Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sky Pagoda (Mini-KoS) on sale at KoS Store

~Kingdom of Sand ~
KoS Pagoda (Mini-KoS)

Enjoy the beauty of Kingdom of Sand at your home! This is the mini version of this beautiful SIM that you can rezz on your land or in the sky.

All prims are Transfer/ No Mod /No Copy

- There are 3 parts to the building, these should NOT be Linked.
- Make sure you are in edit mode befor rezzing the Pagoda.
- Move Pagoda to where you want it before leaving edit mode.

No refunds.

Prims Number:
Version 1 is 90 prims (Price: 1,600 L$)
Version 2 is 109 prims (Price 2,100 L$)

Scripts not included.

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