Friday, June 20, 2008

Tarm the Wild (Selvetarm Aeon) - Physician's Assistant

Name: Tarm the Wild
( SL Name: Selvetarm Aeon )

Role: Physician's Assistant (citizen)

The sands shift and dance to hot and dry winds, baring long forgotten ruins like old bones in the desert. A lovely bedouin lass sifts through the rubble away from her camp and finds a glimmering ring with a brilliant red gem like burnished blood. She slips it onto her finger and brushes the grit away. The heat shimmers intensify around her and a blazing presence overwhelms her, leaving her shrinking back against a broken pillar where she stumbles to the ground. A massive efferitti forms from a pillar of flame, looming over her with a deep rolling laugh. He tricked and threatened the trembling lass into freeing him from the ring, then he overwhelmed her and she knew no more. She awoke in her camp under the care of the wise woman who said someone had taken advantage of her and left her in the sand. Months later she was with child and she named the strange golden eyed male babe, Tarm.

A few years later, his tribe was overcome by slavers and he and his mam shipped off to different parts. He was twelve when he was shipped off to the far north lands full of barbarous celts and norsemen, traded around for labor and eventually for pleasure as his young body hardened from riggorous work in the fields. After many years of service to nordic war queens and celtic princesses, tired of being tossed back and forth as the spoils of war, he escaped waring tribes and made his way south, catching the first ship he could back to his homeland where he found himself in the city of Ireem and immediately on the run from predators.

Saved by the Palace Physician, he now makes his home in the city eagerly tending to the needs of Ireem's fair citizens, easing their most intimate aches and pains.

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Mora said...

A great addition to the cast of characters. Love the accent, lad!