Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coward of the Month: could it be you?

Although you may occasionally be a coward in a fight, the abuse of these behavior will surely make you *WIN* the prize :)
- TP out
- eating food while in a fight
- sitting on pose balls
- running to safe zones just before losing.
Who is going to be the lucky winner this month? Election soon :)


Anonymous said...

Your definition of cowardism is a bit strange Kora. I tell you what is coward in our book is, an armed predator chasing helpless prey (mostly half naked girls) around and then sell them for profit. This pure cowardism. When our brothers is in trouble we jump in to help and assist the injured.

For us knights, we do not initiate fights and one of brothers or sisters lives is more valuable than the entired camp of slavers combine. So yes, we value our life and we do everything to preserve it and try to up hold the law of ireem. So if you see knights fight in groups or go to eat during a battle it is not cowardism, it is to ensure the law is upheld in ireem. Now for some predators who fly away well thats pure cowardism. i shall not name names (phrox, derry)

Those who tp our now that we agreed, they should receive this title.

Knights Council

Kora said...

Dear Knights Council,
none of the listed 'cowardly' behavior are explicitly against the SIM rules.
However, using them to constantly avoid to lose may reward the winner of a nice sign outside the arena.:)
I won't pick the winner of the title. Predators, Knights and Citizens will.
And it will be a reminder that people at Ireem prefer fairness and honor when they fight, as much as possible. Losing is not so bad. You may end up happily enslaved in the arms of a loving slaver. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

As per the knights definition, any of the predator running from their pack of thugs is a coward...but if a knight runaway he isn't.

Knights, please, don't bullshit us.

Anonymous said...

What some call cowardism another calls good tactics, strike quickly, ensure your own safety, if overpowered retreat so you are able to fight again. A fair fight is poor planning, you fight when you are able to take advantage of the situation to bend it to your favor. To some that might be called cowardism. ..but the winner writes the history books.

Zenden Vlodovic said...

Salaam Friends,

May I just say the pompous attitude of the Knights Council above just shows why they get up everyone's noses.

As a newbie slaver I went down from 100% health to 40% today before I knew what was happening and had to crash my PC as I was suffering lag and could not TP out. Also I had upset the former master of my newly acquired slave and I was a little disturbed when the big guy too turned on me and insisted I return the delicious (what was her name again)?

Upshot is they all want to kill me and I don't even know how to fight yet.

Discretion will certainly remain the better part of valour.

Aharr me hearties

Zenden Vlodovic (Newbie Slaver)

Zenden Vlodovic said...

Zenden adds,

A slsver siste informs me that what I have discribed is assured that I will only be running and jumping in future.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Kora should also start a WHINING competition! We can crown someone the Whining King or Queen for the month...

If noone ever loses a battle because they do the things Kora mentions, then where is the FUN in that? I don't get it...but maybe it's just me?

Happy to be captured for RP reasons, (that doesnt have to mean sex btw) just dont IM me that you only did it for the skill points and release without RP!! Bad Showing ;p


Anonymous said...

oops! i was the anonymous poster above...not the bad role player (lol)

Anonymous said...

I think the coward of the month spot should go to people who try to attack or capture others before they completely reze in gam, or do the same when the person is clearly afk. There's nothing more cowardly than attacking a sleeping enemy.

Anonymous said...

I understand the need to recoup strength in a battle, but who would truly stop and -eat- something in a rush while on the field? To me, that is for after the battle. It is a wonder people of many factions don't get choked on the food they are gulping down before running back into the fray. It would make more sense to have some kind of healing potion on your belt.