Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anoron Al-Djinn of Marid

Anoron Al-Djinn of Marid (SL Name Anoron Hanson)

With the rise of the new religions and the spread of the Magi Domination, the hand of the Djinn were increasingly lost. The Djinn tribes could not hold back even the early incursions that the Dark Magi and had brought upon the lands and its sultans. Fearing either destruction or the flight of all Djinn from the land of the mortals, the tribes held a great meeting in the Sacred Mountains of Asir. Here Al-Yazid, a great Jinn sheikh, set forth the great Choice.
He had had a vision in the desert, in which a great scythe in the shape of a crescent moon had split a great Djinni in half. In order to survive, Al-Yazid told the Djinn tribes they must side with the Magi, or against them. There was much debate over the vision, and the mountains were rocked by skirmishes between groups of the Ifriti tribe and those of the Jinn tribe under Al-Yazid. Finally, the leaders of the tribes agreed to decide, but only on a tribe by tribe basis. The Djnn and their allies, sided with the Magi tribes. The Dark Djinn sided against the Magi, for they had been corrupted by demons hiding within the Ifriti, whose choice for evil was never in doubt.
The sheikh of the small Marid tribe allowed the Djinni of his tribe to decide as individuals, for the Marid are very proud and the strongest of the Djinni.

As a result of this decision two of the Djinn who resided among the human tribes in Persia made ready for the birth of their child. It was born to them a daughter, Anoron, or Agape to the Dijinn. Malik the father and one of the Djinn of Marid high counsel decided to have his daughter learn among the Magi. This gesture had pleased the Magi and so after many months the child grew to know the basic knowledge taught by the mystics. Also, in good faith the Magi declared that she is to have a Master to guide her with her lessons. This Master was to be Akri of Ad, that was his Mystic title yet he is known as Severus, Prophet of the Sands.

Anoron's teachings thus began in Ireem Zhat al Imad, The great City. There she met the Prophet of the Sands who now guided her training. She became skilled with the gift of sight and learned on her own that of tarot and tea reading and had brought with her great knowledge of the most powerful herbs used by the Djinn.

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