Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lodar Runo (Lothar III), German Prince and Knight

Lodar Runo
Age: ageless
Lothar III. German prince and knight XII. Century

Its Pontificate obtained improvement within the church and peace between the Holy lake and the world teachings. Honorius supported the choice of the counting pulse Lothar II/CIII of Supplinburg as the German prince. During its first Italy course by Pope Innozenz II. reach the confirmation of the realm rights of concessions in Italy of the Pope. Anacletus II offered the imperial crown to Lothar, but in the end innocent won its support, and it promised to escort the new Pope back to Rome. The cities carefully, avoid, which were hostile, reached it Rome, which was mostly held of Anacletus. At the persistence of the innocent and Byzantine emperor John began II Comnenus, the campaign, directed against Roger of Sicily. Two main armies, one led the proud by Lothair, the other one by Henry on Bavaria, imported Italy. On the river Tronto, did counting pulse William of Loritello honour testifying to Lothar and opened the gates from Termoli to it. In Sicilia Lothar met the Sultana of Arabia and followed its Ireem Zhat to the Al Imad, one of the most beautiful cities of Arabia in the center of an inhospitable wilderness. After long months of its reliable devotion and the protection of the Seine majesty Sultanine he becomes their first knight. Then the katasthrophe happened. Straight one day after the funeral of the loved father of the Sultanine and their painful mourning, supported by their people' s condolence, before the gates of the city Sultanine and her knight received a frightening surprise, Lothar injured heavy by an attack of a carnivore of the desert sons. After this attack it could not hold its blade each longer and its health never recovered and was since at that time companion and advisor of her sovereignty...

Personality characteristics, strengths, errors:
although there are problems in the different Mentality and persuasion... up to today Lothar of the sovereignty Heron von Ireem Zhat tries to put its heart to the Al Imad to feet. Lothar was ever very more sincere. useful and successful man… against the crusades and raw Kraft of the arms. A beautiful spirit and a painter, which saw the beauty of its environment. Its large weaknesses were beautiful women and all kinds pleasure, which could offer the life. Each sincere friend of the family of your sovereignty is always friendly welcome in the house Lodars of distant homeland and gets all honours of hospitality.

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