Sunday, June 1, 2008

Maryam Amoufhaz - Bedouin

MARYAM AMOUFHAZ Malikat as-Sahara' Queen of the Desert



Maryam bint Abd Ar-Rahman I,arab princess,is the only descendant of the royal Amoufhaz family that once ruled in Qal'a an-Nissa',capital of the Reign of Siqilliya.One day her kingdom was invaded by a fierce and powerful tribe,coming from a far desertic land,that wanted to take the power over the reign whose head was Ponzio Rossini.Maryam's family was murdered,except her.She had touched Sheikh Ponzio's heart with compassion,so he decided he would take care of the little princess and took her with him to the city of Ireem.Maryam,little but proud child,at first refused Ponzio's care and many times tried to escape from the man who had made her an orphan and who later took her under his protection.Years passed and Maryam started to appreciate Ponzio,after all if he hadn't saved her she would have been dead.Respect and affection were the prevailing feelings in her heart.Life in the desert was hard for her,as she wasn't used to such a simple life,that same life that would make her a strong and honourable warrior.As she became a woman Ponzio stopped seeing her as the little princess he had brought up and he married her as his only wife.At Ireem there is still someone who belongs to Maryam's past,Costantino Forcella,a brave knight who had promised her father to protect her whatever happened before she was kidnapped by Ponzio.Costantino thought Maryam was killed as it was for all Amoufhaz family.When he found out his worst enemy,Ponzio,had taken her with him he promised himself he would take revange and let Maryam live a free life.

Character/personality traits/strenght/flaws

Maryam is a proud and fierce warrior.She has a great sense of honour and she really demands mutual respect from the others.Al-kalama,the power of the word,is a weapon she can use very well for her interests and for keeping the peace between the predators and the knights at Ireem.Her noble origins make her a very fine and cultured lady with big love for bellydancing and singing.She is a brilliant entertainer herself.One thing she cannot accept is when people take advantange of her goodness and peaceful attitude...Then she will chase you and take revange no matter at what cost...And it will be your end...

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