Thursday, June 5, 2008

Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif (Tim Deschanel)

Royal : Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif ( The honorable Red Tiger ) Son of the great Sultan Q-Adir Ebrahim (powerful , capable father of multitudes) from the Great Kingdom to the North of Ireem.

SL Name: Tim Deschanel

Prince Omar-Tighri Sharif, has attracted the eyes of women for almost as long as he can remember. He is a novelty among the men of the region, possessing blond hair and blue eyes. In fact his dashing good looks are only amplified by the one physical trait which gives away the desert blood running through him, his dark, swarthy skin that remains forever browned in the sun.

The Prince has lived a privileged existence. Son to one of the most powerful Sultans of the desert he has not wanted for anything. His mother was a french woman who taught him the ways of the "Occidental ". A favored son of the Sultan Q-Adir Ebrahim he was afforded a European education. Sent to France to study at a Royal academy he learned to appreciate the study of science and the arts. However, during this time his most favored area of study had to do with the fairer sex gaining an appreciation of western woman who, like his own mother, displayed a sense of awareness and independence that seemed more assertive than most of the woman in his fathers Harem.

His best friend at the Academy was a handsome, dark haired Count named Jean Malfort. Despite any cultural difference the two men bonded as brothers. They were soon recognized as being two of the most notorious skirt chasers in Paris The two men were almost impossible to resist. During the height of the social season they were nearly always found in the center of a bevy of beauties, eager to be compromised by one or both of the young men.

Upon completion of his education , Prince Omar-Tighir sadly left his carefree existence to return to his homeland and to the responsibilities that awaited him as a Sultans Son.

His father would be expecting him to take his first wife and while the young Prince could enjoy his pick of any woman in the Kingdom to be his first bride he found himself hesitant to do. His natural male urges imagined the benefits of having many wives but his experience as his mothers son showed him that the jealousy of the Harem created many conflicts he would rather avoid. No Omar-Tighri intended to break from traditions and take but one wife and this being the case he was in no hurry to wed when so many lovely ladies still clamored for his attention.

So he remained in his fathers Kingdom dutifully fulfilling all the responsibilities of his position save for this one until the day came that his father, having requested and audience with him to discuss the affairs of the Kingdom decided it was time he put his foot down.

"My son why do you wish to make my existence so difficult?"

" How so my father? What cause have I to make you you displeased with me?"
The older man leaned forward jabbing his finger towards his son with each word as if to drive the point home. "Why have you not yet taken a wife?"

The Prince shaking his head "father I shall marry and you shall have many grandchildren but all in time.... I am young yet and i see no reas ...

" No! No Time ...It is done. I have chosen a wife for you "

"Chosen a wife for me father? You can not mean to tell me ..."

"yes! I do mean ...she is from the kingdom of Ireem ..." ignoring his sons stunned expression " her father was the great Sultan when he died she was just a small child, too young to take the throne. her aunt was only a few years older almost a child herself and she took the difficult responsibilities of Sultana. "

" I beg you father not to do this..let me ...."

"SILENCE!! YOU ARE MY SON AND YOU WILL HONOR MY WISH!" after a few moments of silence he continued more quietly " Her Aunt the Sultana Zanlu has requested a match. NNNNNaaa listen my son this is a good match. Good for our kingdom and good for Ireem. Your marriage to the Princes will bind our Kingdoms and no on will dare challenge our combined power"

" I have no say then father? "

"None, it is done. You will marry her in a fortnight. Ready yourself for you leave for Ireem in the morning to meet your bride" Seeing the despondent look on his sons face the great Sultan softened "Son this woman you marry as is your duty to our can choose many other brides after..the ones of your own choosing. It will not be so bad"

Prince Omar -Tighri shrugged hopeless. "No my son it is true is said Princess Sarai Nahara is a kind and beautiful lady and that she is lush for bearing many babies ... your good friend the Count Jean Malfort has sais as much "

" Jean what does Jean know of this? "

after a long pause the Sultan spoke "It was he who delivered the proposal from the Sultana..he spoke of you to her in such glowing terms that she decided to offer the match for her niece."

Prince shook his head in disbelief "What ? Jean got me into this..why I will see him hanging by his toes for this one.."


And So the Handsome Prince found himself promised to the Princess Sarai Naharra of Ireem--He departed for Ireem despite his reservations ands swallowed any further protests knowing they would prove futile and only serve to anger his father. He had lived as he wished for many years, indulged in his youth but now still a young man at 27 he was about to take the very mature step of taking a wife.

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