Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Svetlana Rashiira Mosienko - Ireem citizen

Name: Svetlana Rashiira Mosienko

Age: Unknown

Group: Citizen

Brief History: Born of the earth and of smoke, Svetlana’s has an odd mix of abilities found in few and appreciated by fewer. Her father was a Celt warrior and her mother, a Mared Djinn. She is gifted with powers though, by her half human nature, are often unpredictable. Svetlana (not her real name) was sent here as an emissary by the Caliphate of Cordoba where she served the Emir in the lands of the Moors as a seer and advisor. A kadin to the Emir, She is skilled in the sensual arts of the harem where she has taught these skills to the newer and younger members. She is definately more useful in the delicate negotiations of diplomacy. Her undeniable gift is in the art of story telling.

In her long and dangerous journey, her caravan was attacked and most of her belongings and gifts were destroyed. Svetlana has never been a slave, but in her own words, “I have served many masters”. Here is Ireem, she finds a distrust by the palace staff of anyone with Djinn blood. Despite this, she feels compelled to be of service to the Royal court with the hopes of establishing peace between the warring factions. As promised by her Emir, she has already pledged her loyalty to the court in Ireem.

Anxiously awaiting a messenger from the Emir, she grows more penniless with each day and seeks to find either suitable employment or acceptance by the royal court. Until that day, you may find Svetlana entertaining in the Arabesque café or lounging in the palace where she waits patiently for an audience with the royals.

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Elder Lubitsch said...

Svetlana is a most lovely woman, accomplished artist/dancer/trainer and a skilled raconteur/persuader.
She always brings a touch of class to the Cafe Arabesque and often shares her special choreography tips with our dancers. I would regret having her leave the Cafe, but her dreams and special call for a more suitable position. And those wishing to meet her and see her dance should come to Wong's Party tonight at the Ship Inn at 6 pm SLT.