Friday, May 30, 2008

IobeyU Oh - Slaver

Name: IobeyU Oh

I was born in a far away kingdom ruled by women from over the sea.
Our people escaped from the Mayan civilization, when the Spanish destroyed our main cities. We fled south, through the jungle, and finally established ourselves near the Rio Maranon, because it was impossible to go further into the Inca's kingdom.
The only men we met in our travels were captured to provide our group with the seed to continue our population but they were not strong enough to ensure our survival.

With our need for population growth and our great skill in astronomy, our queen decided to send slavers around the world by sea, to collect new citizens or workers.
A lot of slavers died because our ships were not strong enough to survive the treacherous seas.
I am part of the royal family, but being only the third from the throne I could be sacrificed to our gods, or selected as a leading warrior which requires that my right breast be cut from my body to improve my ability to use the bow. My Queen offered me the choice of becoming a slaver, which I gratefully accepted.
One night, we saw stranger's in two boats on the Maranon River, and managed to capture one of the craft. After killing all men except their leader, a lieutenant of Francisco de Orellana, who we force to show us how to sail the boat and the way to his country. After three months on board, we made land fall in a new world, known to us as the Spanish kingdom. We were too few to take control of it, so we choose to travel north and south, which is why I have learned a few words of others languages. North was too cold for us, and so we began travelling to the south. We discover a new sea, much calmer and begin to explore it, after having fed the lieutenant to the sharks.
One day, we discovered this Kingdom, and for now, I stay here, trying to get my ship filled with enough crew to return to my country.
With so many travels in this multitude of lands some of my beliefs have changed, however I still at times display many harsh habits from my home country.
Even if I'm less cruel than before I still hold too many traditions from my past, our gods are death and the sun, and we frequently make sacrifices to them.
As a sea traveler, I sometimes I offer prey to the Death God of the sea, by the Sharks, to gain us good winds, and a safe land fall.
A lot of people say that I only use slaves for my own pleasure, but this is not the case, because my quest is to return to my country only women strong enough to survive there. With this in mind I must learn if the women I capture will be content and capable of serving in the Kingdom of Women...
Gold in these strange lands of my travels is a mystery to me. In my country Gold is but a beautiful metal for the making of plates, utensils and jewelry with maƮs used as our only form of money. Needless to say, our Mayan people have suffered greatly from the strangers coming to kill us for this worthless metal.
So understand I place little value on Gold and have not come to seek it.

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