Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Harem Masters - Coming Soon!

~Kingdom of Sand~
Harem Masters

Coming Soon!
  • Only 4th level players (either predators or knights) can apply to become Harem Master
  • They will wear the citizen tag.
  • They won't capture slaves, but they will buy slaves from predators
  • Harem masters make money:
    • hourly salary 12K$/hour
    • renting slaves to occasional 'clients' of the harem
    • paid activities in the harem (various animations)
  • Although they own the harem and the slaves, in all other parts of the palace, they should respect the peace and tranquility of the Sultana's residence,.
  • The Harem Master can always resign at any time and return to be Predator or Knights.
If you are interested in becoming an Harem slave, you will enter only by being captured by a predator and sold to an Harem Master. You will obey the rules of the Harem, or you may be sold back to other buyers.
You have the option to buy your freedom at any time and become a citizen and get a job within the city.
If you are rented out to harem clients, you will remain within the palace facilities. The harem services will range from bath, massages, full service, etc.

If you are interested in a position as Harem Master, please IM an Admin for authorization.

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