Sunday, June 15, 2008

About RolePlay at Kingdom of Sand

1. Overview: All players are welcome
We - at Kingdom of Sand - welcome all kind of players. We keep roleplay rules simple for everybody, so it is not required to be an experienced roleplayer to join the game here. However, the few rules MUST be respected. Thank you.

2. Language and Nationality
Although the prevalent language is English, we welcome people from different countries and languages. Therefore, we appreciate your effort to communicate in English. Please be patient with other players to ease the communication barriers.

3. Attack on Sight & Safe Zones
At Kos we encourage and support the attack on sight because it is a reflection of a real situation. E. g. in real life, if you are considered an enemy, you would just get attacked without a previous announcement and an explanation of the reasons. To compensate for this, we have added 'Safe Zones' at KoS for all players. In Safe Zones you won't be attacked or captured. If you wish to relax and have a peaceful conversation with another friend, you should remain in a safe zone, or make sure that there is no danger around you.

We don't think that it is reasonable to complain to a potential enemy who is about to attack you that he is not allowed to do so, because you are having a conversation with your friend and please could they can come back later.

So pick carefully the location for certain type of roleplay. All players have safe zones in different areas of the SIM.
Having to be aware of the danger zones is part of the game.
So, e.g any predators should not be standing in an opponent's safe zones, unless they are aware of the consequences.

However, with all the above taken into account, we realize that there will still be cases of players who are clearly here simply to fight and cause trouble. We believe these people will be easy to spot and they will be dealt with accordingly.

4. Simple Rules about RolePlay
Do whatever you want as long as you don't cause harm, annoyance, lag or grief to other people. Be polite and respectful to other people. If you are roleplaying with someone and you feel uncomfortable with the situation, use IM to ask them to stop. At this point they MUST stop. If they do not then see section 5 - Reporting Abuse & Griefing. Always respect your partner's ability to withdraw consent at any time.

However, be aware that this SIM is based on Adult themes, like capture, sex, sword fighting, and violence. If you'd rather avoid Adult themes, we have provided citizen meters, with a less risk of the above, because they have a larger safe zone. Yet, that risk still exists for citizens as well. If these themes are not to your liking maybe you should consider finding a more suitable place in SL for you.

5. Report Abuse & Griefing
If you see or experience any abuse or griefing, please submit evidences ( chat log, picture, and/or description of the occurrence) to the Kingdom of Sand Administrators.
If you are subject to griefers, you can and should also report it to Linden Labs, using Help -> Report Abuse from the menu.

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