Friday, November 14, 2008

Mordecai (Azrael Luminos) - Undead

Name; Mordecai, Twice Born (SL name Azrael Luminos)
Affiliation: The undead

Personality: He's lost his mind, he's completely immersed in himself and bizarre gains. Sometimes he is dark and cruel, other times he is completely off the wall, laughing for no real reason.

Born in Aristrocratic England, Mordecai James Mullaire was never a kind man. He was cruel, manipulative, and subtle...nothing escaped his ears. He made a name for himself when he joined the knights templar in the crusades, slaughtering arab infidels to free Jerusalem from the hands of the Infidel. It was there, against Saladin himself that he was gravely wounded. The nobleman went back to england by boat to nurse his wounds, but the Saracens seemed to have different plans.

Several assassins had snuck aboard the boat and followed the man to his manor. It was there, in his bed recovering from the grievous wounds, that he was captured and brought back to the deserts. The weakened noble was beaten and tortured in a foreign land where his crys for mercy were cut out by cruel jeers and foreign screams of "Murderous Dog!"

No one knew what happened to him, all thought he was back in England recovering, those in the merry land knew nothing of his departure. Mordecai Mullaire was murdered amongst the Saracen rebels and buried deep within an anicent array of catacombs in his finest attire.

He woke to the sound of chanting, screaming as loud as he could within the cold stone he was sealed within. Slowly the darkness gave way to a dim world lit by torches and covered in spider webs. There was a bald man standing over him with a soft smile. Mordecai did not recognize the man, nor did he know why he was laying in a sarcophagus nude, his body covered in stitches. The man handed him boots, socks, and a pair of pants with that same smile he said one thing before disappearing. "You are free...born again amongst the dead....welcome it, for you are Twice Born."

His mind was gone, lost in the ages of slumber and practices of his strange new father. A man Mordecai never saw again, but his words would sometimes creep into his mind: "Welcome it...Twice born."

It would be two years before Mordecai remembered his name, he had lost his memories and was haunted by strange visions and choppy nightmares. The night he remembered his name was a night he was roaming the sands of his new home, he was speaking with a man who seemed frightened of him and continued to ask why he referred to himself as "twice born" he also constantly inquired as to if he needed medical attention. Then Mordecai blacked out, diving into a choppy scene of memories. First he was in his room, nursing some sort of wound when a young girl entered "Are you well, Lord Mordecai?" she asked him, then he was torn to another memory. In this one he was tied down, screaming as a group of men sliced into his flesh.

It was these screams that he woke to, but they were not his own. They belonged to his companion...or what remained of him. Mordecai woke on his knees with the other on the ground, his ribs were nigh picked clean and Mordecai held on to his friend's severed leg. With that he screamed himself and ran as fast as he could, returning to the catacombs that he remembered so well.

He fell to his knees here and laughed hysterically, he still held his companion's leg which made him cackle even more. Mordecai had lost his mind, but he had gained his name...and a new sense of self.

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