Saturday, May 31, 2008

Diannah DeCuir - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Diannah DeCuir

Age: 18

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/slave

Brief background story of your character: Diannah is a princess of the kingdom of Saxony. Since she was second in line to the throne behind her older brother, she grew bored with castle life and decided to explore the world.

While cruising on the Mediterranean, her ship was captured by pirates. All the men were killed, and she was kidnapped. Fortunately, she managed to escape from the pirates with her virginity intact.

She found herself in Ireem, where she is trying to find a way back to the safety of Saxony. While the Sultana has politely taken her in as a visiting dignitary, even Diannah gets bored sitting around the palace all day...

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: Diannah is a bit arrogant, and notoriously curious, which seems to always get her in trouble.