture, poetry, calligraphy, and other intellectual pursuits.

Soon news would reach the court of a royal's engagement to a princess in a city to the south. Seiya gladly traveled with the court -- to the city of Ireem.

The young woman who once started off as a simple barmaid is now a guest at the fair Sultana's court.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Severus Seversky - Prophet of the Sands

Severus, The Prophet of the Sands:

It is said that his heritage stems from the nearly mythical tribe of Ad, he grew up a shepherd but his gift of sight and sensitivity to the spirit realm led him to travel to forgotten and unholy places across the Middle East in search of knowledge of such matters. The first of these led him to Egypt where he studied under the notorious wizard, Yakthoob alongside Abdul Alhazred the Mad. After his master's death by a monstrous being in the middle of the marketplace of Damascus, he and the other discples of Yakthoob followed Alhazred to Memphis and then to Ireem where many were killed by dark forces summoned by a cult of the Old Ones before they ever arrived. Alhazred the Mad made it to Ireem and stayed there in what he called The Nameless City, an ancient city of catacombs and reptilian horrors and other dark beings burried deep beneath Ireem. Severus had fled with the remaining few disciples to Alexandria to await his master. Once Alhazred returned, he seemed changed, uneasy with all around him and would say little of what he saw in Ireem. He was asked by authoroties in Alexandria to dispel the evil from a Black Mosque and when he and his disciples failed to do so they were banished. Severus followed his master to the Valley of Tombs and the Black Mountain in Turkey before settling for a time in Damascus where he continued his studies and research into ancient and forbidden arcana, much troubled by the dark sorceries and practices he had witnessed in the Black Mosque. He wandered the sands again with his master, traveling to Chorazin on the Sea of Galilee where his master, Alhazred fell into a trance that lasted for eight years. He tended to his master as he wrote the Kitab al Azif, later known as the Necronomicon and read the manuscript that would forever change him by opening his eyes to the elder darkness that sought to reenter this world. During his master's trance, he learned through the use of magical procedures and alchemical potions how he was able to gaze upon different worlds and dimensions where Alhazred saw much of what he recorded in the book.

It was during one of these trances that a powerful vision struck him. He saw Irem, the City of a Thousand Pillars as it was in its birth. First built by terrible creatures of great size and colossal strength before the time of man and before it was cursed and covered by the desert sands, losing its name. He saw his ancestors, the two brothers and joint rulers of the city of Ad, Shaddid and Shaddad. He watched the tragic and mysterious death of Shaddid and the corruption of Shaddad who became egotistical and decided to create an imitation of the celestial paradise on Earth. He gave orderes to build a great city and garden in the desert upon the bones of another ancient city. Severus watched as time passed swiftly in his vision until it seemed to come to the present day and darkness began to creep anew from the foundations of Irem where his master had unwittingly left open a portal. He saw a great dark storm upon the horizon and furtive figures in dark cloaks with hollow eyes and hollow hearts preying upon the unwary citizens and making diabolic sacrifices to the terrible being that waited seeking entry just outside the portal. His vision focused upon a great tower adorned with serpents and the shadow of a titanic Worm shrouded it and an icy wind tore through the city, shattering the ornate towers, freezing the citizens in place where they crumbled, and chilling him to the bone. His last vision saw the carved figure of a reaching hand above one of Irem's gates and a silver key descending into its grasp, at that point the entire city blew apart and was scattered, lost to the swirling sands. Just before he awoke, he saw figures in black scuttling amidst the ruins accompanied by fell and unholy beasts howling in triumph as something evil beyond the scope of mortal mind emerged from the broken stones. Severus snapped awake, his raven hair, skin and eyes leached of all color and his breath fogged the air as though he were still in the dream. His pale flesh never lost the chill that touched him from his vision and he knew he had to return to Irem to try and stop what he had seen.

Apartment Rental Agreement

If you are interested in renting an apartment in K$ at Kingdom of Sand, please read the agreement here attached.
In the next 1-2 days all apartments will become available for rent. Announcements will be made at different time of day, to give everybody the opportunity to rent one if interested.

Ireem Administration

~Kingdom of Sand~
Apartment Rental Terms of Agreement

Thank you for your interest in renting an apartment at Kingdom of Sand!

Please note that:
- There are NO REFUNDS for K$. Upon acceptance of the rental agreement, you acknowledge that Kingdom of Sand has no obligation to refund any amount of money under any circumstance

Terms and Conditions:
- Only KoS Game Players can apply (All citizens, predators, knights, preys)
- You need to wear the meter to pay for the rent
- You can only rent one apartment at a time. If you rent more than one, we will ask you to evacuate one apartment without refund.
- The rent is paid in K$. If you don't have enough money, here is ways you can earn it:
Money System

- If you only wear the Explorer tag, you won't qualify
- You cannot buy K$. They are not on sale.
- Because of this, we consider the apartments to be a benefit to game players/role players who want to be more involved in the game
- You can only rent for a week (no more, no less).
- At the end of the week, the apartment will become available to everybody. And you may rent it again.
- When the week is over, the apartment will need to be cleaned, and therefore, it will become unavailable for rent for up to one hour. An annoncement will be made SIM-wide through the HUD, so someone else may get the chance to rent it.
- If the apartment becomes available and nobody rents it, an announcement will be made through the group.
- Once the apartment is rented, only you will be able to open the door.

- There are no building permissions
- You can customize the picture frame by adding a texture. Simply drag and drop it to inside of the frame.
- SexGen Sex/Cuddle animations with menu are provided, but it is possible that the positions may need to be adjusted. If so, IM Kora Zenovka.

Rental Termination:
- Kingdom of Sand reserves the right to terminate any rental at any time for any reason, in accordance with its terms of service. Common sense is the rule of thumb - be polite, courteous, and follow the rules.

- Lag could potentially fail the K$ transaction. Transactions will be logged and we may be able to fix the failed transaction. However, no matter what, game money is part of the game, and we don't take responsabilities in case of lost K$.

For questions, IM Kora Zenovka.

Job Opportunities at Ireem

New vacancies for:

  • Gardener (at the Royal Court)
  • Minstrel (at the ruins and the bath house).
Requisites: hard working and dedicated. Pay 30 K$ /hour.
Proper clothing is required.
To apply, go directly to the location.

Ireem Administration

Alexa Vhargon - Prey

Name (Full SL Name): Alexa Vhargon

Age: 21

Your group/occupation/level: prey

Brief background story of your character:

i came to the kingdom by accident .. at least that was what i was made to believe until it was too late. the guide i hired just after i arrived in one of those last outpost of civilization .. was supposed to show me to the nearby villages .. where i planed to buy precious stones and metals .. but he claimed to know of a much better place to find even more riches .. and i was naive enough to believe him.

when he claimed to have lost his way .. i should have been suspected foul play .. and turn around to find my way back .. but i still trusted him .. and so i was lead right into the middle of my personal nightmare .. the kingdom of sands.

out of nowhere .. two armed men appeared and my guide began to talk to them in a strange dialect i did not understand .. with growing panic .. i realized soon that they were haggling over my prize. i didn’t wait around to find out how much i would have been worth to them .. i ran as fast as i could .. and i have always been a great runner .. smiles

i escaped that time .. and countless times after that .. relying on my skills i made it so far .. stole clothes to make me look inconspicuous .. i stole food and water to stay alive .. but i haven’t found my way back to civilisation yet

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

i am independent and stubborn .. and will not submit willingly .. and even when i should get forced .. if that ever happens .. i’ll try to escape .. my main strength is .. that i don’t give up and run like the wind (ask some of those who tried to cap me) .. my main flaw is .. that .. even after all this .. i’m still pretty naive

The Knights got a new group base!

The new Knights area is located at the West wall of the city, at the Chapel of Maria Maddalena.
At the moment, it may result as 'danger zone', but location will be updated with the new meter release.

New Djinn Group is created...

While we work out the details for it, we just want to announce that the Djinn group has been created. If you are interested in that role, please join the SL Group:

Kingdom of Sand - Djinn

More Info coming soon.

Zanlu Heron - The Sultana

Yes, I am Sultana Zanlu`

I am about 24 years old, but I am not sure ... Some moments i feel so young and cheerful and other times.... when hard reality brings me to my duties ... I feel to be very .. very old.

I was born in Ireem as a daughter of the great Sultan Kalan, still remembered by all for his vision and wisdom.

I spent my childhood in the large palace with my parents, 4 brothers, 2 sisters, 14 stepbrothers and 12 stepsisters (whom my great father conceived with some of his adoring slaves)

We were a happy family ... In the castle, despite the wars and battles around .. we could breathe the serene air.

I still remember when the friends of father came to visit us .. I was enchanted by these long caravans where every camel was full of new things .. transported from distant lands as gifts for us ... but above all I was fascinated by the tales of what the guests had seen and done.

Then with time, things changed .. My father began to get old ...then my mother died.

This caused my Father great pain as he had loved his sweet wife, my Mother, above all else.

Soon after this he chose to relinquish command of the Kingdom to his oldest son, my beloved brother.

Little by little the other brothers and sisters took their seperate paths .. all away from Ireem ... and I was very sad and I felt so alone.

The new Sultan, knowing my desire to learn new things, granted me my wish to travel around the world, accompanied ,of course ,by brave knights and some slaves.

I studied philosophy,astronomy, mathematics and medicine at the school of Avicenna, but I was especially fond of music and poetry.

I made many long journeys, I spent 2 years in Europe ... I learned many languages .. I met many interesting people .. Yes ... this was the life that I liked.

Then, suddenly my adored brother .. the great Sultan, died

I was told that I had to take his place .. that this was my duty.

I came back quickly to Ireem and became Sultana.

Oh ... at the beginning it was difficult .. I had so many things to learn ... and governing is not as easy as it might seem.

Fortunately the sweet princesses Sarai (Jacqueline Aluveaux) and Mehri (Lillie Vella), orphans of my beloved brother, live with me.

I have many other people around me .. .loving and helping me.. sure ...but in the end decisions must be taken by me. So all day, when I ask God for peace and for the prosperity of my people ...I ask Him also to give me, so young,the wisdom to do what I must do.

I have a good cheerful character .. .. I like to laugh and joke and chat.

Like every young woman I hope to meet the BIG LOVE ....... everybody tell me that there must be a prince ... no no ... I 'm only looking for a man who has to be handsome, intelligent, cultured, exciting, charming, brave, sensitive and rich.

Ah ...and by the way... if someone betrays me .. I will kill them!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

New SL Groups has been created!

Each faction at Kingdom of Sand has now its official SL group:

Kingdom of Sand - Knights
Kingdom of Sand - Bedouins
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Friday, May 23, 2008

New Job Opportunities at Ireem!

New vacancies for:

  • Potter Apprentices (at the Potter shop)
  • Blacksmith (at the new Blacksmith shop).
Requisites: energetic and hard working. Pay 30 K$ /hour.
Proper clothing is required.
To apply, go to the shops directly.

Ireem Administration

Lizzy Byrd - Queen of the Undead

Name: lizzy Byrd

Age : Ageless

Your group: Necromancer

Brief background story of your character:
There are many rumors as to who she is and where she came from all that is really known is that one day she appeared in the catacombs beneath the city of Ireem. how she lost her memory is not known be it from a disease or from an injury in a battle. As with most things about her it is only speculation.. it is rumored that she is the offspring of a beast and a human In an unholy act but again this is only speculation since she has no memory of the past and none know her..She appears to most in human form but it is said that when angered she has been known to transform into part Beast part human,It is also said that she possesses mystical powers Although no one has ever seen her use any powers it is also rumored that she is a fierce warrior and takes great pleasure in killing And collecting the souls of her dead victims, it has also been rumored that someone saw her Take the heart From one of her victims and eat it, again as with most things about this woman of mystery it is only speculation..

Ponzio Rossini - Beduin/Sheikh

Name (Full SL Name): Ponzio Rossini

Age: 25 years

Your group/occupation/level: Beduin/predator/sheikh

Brief background story of your character:

Born in the Serenissima Republic of Venice in 1175 A.D. knew the success as ambassador or the Republic in Costantinopoli under the Doge Enrico Dandolo.
The situation of the Adriatic Sea, characterized by continuos wars against the various kingdoms was now calm, and everyone tought that the Dogato and his Doge were ready to take wanted sweet retirement..but anyway something was in the air, new events that would have changed the assets of the world were arrived at the breakeven point. New events that would have involved directly Venice and Ponzio as well... The IV Crusade... Pope Innocenzo III promoted this war in 1201 AD. The trups were ordered to depart from Venice, the fact is that there were no money enough to pay the Venetian for the service given, so Dandolo decided to use these trups for his needs, preferring to conquer lands instead of moving to the Holy Land


In his Quality of ambassador and known for his skills of "merchant" Ponzio Rossini was asked to plan the assedium of Costantinopoli, the capitol of the Bizantin Empire, one of the most rich cities of the world. Thanks to his friendship with Alessio IV, the former emperor, and with the excuse of helping him to sit again on the throne, Ponzio was able to let introduce the crusaders in the city, and they took it the 17 july 1203. After months of internal disputes all the Empire was divided by the crusader.

Thanks to the victory of Costantinopoli the powers and fame of Ponzio Rossini were almost equal to the one of the Doge, and in order to not let explode an internal war within the Republic, Ponzio was asked to go in mission into a strategic region in Arabia, strategic for the economy of Venice, because of the contact with the far east. The journey to that land was indeed a trap and the ship that was bringing them to Arabia was attacked by pirats in accordance with the Republic. They left no prisoners, the only way to survive was the sea full of sharks.

And the Sea brought Ponzio here in this land. Not knowing nothing of the place he was now, not knowing the language and starved,at the port decided to work as a shipmate, thanks to his ability in working on a ship. Here discovered how things works in this land, and started his own war, decided to retake full powers and return to Venice as an Enemy

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Ponzio is a gentleman with the passion of the conquest. Is superb, not modest at all, sometimes rude, but is also kind and romantic...anyway is fashionable, and almost everyone love and hate him at the same time, women cause he has too many and is not able to satisfy them all (lol) and male cause they are not able to kill him

Yman Juran - Court Jester

Name in sl: Yman Juran.

I started from nothing last year, as an artist in real life ...I had an idea of creating myself in SL as such. I worked for months....searching, investigating and talking with many people in my attempt to find my tools or get them created. Many beautiful people have helped me all along..Even until today where I am considered one of the best. My circus troup: ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love performs everywhere where people want us or where we get a gig, or collect Linden to help others, enlighten our fellow beings in a positive way....

Am real life artist in First Life just as I also am in SL?
Has been for almost 30 years i First Life and a bit more than 500 days in Second Life..

My path in RL is… as a child of The Most high, I don't associate in art groups or art org. Am independent and autodictactive and function as a solitary messenger. I don't believe in unions of mortal kinds. I trust my Creator, Father and accept what happen...not blindly or out of lack of doing something about it...but with an inner knowledge that all comes from The First Source and Center and even I may not understand why things goes the way they donesd...It all works out to the ultimate best for a maximum of the long run.....and if we...the mortals cosmic consciousness really are immortals, then what happen here on earth in a lifetime is but a nono second in I can wait for better times...there is much work to be done right here where we all personal opinion or pleasure is secondary to the evolution of The Most High.

My path in Sl is to enlighten and uplift the culture, wherever I am, and where I have permission to do so.
I like to perform, both solo and together with my sisters or slaves. However we dont perform on anyones request.. We are loyal to The Most High, and Our Queen in The Kingdom of Sand.
I carry no deadly weapon but my words can cut you up if you don't behave respectfully to a free woman or even think the unthinkable and say it loud....:-)
I am the Court Jester of the Mercy of The Most High and do have certain extra ordinary gifts of influencies on my surroundings, but by its own nature I cant speak thereof.
I share my Light, Life and Love with whoever bring pleasure to my spirit and personality will decide and I obey.

I travel extensively in SL, helping many but knowing only a few..and the ones who seem to be the lucky ones must bear with my curiosity and impulsiveness when it comes to friendship.
Befriend me not out of politeness or because I am what I am..but because you like to join me in my endeavor to improve our lives in here...cause this is why I am here... I need no money or horizontal service out of needs..I don't enjoy pleasure through pain and misery...but I delight in goodness, beauty and righteousness.

This may be Sct. Peppers Lonely Heart Club land or perhaps it is the new Slabylon..but to me is much more...not only a dreamland of my dreams...but a true world of real friends ....far away in many countries...friends of a spiritual nature and as such I like it....


“A display of specialized skill does not signify possession of spiritual capacity. Cleverness is not a substitute for true character.”

Urantially in service from Court Jester of KoS and to Sultana Zanlu and Gor, Lady Fabien... Court Designer to Her Royal Highness Princess Janine, Grand Duchess of Debevec & Lady of the Versailles Court and an angel from ChangHigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love..............Lady Juran....alias Yman Juran

New Job Openings at Ireem

New Job Openings at Ireem:
- Fan Slave for the Sultana;
- Bartender & Dancers at the Good Knight Inn (the Inn for Knights);
- Bouncer & Dancers at the Cafe`;
- Belly Dancers at the Ships Inn (the Inn for Predators);
Salary in K$ is based upon experience.
Proper attire is required.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hoo Doolittle - Magi of the dark Arts

Name Hoo Doolittle
Age : Ageless
Your group/occupation/level: Magi of the dark Arts

Brief background story of your character:
After a nasty battle with a powerful magi who had become deranged and attacked her , Hoo left her lands in the dark of night joining a caravan headed for a distant city named Ireem. Arriving in Ireem some weeks later by the light of early dawn ........she saw a city so magnificant and glistening above the golden desert that her heart raced with excitement.
It is here she decided to remain and make her new home - determined to learn the ways of the magi for in this city she sensed many powers beyond the ordinary.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Strong and independent , full of mischief and a love of the dark art of Magic she can be found wandering the city and desert with a gleam in her eye .....sometimes predator , perhaps disguised as a simple citizen or prey but always ever watchful and ready for adventure.
It is wispered in the winds that she wields her sword with lightening speed and accuracy .

(profile provided by Hoo Doolittle)

Rideable Camel

(click on the picture to enlarge)

~Kingdom of Sand~
Royal Camel

- Just wear the camel. The default position is right upper leg. If you change it, it is advisable to make a copy of the camel first.

- Use directional arrows of your keyboard to move forward and backwards.

- Click on the camel to activate the menu. The options are:
- Canopy On/Off (you can hide the canopy and later show it again)
- Default (it will apply the default fabric to the canopy)
- White, Red, Grey, Black, Yellow, etc to color the fabric of the canopy
Last settings will be saved, but you can always use the menu to reset the configuration

- The camel is no mod, copy, no transfer

- Please disable the AO when you wear the camel.

Price: 900 L$

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Best Dressed at KoS - May 19

Arabian Warrior Full Outfit

(click on picture to enlarge)

~Kingdom of Sand~
Arabian Warrior Full Outfit

- Include Boots and 2 choices of head gear
- All items are Mod, Copy, No Transfer
- No refunds

Price: 1,300 L$

Knight Templar Full Outfit

(click on picture to enlarge)

~Kingdom of Sand~
Knight Templar Full Outfit

- Include Boots and 3 head gear choices
- All items are Mod, Copy, No Transfer
- No refunds

Price: 1,300 L$

KoS Slaver Full Outfit

(click on the picture to enlarge)

- All items are Mod, Copy, No Transfer
- No refunds
- Some items may require fittings. Always make copies before trying the fitting.

Price: 1,100L$

Sassy Jaxxon - Physician

Sassy Jaxxon - Physician

Two fortnights ago, in the dead of night, my tiny tropical kingdom was invaded by rogue pirates. Our defenders were unable to protect me (a princess) and other members of the Royal Family. I escaped on a small raft and somehow arrived on the shores of the Kingdom of Sand. Almost immediately, distraught and disheveled, I was chased unmercilessly by slave traders (who look strangely familiar) and, once in awhile, I was caught. A fortnight after my arrival, I landed a job as a potter. I intend to save my earnings and find my way back home.... if it still exists.....

..... Weary of wet clay and aggressive predators, I decided to explore the city and discovered a vast library. I snuggled into a comfortable chair with a medical text and became fascinated! Over the next several days, I read every book in the library relating to medicine and healing. I spoke in passing to the Sultana of my new passion and she decided I would best serve the Kingdom as the physician... healing everyone, citizens, knights, and predators alike. The medical facility and my services are available to anyone who requires them.

It does concern me somewhat that a rogue predator tribe will capture me and take me to their camp for their own use, not allowing me to heal any but their own. However, I am skilled with my blade... I will not leave my position as Palace Physician without a fight. I will defend myself if I need to.

Although I am not actively defending the city nor fellow citizens any longer, I will continue to train new knights and armed citizens in basic swordplay.

(background story provided by Sassy Jaxxon)

Sky Pagoda (Mini-KoS) on sale at KoS Store

~Kingdom of Sand ~
KoS Pagoda (Mini-KoS)

Enjoy the beauty of Kingdom of Sand at your home! This is the mini version of this beautiful SIM that you can rezz on your land or in the sky.

All prims are Transfer/ No Mod /No Copy

- There are 3 parts to the building, these should NOT be Linked.
- Make sure you are in edit mode befor rezzing the Pagoda.
- Move Pagoda to where you want it before leaving edit mode.

No refunds.

Prims Number:
Version 1 is 90 prims (Price: 1,600 L$)
Version 2 is 109 prims (Price 2,100 L$)

Scripts not included.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Flickr SlideShow

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Kingdom of Sand Directory (to be updated)


Zanlu Heron


Royal Family

  • Princess Saria Nehara
  • Princess Mehri Abriel
  • Prince Omar Tighire Sharif

Attendants to the Sultana /Royal Household

Severus Seversky

Palace Prophet

Yman Juran

Court Jester

  • Royal Hand Maiden : Irina AKA Marja Kurka
  • Visiting Royal : Count Jean Mulfort
  • Body Guard to the Princess : Riona
  • Handmaiden to the Princesses : Amina Delila ( need profile)
  • Palace Pet : Aladin

Harem slaves

  • FredyLajolie Merlin ( need harem profiles)
  • Mama Beery
  • Joly John
  • Kazya Silversten
  • Viviane Effingham
  • Victoire Catteneo


Palace guards/Knights
  • The Sultanas First Knight :Lodar Runo
  • Knight and Capt. of the Royal Guards: Sig Masala
  • Knight/ Guard Lancelot Anatine ( need Profile)
  • Knight /Guard Ryou Yiyuan (need profile)
  • Knight: Damm Novi

  • Stuey Blackadder

  • Assistant Scribe :Arsi Zabelin

  • Ssilvia Beleza ( need back story)



Grain seller:
1) Sahare

1) Sassy Jaxxon

Carpet seller
1) Merchant Cloudseer Writer
2) Cloudseers wife -Fallingsnow Jewell

Public bath:
1) Owner : Andi Trafalar
2) Attendant : Meagan Ling
3) Attendent : Valkryie Bailly

Port manager:

1) Ameera

1) Breeze Underwood ( need backstory)

Public houses.

The Good Knights Inn
1) Inn Manager: Jennifer Lockhart
2) Serving maid : Seiya Perl

The Arabesque Café
1) Cafe management : Agape
2) Apprentice, server and reader of runes: Adara Nathifa

The Ship Inn
2) Part- time Tavern employee and merchant barterer: Michelangelo Morigi

Sneak Thief : Fox ( ave name??)


  1. Lizzy Byrd (Queen of the Undead)

  1. Hoo Doolittle

  1. Ponzio Rossini


Permanent Position within the city of Ireem

Permanent positions within the city of Ireem

Attendants to the Sultana.
Harem slaves
Palace guards

Grain seller.
Carpet seller
Public bath attendant
Port manager

Public houses.
The Good Knights Inn (inn for knights)
The Arabesque Café
The Ship Inn (inn for predators)