Saturday, June 14, 2008

Costantino Forcella - Knight

SL Name: Costantino Forcella

Age: 40 years old

Your role: Knights

In 476 I was with my legion in Gaul under my marshal Siagrio when Odoacre removed the last emperor of Rome, Romulus Augustus, and gave to Zenone the arms of the romanian west emperor. Siagro didn't accept to be under to a barbarian and created a new kingdom which was the last romanian enclave surrounded by barbarian and hostile people. Ten years later barbarian people broke out in the region. Our legion was defeated and only few of us survived. and with a handful of soldiers we fleeted through south. Our only hope was to escape through est and to join up with the armed forces of the sacred Roman empire of the west. We reached Narbo's harbor disguised by merchants and there found an Arabian captain who consented to bring us through west. After a lot of months of travel we reached the west land but we were deceived..... we weren't in the roman empire but more and more in south. The Arabian captain was a slaver who had sold us. Slavers make us march for weeks in the desert until a group of knights got free us and brought us in a city, qalat a-nissà. My soldiers and me swore to serve the king our saver, Abdarrahdam. 12 years later, Ponzio Rossini attacked the city, captured and destroyed it. He kidnapped Maryam Amoufhaz, daughter of the King, and future Queen. I was injured and was saved by Akita Meli, she cured me and brought me in Ireem, a misterious site and out of the time. Nobody survived to the massacre. I have to give her my life, we are best friends and I protect her. Now, this service in the knights order, my sword serves my Sultan and all of the people who are in danger.

Costantino, has fought for many years, he doesn't like to fight, but if he's forced he used the tipical romanian efficiency. He doesn't tolerate to see women humiliated. He fights with himself to keep the promise did to the king Abdarraham to protect his daughter Maryam Amoufhaz and to prevent him by her, now Ponzio's wife, to capture women in Kos. He is very attracted to her, but he won't ever admit it.

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