Saturday, June 7, 2008

MichelleNackt Low - Prey/Slave

Name: MichelleNackt Low

Age : 19

Your group: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:

From before my tenth year I have little or no memory but of a sailing ship and traveling. How I came to be on this ship I know not. I remember waking in a warm bed with soft coverings to the gentle motion of the sea. I recall the kindness and concern my father showed me while he watched over me night and day during my delirium from fever. My father was always kind to me and often sat and told me stories of sea battles and many strange and distant lands. He would sit and talk with me listening to my thoughts and dreams, brushing my golden hair, which always seemed to fascinate him. His dark hair and face were a strange contrast to my fair skin and golden tresses. Later he left the sea and retired to a small cottage high on the white cliffs were we might see the ships below. My life was wonderful and happy until father’s health began to fail. The only cure was for him to move to a fairer climate doctors said. So we traveled from the balmy shores and white cliffs of our home in search of a gentler climate to ease fathers ailing health. We traveled by sea and landed in many places seeking to make our new home but never remained for long in any place. Father seemed restless as if something was driving us onward. We set out on our last journey together in a smaller ship, the only one setting sail at father’s chosen time. On the third night of our voyage as I slept, I had a dream like many times before but this night in place of foretelling good tidings and happiness my dream foretold horrible destruction. In my dream my loving protector and guide came to me. Agrona this time had no good tidings and no words of comfort. “My child she said as always I will protect you and woe be it to him that wishes to take your life but now comes a time of testing for you. In this night all which has kept you in loving comfort will be taken from you and you will be cast into a strange land. Many will pursue you and take you, this is my plan, but finally one will come who I have sent. You must demonstrate the strength to accept my will and give of yourself freely until I am satisfied that you are worthy but until that time, know this, you are mine, and I will continue to keep you as I always have. Now awake and bid your father of this world farewell.” I ran to my father, waking him and telling him my dream and to my surprise he did not comfort me but began to shake and tremble to the point that I wanted to comfort him. He then told me that I was not truly his child but had been given to him for safe keeping by the goddess Agrona with the knowledge that in the day she took me from him he would die. This is the day of my death and I welcome it he said. I listened in horror as my father told me first that he was not my true father and that he was also about to die. I sat at his feet and cried with my face upon his knee while he told me of my early life. He told me that he took me from a northern ship as instructed by Agrona. No one on the ship was allowed to live except me and he knew not of my real mother and father. He stroked my hair as he told me of his instructions to take me and protect me with his very life. He lifted my face to his looked into my eyes then kissed my forehead. As he moved away and attempted a smile for my sake there was a horrible crash in the bowels of the ship as if the ocean itself had torn out her keel. I screamed and tried to clutch to my father as all went black… I awoke some time later on these shores alone and orphaned a second time in my short life crying over my loss and wondering what was to become of me…

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