Friday, November 28, 2008

Knight Leader Election

If there is anybody else interested in the position, please sign up to the board at the Knight camp by the end of this evening. Then our beloved reporters of the Chronicles will interview all Candidates and give us a little insight about their campaigns.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knight Leader Election and More...

We are about to start the Knight Leader Election - that is now due. I also want to add that in 2-3 weeks we will release a new version of the meter and 2 sub-factions of knights will be added, for a total of 3 factions. Although we wish you all want to stay together and act as united team, we know that historically the knights were pretty much divided, ergo, if there are differences of opinions, you will be able to join a different knight faction. Good luck everybody!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coward of the Month: could it be you?

Although you may occasionally be a coward in a fight, the abuse of these behavior will surely make you *WIN* the prize :)
- TP out
- eating food while in a fight
- sitting on pose balls
- running to safe zones just before losing.
Who is going to be the lucky winner this month? Election soon :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apartment Rental Update

The Apt #101 is currently available, if anybody wants to reside here.

Also I reset all the cuddle/sex beds in the apartments.

If you haven't customized the picture in your panting, I just want to remind you that it is possible to drop your own picture there if you wish. Just follow instructions.

Djinn Leader: Nakira Tennen

Nakira - as the only candidate - has been automatically nominated as Djinn Leader. Congratulations Nakira!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Djinn Leader Election Update

So far we only got one candidate: Nakira Tennen
I will wait until the end of the day to see if anybody signs up as candidate. If not, she will become leader, without election :)

Magi Leader: Anneliese Wolfenhaut

Congratulation Anneliese! Magi voted you to be their leader.
Best wishes :)

Next election: Djinn

Friday, November 14, 2008

Magi Election Update

The two Magi with most votes are Anneliese and Skip. So they will go the final vote. Voting starts now. And it will end on Sunday night.
Magi only. Thank you :)

Mordecai (Azrael Luminos) - Undead

Name; Mordecai, Twice Born (SL name Azrael Luminos)
Affiliation: The undead

Personality: He's lost his mind, he's completely immersed in himself and bizarre gains. Sometimes he is dark and cruel, other times he is completely off the wall, laughing for no real reason.

Born in Aristrocratic England, Mordecai James Mullaire was never a kind man. He was cruel, manipulative, and subtle...nothing escaped his ears. He made a name for himself when he joined the knights templar in the crusades, slaughtering arab infidels to free Jerusalem from the hands of the Infidel. It was there, against Saladin himself that he was gravely wounded. The nobleman went back to england by boat to nurse his wounds, but the Saracens seemed to have different plans.

Several assassins had snuck aboard the boat and followed the man to his manor. It was there, in his bed recovering from the grievous wounds, that he was captured and brought back to the deserts. The weakened noble was beaten and tortured in a foreign land where his crys for mercy were cut out by cruel jeers and foreign screams of "Murderous Dog!"

No one knew what happened to him, all thought he was back in England recovering, those in the merry land knew nothing of his departure. Mordecai Mullaire was murdered amongst the Saracen rebels and buried deep within an anicent array of catacombs in his finest attire.

He woke to the sound of chanting, screaming as loud as he could within the cold stone he was sealed within. Slowly the darkness gave way to a dim world lit by torches and covered in spider webs. There was a bald man standing over him with a soft smile. Mordecai did not recognize the man, nor did he know why he was laying in a sarcophagus nude, his body covered in stitches. The man handed him boots, socks, and a pair of pants with that same smile he said one thing before disappearing. "You are free...born again amongst the dead....welcome it, for you are Twice Born."

His mind was gone, lost in the ages of slumber and practices of his strange new father. A man Mordecai never saw again, but his words would sometimes creep into his mind: "Welcome it...Twice born."

It would be two years before Mordecai remembered his name, he had lost his memories and was haunted by strange visions and choppy nightmares. The night he remembered his name was a night he was roaming the sands of his new home, he was speaking with a man who seemed frightened of him and continued to ask why he referred to himself as "twice born" he also constantly inquired as to if he needed medical attention. Then Mordecai blacked out, diving into a choppy scene of memories. First he was in his room, nursing some sort of wound when a young girl entered "Are you well, Lord Mordecai?" she asked him, then he was torn to another memory. In this one he was tied down, screaming as a group of men sliced into his flesh.

It was these screams that he woke to, but they were not his own. They belonged to his companion...or what remained of him. Mordecai woke on his knees with the other on the ground, his ribs were nigh picked clean and Mordecai held on to his friend's severed leg. With that he screamed himself and ran as fast as he could, returning to the catacombs that he remembered so well.

He fell to his knees here and laughed hysterically, he still held his companion's leg which made him cackle even more. Mordecai had lost his mind, but he had gained his name...and a new sense of self.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magi Election - 1st Round

Since there are 4 candidates, Magi will vote in 2 rounds. The most voted candidates will face on the 2nd round too.
Anyway voting starts now. Only MAGI may vote. *Kora* will personally check on the names of the voters, so don't cheat ;-)
Voting will end in 48 hours. Good luck everybody.
Please read the Chronicles to pick your candidate!

A mission from the future....

In about 30 minutes we will have some visitors coming from the 24th century - Galaxy Fleet Command. They are looking for a fugitive and will be going around the SIM. They won't combat, they come in peace. If you are up to it, you may interact with those strange looking people, or you may ignore their roleplay. Their visit will last about 30 minutes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Djinn Leader: Election Update

If you are interested in the position, please go and sign up at the leader board up at the Djinn realm.

Good luck!

Magi Leader: Election Update

The candidates are:
Marylin Breen, Anneliese Wolfenhaut, Skip Thespian, Petertron Nieuport
Tre Marjeta is out there to interview them and will be publishing their replies on the Chronicles.
Afterwards we will start voting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Svetlana Rashiira Mosienko - Ireem citizen

Name: Svetlana Rashiira Mosienko

Age: Unknown

Group: Citizen

Brief History: Born of the earth and of smoke, Svetlana’s has an odd mix of abilities found in few and appreciated by fewer. Her father was a Celt warrior and her mother, a Mared Djinn. She is gifted with powers though, by her half human nature, are often unpredictable. Svetlana (not her real name) was sent here as an emissary by the Caliphate of Cordoba where she served the Emir in the lands of the Moors as a seer and advisor. A kadin to the Emir, She is skilled in the sensual arts of the harem where she has taught these skills to the newer and younger members. She is definately more useful in the delicate negotiations of diplomacy. Her undeniable gift is in the art of story telling.

In her long and dangerous journey, her caravan was attacked and most of her belongings and gifts were destroyed. Svetlana has never been a slave, but in her own words, “I have served many masters”. Here is Ireem, she finds a distrust by the palace staff of anyone with Djinn blood. Despite this, she feels compelled to be of service to the Royal court with the hopes of establishing peace between the warring factions. As promised by her Emir, she has already pledged her loyalty to the court in Ireem.

Anxiously awaiting a messenger from the Emir, she grows more penniless with each day and seeks to find either suitable employment or acceptance by the royal court. Until that day, you may find Svetlana entertaining in the Arabesque café or lounging in the palace where she waits patiently for an audience with the royals.

Ribbon Liebster - Prey / Slave

Name: Ribbon Liebster

Age: Eighteen Autumns

Group: Prey. Human. Slavegirl.

Brief background story of character:
Born on a full moon eighteen autums past, Ribbon has been an orphan since the tender age of 10. She has been runing around the sandy dunes trying to keep herself safe before she was targeted for capture. She is currently kept imprisoned in the catacombs by the undead zombie Zander Markus.

Of course, her crimson locks did not help keep her hidden as her looks are more rare and exotic than any desert wildflower. Much of her character is shrouded in mystery: Stories are told that she may be the spawn of a cursed djinn sent to live a human existence hence her sunrise-coloured eyes. She has many orgasmic nightmares where she is prone to lapsing in demon tongue. She has no recollection of these dreams. Little does she know that her powers as a seer will increase when her viriginity is taken away for then the evil inside her will be unleashed fully. Once she is able to tap into her powers, she will be a dangerous force to be reckoned with as there are also rumours that she is a direct descendant of Lilith.

Ribbon is plagued by the recurring vision of her father being taken away from her and executed for having been found of treason and the numerous rapes of mortal women, including that of her missing mother. It is said that he may have killed her mother in an act of jealous rage.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Ribbon is biting, caustic and fiery. Her sharp tongue is rivaled only by her skills with the blade. She is a very agile runner and is capable of charming snakes, scorpions and wild beasts. She can understand many languages even tho she cannot speak it. She is very complex and hides herself under many layers giving rise to the the nickname Cassandra Κασσάνδρα 'she who entangles men.'

On the full moon of her nineteenth birtday she is slated to unlock her full range of telepathic abilities. During her capture, Zander buried her to choke her warm living body in the sand and a scorpion bit her quivering inner thigh and then crawled up to her breast and embedded itself in her body thereby giving her the ability to heal any poison in herself and others (Though she is NOT aware of this gift yet).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silk Liberty - Citizen, manager of the Ship Inn (updated)

Name (Full SL Name): silk Liberty

Age (if you have any): 19

Your group/occupation/level: citizen, manager of the Ship Inn

Brief background story of your character: silk was born to a slave girl who was impregnated by her Master. Her Mother died in childbirth, leaving silk to be raised by her father. To him she was a slave even though she had his blood running through her vains. She also had her mothers. He taught her how to serve food and dance for him he even tought her how to read and count. It was said on her 18th birthday she would be sold. A trained virgin slave would bring a heafty bounty.
One day some city officials came looking for her father. They said he was involved in some unlawful acts. Her father took silk by the hand and fled their home. He took her on a ship which sailed for weeks. she was not allowed out of his cabin, he kept her there chained to a pole so no one would see her.
The ship was attacked by pirates. silk watched through a port hole as the boat broke up into pieces, a large boom cracked in half and speared her father through his chest, killing him instantly. silk floated for days on a large piece of the boat. She landed on the shores of the Kingdom of Sand. Almost lifeless she dragged herself to shelter amongst the shrubs and surrving on berries. Now she hides from the inhabitants of this new land, not knowing what the future has in store for her here.

Upon her arrival at Ireem, silk was chased by numerous slavers. Luckily she was able to slip from thier grasp. She found work in a local cafe as a dancer. One day while at work she heard a strong masculine voice outside. She listened for a while, hearing the intelligence of his words, the kindness to the other girls in his tone. She peeked out the doorway and saw the handsome face that went with this voice and it made her smile. Still she hid behind the doorway until he caught her eye. His head tilted curiously and his eyes just seemed to call out to her. She stepped out of the door way and his attention shifted from the others to her. To silk, it was like there was no one else around but him. He talked to her about coming to work for him as a dancer in his inn, then told her to follow him and he'd show her where it was. They have been together from that moment on. She quickly became his girl and manager of the Ship Inn.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: submissive, intelligent but nieve a surviver

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bedu Leader Election: Re-Run!

There was a tie, so we need to re-run the election. However, since there were too many non-bedu to vote, I think that we need to restrict the voting to the group as specified below:
# There will be a 48-hour window to submit your vote.
# Only players in the same group may vote. E.g. only slavers may vote for slavers. You will need to have your group tag activated above your name. We WILL check if you are part of the group, so don't waste your KoS dinars, if you shouldn't vote.
(See Blog for more)

Election Update

Bedu Leader: voting will be closed at 4pm today
Dungeon Leader: signup for candidates will be closed this evening
Magi Leader: candidates may sign up starting now
Undead Leader: upcoming
Djinn Leader: upcoming
... etc

Dungeon Keeper Leader

Dungeon Keepers may still sign up to become candidate as leader. I will close the candidacy in the early afternoon.
So far we only got one candidate. In that case, he will automatically elected, without any election.
If you are interested in the position hurry up!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Next coming elections

Bedu Leader: The final candidates are: Chris Wilder, Jonathan Moriarty, and Kylara Kuhn.
They are currently preparing their campaign, and we will vote soon (in 1 round, because they are only three).

Dungeon Keeper Leader: If you are interested in the position, we now accept candidates.

Slaver Leader: WongFei Quan

WongFei Quan has been nominated Slaver Leader, (28 votes out of 46). Congratulations!

Next election is Bedu Leader. Tre is gathering interviews with the candidates, and soon to be published on the Ireem Chronicles!