Monday, May 26, 2008

Alexa Vhargon - Prey

Name (Full SL Name): Alexa Vhargon

Age: 21

Your group/occupation/level: prey

Brief background story of your character:

i came to the kingdom by accident .. at least that was what i was made to believe until it was too late. the guide i hired just after i arrived in one of those last outpost of civilization .. was supposed to show me to the nearby villages .. where i planed to buy precious stones and metals .. but he claimed to know of a much better place to find even more riches .. and i was naive enough to believe him.

when he claimed to have lost his way .. i should have been suspected foul play .. and turn around to find my way back .. but i still trusted him .. and so i was lead right into the middle of my personal nightmare .. the kingdom of sands.

out of nowhere .. two armed men appeared and my guide began to talk to them in a strange dialect i did not understand .. with growing panic .. i realized soon that they were haggling over my prize. i didn’t wait around to find out how much i would have been worth to them .. i ran as fast as i could .. and i have always been a great runner .. smiles

i escaped that time .. and countless times after that .. relying on my skills i made it so far .. stole clothes to make me look inconspicuous .. i stole food and water to stay alive .. but i haven’t found my way back to civilisation yet

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

i am independent and stubborn .. and will not submit willingly .. and even when i should get forced .. if that ever happens .. i’ll try to escape .. my main strength is .. that i don’t give up and run like the wind (ask some of those who tried to cap me) .. my main flaw is .. that .. even after all this .. i’m still pretty naive

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