Monday, May 26, 2008

Zanlu Heron - The Sultana

Yes, I am Sultana Zanlu`

I am about 24 years old, but I am not sure ... Some moments i feel so young and cheerful and other times.... when hard reality brings me to my duties ... I feel to be very .. very old.

I was born in Ireem as a daughter of the great Sultan Kalan, still remembered by all for his vision and wisdom.

I spent my childhood in the large palace with my parents, 4 brothers, 2 sisters, 14 stepbrothers and 12 stepsisters (whom my great father conceived with some of his adoring slaves)

We were a happy family ... In the castle, despite the wars and battles around .. we could breathe the serene air.

I still remember when the friends of father came to visit us .. I was enchanted by these long caravans where every camel was full of new things .. transported from distant lands as gifts for us ... but above all I was fascinated by the tales of what the guests had seen and done.

Then with time, things changed .. My father began to get old ...then my mother died.

This caused my Father great pain as he had loved his sweet wife, my Mother, above all else.

Soon after this he chose to relinquish command of the Kingdom to his oldest son, my beloved brother.

Little by little the other brothers and sisters took their seperate paths .. all away from Ireem ... and I was very sad and I felt so alone.

The new Sultan, knowing my desire to learn new things, granted me my wish to travel around the world, accompanied ,of course ,by brave knights and some slaves.

I studied philosophy,astronomy, mathematics and medicine at the school of Avicenna, but I was especially fond of music and poetry.

I made many long journeys, I spent 2 years in Europe ... I learned many languages .. I met many interesting people .. Yes ... this was the life that I liked.

Then, suddenly my adored brother .. the great Sultan, died

I was told that I had to take his place .. that this was my duty.

I came back quickly to Ireem and became Sultana.

Oh ... at the beginning it was difficult .. I had so many things to learn ... and governing is not as easy as it might seem.

Fortunately the sweet princesses Sarai (Jacqueline Aluveaux) and Mehri (Lillie Vella), orphans of my beloved brother, live with me.

I have many other people around me .. .loving and helping me.. sure ...but in the end decisions must be taken by me. So all day, when I ask God for peace and for the prosperity of my people ...I ask Him also to give me, so young,the wisdom to do what I must do.

I have a good cheerful character .. .. I like to laugh and joke and chat.

Like every young woman I hope to meet the BIG LOVE ....... everybody tell me that there must be a prince ... no no ... I 'm only looking for a man who has to be handsome, intelligent, cultured, exciting, charming, brave, sensitive and rich.

Ah ...and by the way... if someone betrays me .. I will kill them!

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