Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Champion Challenge

~ Kingdom of Sand ~
Champion Challenge Rules

If you wish to make a challenge to become KoS champion first contact the Current Champion through IM. His/Her name is displayed on the champions board at the arena and at the marketplace just inside the main gate.
If both are agreed on the challenge then set a time that is convenient to both of you.
If possible try to set a day and time that is good for all members of KoS as this will make for better attendance at the event.
Next, contact an Admin who will make a group announcement about the challenge, giving the time and day etc.
All challenges take place within the Arena.


  1. If the Champion does not turn up at the arena, and has not previously warned of their absence, then the challenger takes the title by default.
  2. The championship will be decided over the best of three rounds.
  3. No punching, kicking or eye gouging
  4. Only legal KoS weapons maybe be used. If you are not sure check with admins before event.
  5. A challenger cannot re-challenge the champion for 1 week.
  6. A new challenger can challenge the champion at any time.
  7. The winner will be given the Champions sword (see it in the Landing area ) and the title of KoS Champion. Your profile picture will also be displayed on the Championship board. From then on others may challenge you back. Please make sure your Profile is not hidden from search as we will take your picture from it for the challenge board.

Current Champion: Lizzy Byrd
IM her to schedule a challenge.

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