Thursday, June 5, 2008

Princess Sarai Nahara (Jacqueline Aluveaux)

The backstory of Princess Sarai Nahara

SL Name: Jacqueline Aluveaux
Throughout the night of endless stars
I saw as in a dream
Arising from the swirling sands
The towers of lost Ireem.......


The Great Sultan, of Ireem is dead. I mourn his loss though it has been several years and I suspect I shall all the days of my life for he was my father and I loved him dearly. I am the Sultans eldest child- Princess Sarai Nahara . I am 18 but feel mature beyond my years. Life sometimes has a way of making a person grow up quickly. In my case I have had little choice.

Father had many in his Harem, but only two wives. His favorite wife, Annabella, was my mother. She was a French Noblewomen and his captive prior to being elevated from the harem to become his wife. Father often teased mother saying that as an infidel it was only because of her bewitching beauty and grace that she was finally honored with the status of favored wife. Despite being forced into captivity, my mother soon grew to love her captor.

I have a half sister, Princess Merhri. She and I were born a few months apart. Her mother died during child birth and my mother took Merhri under her care as if she were her own flesh and blood. Mehri and I are very close, in fact we are as close as any sisters might be. I adore her and she is my best friend and confidant. I can trust her with my life.

After mothers death I became fathers constant companion. Some of my fondest memories of those years are of my father and I riding out onto the dunes together on his prized Arabian steed. As father had no male heirs I was groomed to assume the responsibilities as his Royal Heir and protector of our people but when father died I was stunned and ill prepared to assume the role. I felt lost and overwhelmed. At 10 years of age the mantel of Ruler and Kingdom was too much to bare. Mehri and I were only children and we found ourselves left alone with only servants and loyal knights as our comfort until the day our aunt Zanlu, our fathers beloved sister, returned to Ireem to take his place on the throne.

When our dear aunt returned to Ireem, she was scarcely 17 years of age. She assumed the role of governing the Kingdom and in doing so aunt Zanlu gave up her dreams to do her duty. She was kind and loving and despite the burden of her new position she was always there to offer Merhi and I her love and support. Since her arrival sister and I have wanted for nothing. I am grateful and hold her in the highest esteem. I believe she truly has the best interest of her Kingdom and people at heart. I am confident in her love, her loyalty and friendship. She has sacrificed her dreams to fulfill her obligations and to serve as the Sultana. I strive to be a make her proud and I remember my fathers words when he instructed me in the roles and responsibility's of Royalty.

Once again my life is undergoing tremendous change. Like my Aunt before me, I am being asked to put my aside my wishes to do what is in the best interest of the Kingdom and my people. Aunt Zanlu has arranged a marriage with the son of a very great and powerful Sultan. His Kingdom is to the North of Ireem. The Alliance this marriage will bring will be of benefit to both the Kingdoms. Individually we are great but with our combined wealth and military power we will be untouchable. It has been a whirl wind month since Auntie asked me dine with her privately so she could break the news. I was stunned and unprepared for what she had to tell me and I readily admit that my initial response was to protest ...but I remembered my duty as a Royal I will do what best for Ireem and for her people. I will do as my Aunt the Sultana asks. Auntie Says I shall be pleased with this Prince- for he is said to be handsome and golden and smells of exotic spices. She says his mother, like my own was european and that he is not fat or soft like some Sultans sons I have met and that I will be his first wife. She did not say he was eager to be married but did stress that he is reported to be a man of duty, and honor. I find myself wondering what he thinks of this arrangement ?

I know the people of my Kingdom see my life as one of privilege. They see my pampered existent and they must certainly believe life is simple. I do live well, this is undeniable! I have never worried about were I would sleep, or what I would eat. I have Royal Guards and knights to protect me and handmaidens to brush my hair and bathe me. My skin is oiled in fragrant scents and I am clothed in the finest textiles. The Palace servants see to my to every need. I have everything a young woman might want, but I do not have the luxury of marrying for love.

Lastly there is this...As of late my sister Princess Mehir and I have discovered some things that have begun to shake our Royal and sheltered existence. My sister and I share a gift of sight that we inherited from our grandmother. The gift is said to skip a generation and so our father and our aunt did not receive it. We see things ..usually in dreams and as of recently the dreams have taken a darker turn. We are confused by what we are being shown...But we believe that we are being given a warning. All is not as it appears in Ireem ..all is not well. We fear that if things continue as they are Ireem will be destroyed and no marriage, no alliance, no amount of wealth or military force will turn the tide to our destruction. To make things worse our dear aunt assures us that her advisors are well informed and report that all is as it should be in Ireem. She thinks our visions are but fearfull, childish night terrors and that sister and I are worrying over nothing but sister and I feel she is being deceived by her advisors. That they are not telling her the truth in fact they deliberately keeping her in the dark.

I dread that things will become more and more bleak, until the paradise that was once the Ireem of our forefathers is forever destroyed. I do not know if it is possible to change the fate of Ireem or if it is inevitably set in its course, but both Mehri and I believe that we have no choice but to try and set it right. Understanding that we will need help if we are to combat the dark forces that wish to devour our Kingdom, we seek to build a secret coalition to work alongside the knights. Spy's, Prophets, warriors and Holy Men sworn to oath to protect and combat these dark forces. To defend Ireem and protect the Sultana.

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