Thursday, December 25, 2008

Data Transfer between Versions - How to upgrade right

When you attach your meter 0.15, you will be offered to accept a new version 0.16. Please accept it, then detach version 0.15 and wear version 0.16.

The meter will try to import the data from the previous version. And it should work.

In any case, just KEEP VERSION 0.15 for data backup and emergency. DO NOT DELETE IT.

If something goes wrong, follow instruction below:
- DELETE all copies version 0.16
- DETACH meter
- WEAR meter 0.15
- you will receive a new 0.16 folder
- WEAR meter 0.16
- DATA will be transfer within several minutes, and you old scores will reappear again in your new meter.
- DO NOT use DISPENSER JARS. They are for NEW players.
- IF you don't receive ANY 0.16 folder, maybe you are BUSY, or you have muted Kora Zenovka

Note: if you are currently captured, and your owner is not in the SIM, your meter will probably display a date and you will be frozen. Click on your body and unfreeze yourself. That it will fix the ownername etc. :)

Note: The upgrade will work on meters version 0.10 and above

Game Meter Kit Update 0.16

An update 0.16 is about to be released. A couple of things:
a) this version is not compatible with v.0.15
b) DO NOT get a meter from the jars - If you have a meter now, it will give you a new meter when you rezz it
c) Absolutely NO TESTING has been done - I had no time and it is Xmas, so keep the old version 0.15 just in case
d) it is important to do the update before the war starts
e) Once you start to use it, please restrict the use with other players wearing the same version
f) Report bugs to Kora Zenovka.
Thank you!

Truce on Xmas Day

Merry Chistmas TO All
Thu Dec 25 07:32:30 2008

During WWI, Occurring on December 24-25, 1914, Christmas Eve and Day, the Christmas Truce saw a temporary halt to the fighting on parts of the Western Front. In some areas, the truce lasted until New Year's Day.

So lets do the same, even if we have to set disable to our tag..for atleast today. So go, spread the christmas spirit..even with your enemies.

If you disagree with this truce, please IM Aizen Wind

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Switching tags for figthing?

Sorry, but after consideration, this is considered a IC crime, and therefore anybody who is caught switching tag and fight and let a friend win and gain skills, will straightly go to the 'Coward of the Month' board without election. Or some other awful penalty we will think of during the Xmas time ;-P

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aizen Wind is now Undead Leader

Congratulation Aizen!
(The Undead election is now closed because there was only one candidate.)

About Dungeon Keepers, there is still 1 day to signup, if you are interested! So hurry up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leader Election (Undead & Dungeon Keepers)

UNDEAD: Yesterday we started to accept candidates.

DUNGEON KEEPERS: If you are interested to become a leader, please sign up at the election board.

ps: After about 48 hours, the board won't accept any more candidates, so hurry up, if you are interested.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucina DeCuir - Prey/Slave

Name: Lucina DeCuir

Age: 21

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:
Lucina grew up in and around taverns. Her mother was a barmaid and so Lucina learned from her about serving. Through the years, she found a passion for dancing. Lucina quickly realize that through dancing she could make more money. She found herself seducing men night after night. Her mother didn't mind as long as the money kept coming in. The small town Lucina grew up in became boring. She wanted something more. She wanted a place where she could move up in the world. She left home; her mother had enough money to help her live a well life. So now Lucina travels, trying to find a master that will help her raise in rank.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Lucina is very clever. She knows what she wants and she will go after it. She can be very loyalty to someone that will help her. Her strengths are her ability to be seductive and her dancing ability. She would like to learn how to fight later on. Her flaws are that she will side with anyone who would give her power. She likes to stir things up :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tirris Noel - Magi Slave/Dancer

Name: Tirris Noel

Age: 23

Your group/occupation/level: Magi Slave/Dancer

Brief background story of your character: I would often travel in the caravans with my father, who was a Merchant and Trader. Most nights around the fire, I and the other girls would dance to keep the men entertained on the long journeys. Favored by them for my small toned frame kissed by the desert sun, and the long thick tresses of crimson that often fell over my deep blue eyes.

Our caravan was attacked on our way to Ireem. Needless to say my father did not survive. Most did not survive. Everything was stolen. I had managed to hide, laying among my dead family, looking as one of them. Till the theives left. With just the water pouch on my belt, I said my silent fairwell to my father and found my self wandering the desert to make my way to the city. But it was not long before I was noticed, and began to be chased by several at once. Men and women. Unable to find any to aid me, fatigue finally took me, I could run no longer, finding my self enslaved by a Magi. I confess the thought of food and shelter, as long as I obey and dance as he commands, sounds far more pleasing then starving and thirsty as I run from others in the hot Desert.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Traits: Fluid, graceful, alluring.
Stregnths: Intelligent, skilled dancer, skilled in pleasure.
Flaws: Stubborness. Too firey for my own good.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Natsumi Diesel (Nat) - Bedouin/troublemaker

Name: Natsumi Diesel - Nat

Age: 19

Your group: Bedouin/troublemaker

Brief background story of your character: Nat was once a knight and served in the regal knights until another, higher ranked knight, started making advances on her. She left and went to the ones who treated her well in her captivity earlier on, the Undead.

She became an Undead at age 19, and is a rarity among them. Nat is still pure in heart and body. A true virgin and this allows her to keep her youthful appearance.

"There was one knight in particular, mentioned by a few at the block today, that worries me greatly, it seems he is also being blamed for casting out a female knight, having her shunned, for not sleeping with him...and having in effect..her now taking up with the undead." ~Ireem Chronicles October 18th

She is extremely caring and doesn't like to hurt people but she has a temper that frightens any who have seen it. She is normally carefree and outgoing, just wandering through the sands and 'terrorizing' people.

After being turned into a living once more at her djinn captor's orders and then being freed, she runs with the Bedouins. Her appearance has changed to better fit the conditions of the desert. Finding a home with the Bedouins she is cared for and she cares for them. Still the kind and caring girl as before.

Once again living and 19 she waits for a man to steal her heart and her hand in marriage before giving up her most prized possession. That man has not come yet and so she will continue to wait.
The tattoo on her stomach is the japanese symbol for love. This is her way of saying that anything more than skin deep can only be obtained through love and affection, not lust.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: Kind, caring, compassionate, fights for what she believes in, likes to tease EVERYONE.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nikolaes Zeffirelli - Knight Errant

Name: Nikolaes Zeffirelli

Age: 40

Your group: Knight Errant - currently housed with the Bedouins

Brief background story of your character: Born in Italy, Nik grew up strong and worked his way up through the ranks to becoming a Knight Templar. He was pledged to protect those making the holy pilgrimage to Jerusalem after its conquest, but the fierce contests that kept cropping up for the city's possession were much like war and the knights did battle many times with those of Islam. The Knight Templars were among the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades and Nik was no exception. On the field of battle, his skill with a sword was legendary - so much so that the enemy cleverly found a way to turn the tide in their favor. During one fateful battle, enemy archers were charged with keeping watch for those amongst the Templars who were fiercest. When those knights drew near enough during the confrontation, the archers targeted them to still their flashing swords. Nik received no less than three arrows in his right shoulder before he was felled on the battlefield while others of his brethren suffered the same or worse fates. Unconscious from his battle wounds, He was left for dead beneath the body of another fallen knight and awoke later to find he was the only one alive on the battlefield. Dazed, he attempted to find his way to others of his Order, but his directions were confused due to an infection in his injured shoulder. He wandered for several months, lost. Rather than finding safe haven with others of the Templars, he found himself in Ireem. Here, among so many warriors, he is frustrated that he is no longer able to fight in order to protect those he loves and the ideals he still attempts to uphold.

He considers himself a knight errant now instead of a Templar.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Traits: well-spoken, generous, respectful of women, strong-willed
Strengths: strong code of honor
Flaws: a semi-secretly crippled right shoulder, a weakness for curvy brunettes, strong drink, and the occasional indulgence in opium

Friday, December 5, 2008

Knight Election - 2nd round

The two most voted knights were:
Bikkurigaijin Kitaj and Dano Wylie
Please vote for your favorite again.
You will have 48 hours before the voting will end.
Best of luck both of you!

Femke Ethaniel - Prey / Dancer

Name (Full SL Name): Femke Ethaniel

Age (if you have any): 20

Your group/occupation/level: prey/dancer

Brief background story of your character:
Years ago i was stolen from my family when i was 10 year old.
Brought to his camp, he was one of the lowest ranking members of his tribe!!
I began to become a woman, a woman in a tribe who did not look anything like me, i was the only red hair pale skin in the tribe and.., a slave!!
The years followed, luckely i never got pregnant, but was beaten up and raped often enough.
Then one day, i saw my chanche, i took 5 K$ and fled, no longer in chains but free, walked the desert, almost froze in the night was roasted in the day, but kept on going to hopefully the city Ireem.

After weeks in the desert, carefully avoiding contact with other people, i arrived in Ireem saw the palace the food the water, was so desperate i did steal when i just arrived.
But now i work when i have the chanche, i can dance or do simple jobs like garedining and playing lute.

Hoping one day to make enough money to book passage on a ship home !!

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Walks with pride, escapes with flair, royal in appearsance
in what ever i wearand with the spirit that is associated with the colour of my hair :)
Flaws?? I dont have any :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Knight Leader Election

If there is anybody else interested in the position, please sign up to the board at the Knight camp by the end of this evening. Then our beloved reporters of the Chronicles will interview all Candidates and give us a little insight about their campaigns.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Knight Leader Election and More...

We are about to start the Knight Leader Election - that is now due. I also want to add that in 2-3 weeks we will release a new version of the meter and 2 sub-factions of knights will be added, for a total of 3 factions. Although we wish you all want to stay together and act as united team, we know that historically the knights were pretty much divided, ergo, if there are differences of opinions, you will be able to join a different knight faction. Good luck everybody!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Coward of the Month: could it be you?

Although you may occasionally be a coward in a fight, the abuse of these behavior will surely make you *WIN* the prize :)
- TP out
- eating food while in a fight
- sitting on pose balls
- running to safe zones just before losing.
Who is going to be the lucky winner this month? Election soon :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Apartment Rental Update

The Apt #101 is currently available, if anybody wants to reside here.

Also I reset all the cuddle/sex beds in the apartments.

If you haven't customized the picture in your panting, I just want to remind you that it is possible to drop your own picture there if you wish. Just follow instructions.

Djinn Leader: Nakira Tennen

Nakira - as the only candidate - has been automatically nominated as Djinn Leader. Congratulations Nakira!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Djinn Leader Election Update

So far we only got one candidate: Nakira Tennen
I will wait until the end of the day to see if anybody signs up as candidate. If not, she will become leader, without election :)

Magi Leader: Anneliese Wolfenhaut

Congratulation Anneliese! Magi voted you to be their leader.
Best wishes :)

Next election: Djinn

Friday, November 14, 2008

Magi Election Update

The two Magi with most votes are Anneliese and Skip. So they will go the final vote. Voting starts now. And it will end on Sunday night.
Magi only. Thank you :)

Mordecai (Azrael Luminos) - Undead

Name; Mordecai, Twice Born (SL name Azrael Luminos)
Affiliation: The undead

Personality: He's lost his mind, he's completely immersed in himself and bizarre gains. Sometimes he is dark and cruel, other times he is completely off the wall, laughing for no real reason.

Born in Aristrocratic England, Mordecai James Mullaire was never a kind man. He was cruel, manipulative, and subtle...nothing escaped his ears. He made a name for himself when he joined the knights templar in the crusades, slaughtering arab infidels to free Jerusalem from the hands of the Infidel. It was there, against Saladin himself that he was gravely wounded. The nobleman went back to england by boat to nurse his wounds, but the Saracens seemed to have different plans.

Several assassins had snuck aboard the boat and followed the man to his manor. It was there, in his bed recovering from the grievous wounds, that he was captured and brought back to the deserts. The weakened noble was beaten and tortured in a foreign land where his crys for mercy were cut out by cruel jeers and foreign screams of "Murderous Dog!"

No one knew what happened to him, all thought he was back in England recovering, those in the merry land knew nothing of his departure. Mordecai Mullaire was murdered amongst the Saracen rebels and buried deep within an anicent array of catacombs in his finest attire.

He woke to the sound of chanting, screaming as loud as he could within the cold stone he was sealed within. Slowly the darkness gave way to a dim world lit by torches and covered in spider webs. There was a bald man standing over him with a soft smile. Mordecai did not recognize the man, nor did he know why he was laying in a sarcophagus nude, his body covered in stitches. The man handed him boots, socks, and a pair of pants with that same smile he said one thing before disappearing. "You are free...born again amongst the dead....welcome it, for you are Twice Born."

His mind was gone, lost in the ages of slumber and practices of his strange new father. A man Mordecai never saw again, but his words would sometimes creep into his mind: "Welcome it...Twice born."

It would be two years before Mordecai remembered his name, he had lost his memories and was haunted by strange visions and choppy nightmares. The night he remembered his name was a night he was roaming the sands of his new home, he was speaking with a man who seemed frightened of him and continued to ask why he referred to himself as "twice born" he also constantly inquired as to if he needed medical attention. Then Mordecai blacked out, diving into a choppy scene of memories. First he was in his room, nursing some sort of wound when a young girl entered "Are you well, Lord Mordecai?" she asked him, then he was torn to another memory. In this one he was tied down, screaming as a group of men sliced into his flesh.

It was these screams that he woke to, but they were not his own. They belonged to his companion...or what remained of him. Mordecai woke on his knees with the other on the ground, his ribs were nigh picked clean and Mordecai held on to his friend's severed leg. With that he screamed himself and ran as fast as he could, returning to the catacombs that he remembered so well.

He fell to his knees here and laughed hysterically, he still held his companion's leg which made him cackle even more. Mordecai had lost his mind, but he had gained his name...and a new sense of self.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Magi Election - 1st Round

Since there are 4 candidates, Magi will vote in 2 rounds. The most voted candidates will face on the 2nd round too.
Anyway voting starts now. Only MAGI may vote. *Kora* will personally check on the names of the voters, so don't cheat ;-)
Voting will end in 48 hours. Good luck everybody.
Please read the Chronicles to pick your candidate!

A mission from the future....

In about 30 minutes we will have some visitors coming from the 24th century - Galaxy Fleet Command. They are looking for a fugitive and will be going around the SIM. They won't combat, they come in peace. If you are up to it, you may interact with those strange looking people, or you may ignore their roleplay. Their visit will last about 30 minutes.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Djinn Leader: Election Update

If you are interested in the position, please go and sign up at the leader board up at the Djinn realm.

Good luck!

Magi Leader: Election Update

The candidates are:
Marylin Breen, Anneliese Wolfenhaut, Skip Thespian, Petertron Nieuport
Tre Marjeta is out there to interview them and will be publishing their replies on the Chronicles.
Afterwards we will start voting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Svetlana Rashiira Mosienko - Ireem citizen

Name: Svetlana Rashiira Mosienko

Age: Unknown

Group: Citizen

Brief History: Born of the earth and of smoke, Svetlana’s has an odd mix of abilities found in few and appreciated by fewer. Her father was a Celt warrior and her mother, a Mared Djinn. She is gifted with powers though, by her half human nature, are often unpredictable. Svetlana (not her real name) was sent here as an emissary by the Caliphate of Cordoba where she served the Emir in the lands of the Moors as a seer and advisor. A kadin to the Emir, She is skilled in the sensual arts of the harem where she has taught these skills to the newer and younger members. She is definately more useful in the delicate negotiations of diplomacy. Her undeniable gift is in the art of story telling.

In her long and dangerous journey, her caravan was attacked and most of her belongings and gifts were destroyed. Svetlana has never been a slave, but in her own words, “I have served many masters”. Here is Ireem, she finds a distrust by the palace staff of anyone with Djinn blood. Despite this, she feels compelled to be of service to the Royal court with the hopes of establishing peace between the warring factions. As promised by her Emir, she has already pledged her loyalty to the court in Ireem.

Anxiously awaiting a messenger from the Emir, she grows more penniless with each day and seeks to find either suitable employment or acceptance by the royal court. Until that day, you may find Svetlana entertaining in the Arabesque café or lounging in the palace where she waits patiently for an audience with the royals.

Ribbon Liebster - Prey / Slave

Name: Ribbon Liebster

Age: Eighteen Autumns

Group: Prey. Human. Slavegirl.

Brief background story of character:
Born on a full moon eighteen autums past, Ribbon has been an orphan since the tender age of 10. She has been runing around the sandy dunes trying to keep herself safe before she was targeted for capture. She is currently kept imprisoned in the catacombs by the undead zombie Zander Markus.

Of course, her crimson locks did not help keep her hidden as her looks are more rare and exotic than any desert wildflower. Much of her character is shrouded in mystery: Stories are told that she may be the spawn of a cursed djinn sent to live a human existence hence her sunrise-coloured eyes. She has many orgasmic nightmares where she is prone to lapsing in demon tongue. She has no recollection of these dreams. Little does she know that her powers as a seer will increase when her viriginity is taken away for then the evil inside her will be unleashed fully. Once she is able to tap into her powers, she will be a dangerous force to be reckoned with as there are also rumours that she is a direct descendant of Lilith.

Ribbon is plagued by the recurring vision of her father being taken away from her and executed for having been found of treason and the numerous rapes of mortal women, including that of her missing mother. It is said that he may have killed her mother in an act of jealous rage.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Ribbon is biting, caustic and fiery. Her sharp tongue is rivaled only by her skills with the blade. She is a very agile runner and is capable of charming snakes, scorpions and wild beasts. She can understand many languages even tho she cannot speak it. She is very complex and hides herself under many layers giving rise to the the nickname Cassandra Κασσάνδρα 'she who entangles men.'

On the full moon of her nineteenth birtday she is slated to unlock her full range of telepathic abilities. During her capture, Zander buried her to choke her warm living body in the sand and a scorpion bit her quivering inner thigh and then crawled up to her breast and embedded itself in her body thereby giving her the ability to heal any poison in herself and others (Though she is NOT aware of this gift yet).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Silk Liberty - Citizen, manager of the Ship Inn (updated)

Name (Full SL Name): silk Liberty

Age (if you have any): 19

Your group/occupation/level: citizen, manager of the Ship Inn

Brief background story of your character: silk was born to a slave girl who was impregnated by her Master. Her Mother died in childbirth, leaving silk to be raised by her father. To him she was a slave even though she had his blood running through her vains. She also had her mothers. He taught her how to serve food and dance for him he even tought her how to read and count. It was said on her 18th birthday she would be sold. A trained virgin slave would bring a heafty bounty.
One day some city officials came looking for her father. They said he was involved in some unlawful acts. Her father took silk by the hand and fled their home. He took her on a ship which sailed for weeks. she was not allowed out of his cabin, he kept her there chained to a pole so no one would see her.
The ship was attacked by pirates. silk watched through a port hole as the boat broke up into pieces, a large boom cracked in half and speared her father through his chest, killing him instantly. silk floated for days on a large piece of the boat. She landed on the shores of the Kingdom of Sand. Almost lifeless she dragged herself to shelter amongst the shrubs and surrving on berries. Now she hides from the inhabitants of this new land, not knowing what the future has in store for her here.

Upon her arrival at Ireem, silk was chased by numerous slavers. Luckily she was able to slip from thier grasp. She found work in a local cafe as a dancer. One day while at work she heard a strong masculine voice outside. She listened for a while, hearing the intelligence of his words, the kindness to the other girls in his tone. She peeked out the doorway and saw the handsome face that went with this voice and it made her smile. Still she hid behind the doorway until he caught her eye. His head tilted curiously and his eyes just seemed to call out to her. She stepped out of the door way and his attention shifted from the others to her. To silk, it was like there was no one else around but him. He talked to her about coming to work for him as a dancer in his inn, then told her to follow him and he'd show her where it was. They have been together from that moment on. She quickly became his girl and manager of the Ship Inn.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: submissive, intelligent but nieve a surviver

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bedu Leader Election: Re-Run!

There was a tie, so we need to re-run the election. However, since there were too many non-bedu to vote, I think that we need to restrict the voting to the group as specified below:
# There will be a 48-hour window to submit your vote.
# Only players in the same group may vote. E.g. only slavers may vote for slavers. You will need to have your group tag activated above your name. We WILL check if you are part of the group, so don't waste your KoS dinars, if you shouldn't vote.
(See Blog for more)

Election Update

Bedu Leader: voting will be closed at 4pm today
Dungeon Leader: signup for candidates will be closed this evening
Magi Leader: candidates may sign up starting now
Undead Leader: upcoming
Djinn Leader: upcoming
... etc

Dungeon Keeper Leader

Dungeon Keepers may still sign up to become candidate as leader. I will close the candidacy in the early afternoon.
So far we only got one candidate. In that case, he will automatically elected, without any election.
If you are interested in the position hurry up!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Next coming elections

Bedu Leader: The final candidates are: Chris Wilder, Jonathan Moriarty, and Kylara Kuhn.
They are currently preparing their campaign, and we will vote soon (in 1 round, because they are only three).

Dungeon Keeper Leader: If you are interested in the position, we now accept candidates.

Slaver Leader: WongFei Quan

WongFei Quan has been nominated Slaver Leader, (28 votes out of 46). Congratulations!

Next election is Bedu Leader. Tre is gathering interviews with the candidates, and soon to be published on the Ireem Chronicles!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jathiss (Nesjathiss Serpente) - Citizen

Avatar Name: Nesjathiss Serpente
Character Name: Jathiss, prince of the Naga

Personality: Proud, strong willed, and often very silent. He lives for his people, but otherwise is a kind creature(at least to those who treat him with respect.)

Jathiss was born deep with the waters outside of Ireem, he grew up in the Naga capital city of Ssnarok. His life was full of chaos and war, so he never truly had the chance to visit the surface world. There were times when he poked his head from the waters and many of those times he risked losing it due to a ship or a frightened sailor.

When he heard from his father that his brothers would need to prepare to travel to the surface world he jumped, excited at the opportunity to see humans...and to see surface snakes. The Naga heard of Ireem, but they also knew of the hell that existed there, many of them could not comprehend how that species lived, their constant fighting amongst their own baffled the serptine peoples of the sea.

Jathiss' first journey to the surface world and to the city startled him at what he saw, some of the humans were actually enslaving eachother! The prince was concerned for his people, and he explained his findings to his father who was also disshelved. They vowed that they would speak with the leaders of the city, namely the sultana, to negotiate a peace between them.

Jathiss' trust for the soft skinned humans is weak, he has no faith in the creatures or their capabilities. He has high hopes for the day of his negotiations, hoping create some kind of peace between the humans and his people. He believes that a lasting peace between the two will be most prosperous against any enemy either may face.

Kalt Grut - Prey/Slave

Name: Kalt Grut - Prey/Slave

Age: Nineteen Autumns

Group: Slave

Breif History: Recently pulled from the stocks and cargo hold of one of the many supply ships that visits Ireem, the female Lycan hybrid was cleaned up and was attempted to be sold as 'supply.' Her current asking price was 500 gold. Her elegant appreance was well maintained in and out of the stocks, however, it was hard to keep her within the confines of bars and shackles. Before being sold she was able to slip past a few guards and find her way into the crowds and city dwellings to hide. She is very much a slave to be acquired. A rare breed was brought to the kingdom, but will the rarity of such a beauty survive with such a hostile attitude? Or will she fall to a collar and leash? As of current, Kalt now lurks within the shadows and dark corners of Ireem, sometimes even found in the castle. Who will be the one to take claim upon her and find out how she became what she is today?

OOC Notes: Kalt isn't one to submit so willingly. Treat her like she was born from the purest of hatred. A beast. She wont be the one to kneel down so quickly and be "Yes Master." This is a slave who will need a great deal of 'forceful persuading.' She has a huge mouth on her, she'll talk back, and attempt to make you look like a fool. Don't be afraid of a little challenge!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Party next Saturday!

To the good citizens or Ireem!

In celebration of the safe return of our valued healer, Lady Kerrina, the palace invites you to a party in the event tent!

A magic carpet will be provided to transport guests to the event tent.

The Sultana herself will be in attendance, and will bestow her thanks upon those who assisted the healer in her time of need.

Due to the recent assassination attempts on the lives of palace employees, and other dire threats, rumors, and evidences, security at the event will be unusually high. You will be required to leave your weapons at the door.

The palace will make up for any inconvenience, however, by offering the best refreshments and the loveliest dancing girls for your enjoyment.

The party will be held on Saturday, from 1:30pm - 3:30 pm, SLT.

((Predators and prey may attend, but must be in disguise -- Undead must look human, and you can add "in disguise" to your tag.))

Sera (Serahjim Rajal) - Djinn

Avatar Name: Serahjim Rajal
KoS Name: Known only as Sera or "The Shadow of the Sands"

Age: Unknown

Group: Djinn.

Personality/Traits: He is a quiet, calculating indvidual. To him everything has its price, and he's willing to exploit that always. He shows no loyalty to anyone or to any thing, in his eyes loyalty leads to betrayal.

Born in distant lands, Sera never knew much of his origins. He did; however; know that from a very young age he was different. He didn't understand why ?
until he stepped from the freedoms of his oasis of a home into the burning desert know as the Saleshi, it was here that he was discovered by a band of ?
guards. When asked where he came from, he led them back, not knowing that humans here loathed his kin. It wasn't two days later that he woke to his mother ?
attempting to hide him. Her commands not to move scared the charcoal skinned youth, but he obliged silently. Sera watched as his people were slaughtered by ?
xenophobic mortals who didn't care to understand many of the Djinn. As Sera watched his family die he saw something else; he saw one of his own with ? he thought a friend of his family, being paid by their leader. Originally the youth thought it was his fault that his people were killed so ?
mercilessly, but seeing one he considered a brother so willingly taking money from such a disgusting creature he knew otherwise.

Sera survived that horrid night as did many others of his kind. They rebuilt, creating barriers to keep the mortals from entering their home uninvited ever ?
again. He grew up with a hatred for the kingdom a hatred that burned so strong it allowed him to assassinate several prominent faces and hurt trade. He and ?
his people became the embodiment of everything the mortals feared they would be, they became the wrath of the Djinn that had been so mercilessly slain all ?
those years ago...most of whom weren't full blooded. It was this slaughter that led to awakening of a force beyond both of their powers. A demonic entity ?
that required them to seek the mortals' assistance.

Then they were betrayed again...The mortals aided them in the destruction of this beast, a beast that left Sera scarred and beaten. It was right after the ?
defeat that they marched into the Djinn home that they were welcomed to by Sera and his brothers to plan their attack. His entire people were slaughtered, ?
he survived only because they thought him to be dead as well. The anger became something beyond his control, it consumed him. He sought out the home of the ?
mortals, entering through the main gates and killing all in his wake. This hatred that burned within him was far beyond anything he had ever ? gave him so much power. He had made it to the main gates of the palace with no problems, when he entered the king was waiting for him.

The man made him an offer, trying to buy his loyalty with pieces of gold and promises of glory. He to was cut down in the rage of this young Djinn. When it ?
was done he called the very sands to consume the city, leaving nothing but blood and memories in his wake. He turned his back on that world, seeing the ?
potential in what the sultan of the kingdom had offered. Mortals put a price on everything...even on lives. He would exploit this to its fullest, becoming ?
the thing that he had hated the most only moments ago. It was a strange change in mindsets, especially to happen so swiftly. He did not question it, though, ?
instead he decided that it would be best if he simply ignored that and stepped beyond, ready to embrace this new fate. He journeyed far and wide, finding ?
places like Europe and China. Many found his dress strange, but none questioned his eyes or his skin...most knew him as nothing more than a magic entity ?
offering his aid. They all paid well in the end, and many times he was offered a better fee by the other side. He would gladly take it and betray his ?
original cause. To him, his loyalty was only to his dead kin, they were it was for sale.

It was in these travels that he somehow stumbled into the city of Ireem, a strange sensation pulling him toward the skies. The oddest thing was not the ?
pull, but the dress of the folk in the city. They reminded him of another he thought he had forgotten. It took him days to kill the uneasy ?
feeling that he was back where he had started...and that somehow the city he destroyed had survived. When he did, though, he knew that he had nothing to ?
worry about. These people weren't the same xenophobes, they seemed to absorbed in the happenings of their city to even notice him...but one did. He bumped ?
into a man late one night as left a lodge seeking drinks, the man seemed to want to find him. He even referred to him by his full name, something he hadn't ?
heard in ages. He was given a small gem and told that the anger he felt when he destroyed the city in the saleshi could be turned out and used as pure ?
magic. The man then left, explaining nothing more and leaving Sera uneasy.

Later that night he sat upon a mortal bed within the Inn staring at the small orb he had been handed. His curiosity drove him into memories long buried. The ?
burning cities...the cries of his brethen, the hot air from the fires combined with the suffocating odor of his brethen's carcasses, and the cold earth ?
below him that night. His eyes were tightly closed as felt a strange rush, it was as if he were there again. He could feel the heat of fires against his ?
skin, then a moment later he felt the rush of cool water against him, even after that a gust of wind, finally he felt himself land upon cold stone. When he ?
opened his eyes he was someplace new and the man stood in front of him again. "Welcome to realm of the Djinn..." the man greeted him with a smile and a ?
satchel of gold, it was then he became the Djinn of deals. He was a mercenary willing to do literally anything for the right price. He had found a new home ?
within this city, moreso within this realm. He was a shadow of his former self, and if the city wanted him then they would have to know who ask about ?
finding a shadow...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've got this notecard from Salena - this is RL.

Last Friday at work at about 0215 a co-worker called paramedic's...I was taken to the ER ( emergency room) where tests were done and EKG as it was thought maybe I was having a heart attack. After all tests came back negative and against the ER Doctors advise I went home and took Friday night off work.

During the weekend, I keep getting the same systoms, but I was able to relax and do some breathing exercises and the symtoms let up. But they continued thru the whole weekend, then come Monday I had a few symtoms come back again and ease up for awhile. I had a few errands to run which I did. Come about 11 a.m. RL time the systoms started in again but this time they were not letting up. This continued most of the afternoon. I did try to call the Dr's ofc answer. then finally around 3 pm RL time someone from the Dr's ofc called and said get to the ER immediately. So I got into My car and turned let at the corner and don't remember anything till I came too after, in which I'd had a heart attack, from what the police said, the car flipped and rolled bit a tree and landed on its side. Paramedics came, had to use the jaw's of life, a cutting tool to get me out of the car, got me into the ambulance and got me prepped for the ER at the hospitial, I remember being asked alot of questions, not sure what I said or how I answered. Was taken to a CT Scan to check for any internal injuries or other trauma....which they found the left side of My face was fractured in 2 places. One fracture is along the nasal passage the other is under the left eye the bone for the eye socket. Plus 14 stitches along the lines of the nose and upper lip. A stent was placed in a vein that the Doctor called the widow maker, I guess from the descriptions and what was said once it blows out your dead, he said I was lucky to be alive more so cause of the accident. My face is completely black and blue and partly swollen, My entire left breast is black ad blue and swollen, and a large area from left breast under the right and down across the ribs is entirely black and blue from the seat beat. But I'm on meds...getting better just need to relax a few more days, I'll be on hearts meds for awhile and Dr did say NO major damage from the attack was permanent to my heart.

I love all you that missed I missed all of you too...kisses
Love Salena

Drasy Denimore - Employee at The Ship Inn

Avatar Name: Drasy Denimore
KoS Name: known only as Drasyndra or Drasy for short.

Age: 26

Affiliation: Formerly prey/slave. Now an employee at The Ship Inn.

Character traits: Quick witted, sometimes too quick, speaking without thinking. Reckless or fearless, it's hard to say which. A repressed masochist, she loathes what she loves, and hides it well.

Back Story:

Hailing from the European lands of chivalry and bullshit, she was the only daughter of a bastard merchant who wished he'd had a son. Clever and profitable merchant that he was, he groomed the unwanted girl into the next best thing. A well trained trading chip to be married off.

Her childhood was a nightmare of abuse and strict discipline. Schooled in everything from etiquette, tailoring, and serving team, to managing a household, balancing business ledgers, and directing an army of servants. Her teenage years were worse still, the emotional and mental abuse, coupled with mild physical abuse, sketched into the sexual when her father insisted the slut of a daughter be able to keep her husband to be happy.

On her sixteenth birthday she was married off to a nobleman's son whom she had never met before, though her father had been in negotiations with the family for some time. When she was given away to the noble household, she thought her nightmare was over, that finally she would be rewarded for her years of suffering, and gladly did she walk to that alter -- her eyes wide shut.
Her wedding night left her with more than a broken Hymen, which her father had graciously left intact. Her honeymoon was cut short thirty six hours later when a physician was called to attend her broken and bleeding body. The weeks and months that followed were worse than anything she'd thought possible, and her new husband, made her father look like a saint in comparison.

Nine years she suffered under the sporadic tyranny of her husband, who alternately ignored her and broke her apart over those years. Twice she'd been with child, and twice she had lost that gift under the cruel hands of her 'gracious lord'. Somehow in that living nightmare, she kept her sanity locked away. Sacrificing every shred of outer self, somewhere in her childhood she'd learned to keep a part of herself tucked away from reach.
It was that small solid core of sense of self that drove her to act when the old Lord Arthad was on his death bed. Her husband, heir apparent, was moving to assume his new titular position, though he had been enjoying it's benefits for some time. Drasyndra knew her husband would reach new depths of depravity with his rise in status among peers... and indeed it was so. When she found him in their marital bed, sating himself on a serving girl, while a dead female courtier lay maimed beside them, she knew what must be done.
Though she cannot recall it, along with most of those nightmarish years, she removed his crown jewels with almost surgical precision with his own discarded belt knife. Leaving him bleeding out and screaming on the serving girl, she fled. Fled the room, the estate and the country.
She ran until she passed out, until her shoes wore off her feet, until she was a slip of nothing from lack of food. Good fortune and good sense kept her finding salvation along the road. Kind strangers who offered food, shelter, or new clothes. East, south, north, east again, she simply travelled where fate took her, so long as it was further away from 'home'. If her husband was dead, she would not be long for the noose for killing him... if he was alive, well, then she wouldn't be long for the noose if he caught her.

She had never wanted life so much as she did then, and her trip lasted months upon months before she ended up in the hot southern deserts on the rim of a salt sea. Along with her past, most of her journey was a fragmented blur she would rather not remember, her own mind betraying her, or perhaps protecting her from the worst she had suffered.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bree (Bryselle McCallen) - Librarian

Name: Bree
(SL Name: Bryselle McCallen)

Occupation: KoS Librarian

Age: Ageless

Personality: Quiet and reserved, redeemed from a lifetime of impetuous living

I was born of a beautiful odalisque, my father from the high house of Yahya ibn Khalid, a cold and calculating Vizier. My destiny most likely to be trained in the ways of my now deceased mother except my behavior was that of a spoiled and careless girl, a personality I shared unfortunately with my mother who found in the end led her in the hands of one jealous other harem girl who poisoned her over a piece of jewelry a lover had given her. Of course even such petty treachery is not tolerated in a sultan's harem and her life was ended just as my mother's.

And so as I grew I became more petulant and clever which was not acceptable in the palace by any man. The Vizier finally heard word of this as he did not take kindly to my feisty behavior sending me to be done away with. I was taken by force and led to the river to be weighted and flung into its depths but in a last moment of thought the men decided to sell me to a slave caravan and fake my death. I had hardly regained my breath from what i thought my demise than to be held captive by two inept men who smelled of camels and dung. I awaited my chances and had the fortune of slipping away as the slavers became inebriated leaving me to calculate my escape. Wandering at times as a boy to evade being captured I learned many fine arts such as thievery, pick pocketing, gambling and lying with the subtleness of any true innocent.

I wandered with caravan to caravan as a boy for the most part, staying in barns and seedy inns, sleeping anywhere i could find shelter. My life was becoming a series of days just trying to exist until I came upon Ireem. I did not consciously arrive mind you, but awoke there, after a badly cooked meal and possibly tainted mead. I found myself in the desert not far from the rising towers of the palace, but before I could even crawl my way there I was terrorized by predators. Having the nature of a fox I was able to slink out of any bindings..and slip away until I finally found myself in the city. There I was mesmerized by all the activities, the food, the laughter, the abundance of wealth where I made good with my skills pilfering food when needed and slipping off with beautiful silks and baubles as I was able. A slaver befriended me and helped me with coin and introduced me to the aged librarian.

It was this elderly man, the librarian, who taught this bedraggled soul to read and behave as a woman of station, though deep in my soul I do not think the desert will ever leave my bones. He soon allowed me a job at the ancient library and then as he passed away it was placed in my hands to care for. It is better than living in the squalor of barns and sleeping on dirty floors and so I have him to thank for that. But, it has changed me in ways that I have found enlightening and yet troublesome. Trusting anyone has never been and is now not easy. I speak little and watch more closely. I find the factions in Ireem full of unvented aggression and knowing all that enter here will never leave and those that do?..Well my dear reader I have no answer about that, but if I do you will be the first to know....

All I know is I am here. I am citizen and I am faithful to the Sultana and this city for saving me from derelict life.

Camping in Stores at Ireem?

It has been brought up my attention that some players are "camping" in stores. When a store has a owner, the owner set the rules as well as the hiring of personnel. If you wish to work for that store, you should contact the shop owner to use their paying balls. And besides that, you should respect their "status" as shop owner. If not, the prison could be your next place for "camping" :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Elder Lubitsch - Citizen/ Hospitality Generalist

NAME: Elder Lubitsch

AGE: Every gray hair has been well-earned, but not falling out

STATUS/OCCUPATION: Citizen/ Hospitality Generalist

BIO: Elder was born in northern cold forest country of devout Christian parents. As a young boy he was placed with friars who follow Brother Francis, and learned Latin, other languages, history, theology, calligraphy and other acadamic subjects as well as a stong sense of service and hospitality. However he left as a young man before becoming a priest because he could not fully commit to the vows required.
After more studies in the secular world, he became a soldier and experenced extended bloody combat in Asia (not Palestine), leaving wounded and finished with fighting.

With his military booty he continued studies to became an advocate/counsellor, and had a successful career in the service of a southern king. Much of his prior work involved helping businesses find qualified workers, and helping citizens and slaves find work or the skills needed for work. He particularly strove to liberate slaves through work. He also married and raised several children in that kingdom
When his favorite king died, Elder decided to move on, and make a change in life while not too old, but still healthy, vigorous and interested.

After exploring the options of pred, prey, citizen and other occupations, he opted not to engage in pursuit/capture or offensive fighting, and became a citizen and hospitality host/worker. He has served as bouncer, greeter and acting manager at Cafe Arabesque, and is a part-time masseur/bath attendant trianee at the nearby Hammam bath house, also encouraging cooperation and reciprocal referrals/promotions among all inns, taverns and hospitality services in the kingdom.

TRAITS, LIKES, DISLIKES: Elder is a gregarious, optimistic, friendly host and loyal friend/co-worker. He loves to jest, be surrounded with lovely ladies, and have a drink with friends. His accent/spelling is atrocious but can slow down to express more understandably. He avoids fights where possible but will defend friends to the death, and try to liberate unwillingly-captured slaves where ever possible and protect the sultana and her interests. He cannot abide by cruelty, dishonesty or malice, but is tolerant of human frailties, which he shares

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Salena Larsen - Prey/Slave

SL Name: Salena Larsen

Role: Prey/Slave

Salena was born into a family of Nobles, raised with the finest of everything and growing up refined among the rich. One dreary night, raiders and outlaws stormed her fathers lands and destroyed his castle, killing the servants not working of selling and kidnapping those that were. Her father and mother was killed in the raid, but Salena managed to slip away into the night. She was captured by slavers not long after, but she managed to get away and found some gypsys in her travels, leaning her ways but always keeping her upbringing a secret as she was in line to marry a handsome prince. After learning the hard life living with the gypsies, she separated from them, always running trying to find peace and safety. Then one day she stumbled into a desert, walking with a heavy heart as her memories drifted back of what had happened in her life as the sun beat down heavily upon her. She came upon the Kingdom in the Sands, still running from slavers and bedouins, plus others that want to enslave her, she just hopes she can continue to run and be safe. Finding a few friends among her sister slaves and some Noble Brave Knights, she can breathe safely at times. She will continue her travels with a heavy heart for those she loved.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Kahdoosch Alter - Undead/ Jester/Zombie

Name: Kahdoosch Alter

Age: Born in the mists of time

Your group/occupation/level:
Undead/ Jester/Zombie

Brief background story of your character:

Enslaved wandering minstrel, bard, poet, lover of the well turned phrase and one liner. Posessed by a powerful, uncontrollable demon as a punishment for wooing above his station. A willing sacrifice to save his Mistress in the Mage war. Now a eunuch, undead, the jester Djinn remains trapped within...

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Generally friendly and chatty, can't run, can't fight, got no todger, but beware the eight inch tongue; prone to japes, jests, waspish remarks, crudities,etc, when the jester is strong within.

Grizel Halberstadt - Slave

Grizel Halberstadt

While she does not like the word slave, she refuses to be considered ‘prey’.

She has taken a long route here from Scotland. Grizel was shopping for fish at the town market when she she turned a corner and was hit with something heavy. She woke up in chains in the pitch black bowels of a ship. Within a few days she was on her way to Spain and was sold with a hold full of other slaves headed for Ireem. It was a long journey, and many died. She saw and endured unspeakable things and as a result she has a hatred for slavers and can often be found insulting them and throwing rocks at their heads. She would do anything to escape a slaver.

She’s been called feisty, fiery and trouble. If you are looking for an obedient slave to call you ‘Master’ and do your bidding, catch someone else. She prides herself on being fast and tricky and has evaded capture many times.

She loves to explore the city and often her fascination with the sharks off the dock has gotten her into trouble. She missed the green of her homeland, and will sometimes talk about it. She will help out newcomers and explorers who need a friendly guide, or as much as she can before some one starts chasing her again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Saffron Haefnir - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Saffron Haefnir

Age (if you have any): You guess :)

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character: Once the privaliged daughter of a wealthy merchant she was captured when the caravan her father was leading was attacked by maruding Bedoiun. after being taken and sold into slvery she escaped capture and now lives onwhat she can beg, "borrow" or steel as she avoids capture as best she can.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: A minx who will love you one minute and get you in trouble the next. You'll never know what she'll bring you, from a bunch of roses or a whip. Be afraid, be very afraid, lol. Strong willed on the surface but inside very insecure of herself as her world was detroyed when she was taken into slavery.

Meagan Ling - Bath House Owner

Name: Meagan Ling

Position: Citizen / Bath House Owner

Meagan Ling grew up among a nomadic family of merchants, having no memories of her life before that. Wandering the desert, they traded goods between various towns for sustenance. Naturally curious and a little adventurous, she would often seek out landmarks they spotted in their travels. One day she was exploring one such cave, and suddenly heard a terrible din. Running back to the mouth of the cave, she found herself trapped inside by a sandstorm. Moving back into the cave for safety, she waited what seemed like an eternity for the sound to subside, eventually slipping into an uneasy slumber.

Waking up with a start, she recalled the events of the previous day and hurried to the mouth of the cave. Finding most of the landscape had changed, she took comfort that their camp was just a straight line exiting the mouth of the cave. She rushed out seeking her family's caravan, her heart beating faster as she realized that all traces of their camp had been erased. Seeing no sign of a trail, she grew increasingly fearful of her family's safety. She searched for days in the sands to no avail. Her water supply running low and and feeling alone and desparate, she saw on the horizon what was either a mirage or a city. With no other place to go, hoping that it was real, and daring to think that her family had also found solace there, she walked on toward what would be either a safe refuge or a slow and painful death.

Reaching the city by the light of the moon, and filled with relief that it was not simply a mirage, she refilled her water pouch near the entrance. Her curiosity getting the better of her as it often did, she explored outside the gates, unsure of if she had been to this place before. Following the gate's wall, she found herself in an empty gathering place with a platform next to a great arena. Walking up to the platform, she read the description and her face turned pale; this place was intended for selling slaves. Wondering if this is was the fate of her family, and seeking to avoid such a fate herself, she found a hiding place in a nearby cave for the night and waited for the city's gates to open in the morning.

Sneaking in through the gates and hiding her face under her caftan, Meagan wandered the city looking for her family. Alone, having no money, and hearing only tales of conflict and woe, she wondered what cruel fate might have met her family and might still befall her. Happening upon a bath house she looked longingly inside, the scent of the bath oils and soaps reminding her of gentler times, the sand covering her clothes and the dust caked on her skin. The kind proprietor spotted her and walked over, inviting her in and allowing her to bathe, despite bringing no money.

Thanking the owner for her kindness, Meagan confided what had happened to her family. Taking Meagan under her wing, the woman gave her a job in the bath house and helped her to find a place to stay. Feeling indebted to the woman, Meagan did her best in her work at the bath house. Eventually the owner of the bath house came to Meagan with the news that she would be moving to another city, and offered Meagan ownership of the bath house business. Amazed by the owner's generosity, Meagan gratefully accepted and vowed to herself to be as kind and generous to all as the woman had been to her.

Ever the patient listener, Meagan runs the bath house, and hopes one day to hear anything that might lead her back to her family.

* Insatiably curious, which sometimes gets her in trouble.
* Gossip hound (which can also get her in trouble)
* Loves to go out and explore!
* Tries to be helpful
* Sometimes writes about herself in the third person

Shopping: She does the shopping for the bath house
Aromatherapy: Bath & Body Works, here she comes!
Friendly chat: Esp. any little juicy tidbits she might hear during a conversation.

Violence: She will not fight, although she looks kindly on those who would defend others.
Slavery: The human trade in Ireem disgusts her.
Uncleanliness: There's a perfectly good bath house in Ireem, no excuses.

Undead: She's mortified by the thought of the dead walking around.
Sandstorms: Possibly the only survivor from her family of the sandstorm that brought her to Ireem, she's a little sensitive about the subject.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pawlaew Navarathna (Paw) - Knight

Name (Full SL Name): Pawlaew Navarathna (Paw)

KOS Name: Price Kamala, Noble Knight

Your group/occupation/level: Knight/Paige

Brief background story of your character:

King Kamala is from the distant land of Thibes, a kingdom across the great desert. Kamala is a direct decendant of the great King of Thibes. However, he was overthrown by the rival member of his royal family. His evil step queen poisoned his Father King Ramsey. She order the royal guards to take Prince Kamala to the desert and have him killed. However the young prince escaped and wander the desert for 3 months and found his way to the Kingdom of Sand.
So now lost and alone, the great prince turned knight will need a new kingdom, new allies and new companionships. His is often found in the palace and city of Ireem.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Prince Kamala is young, impatience and hot headed. He is quite charming to the citizen and slaves. Other knight sometime find him a great allie and some can not stand him. He take strong attraction to some undead because of they intrique him especially the females. He is curious about the dark arts and often seen with Elder the local citizen of Ireem.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Aurel Mehnra (Phoebe Telling) - Magi

Name: Aurel Mehnra
(SL Name: Phoebe Telling)

Group: Magi – apprentice

logpage 260 AD

Aurel, my name for as long as I can remember, given by my keeper, mentor and later friend Sir Mehnra. He sent me on my way, Sir Mehnra the one who taught me so much in live.
The dream of a fair-haired girl, so sweet and innocent, scared and grasping for my hands, keeps haunting me in my sleep each night for many years now. Sir Mehnra knows of my dream since I asked for his advise. He knows more, I can tell by looking into his eyes. I also know he wants me to find the answers myself so I can learn and help myself and my lost loved ones by the time he has to leave this world.

My dream, both upsetting and reassuring, the knowledge in the back of my mind of a different life... long ago, when I was still a child. The fair-haired girl always at my side, her soft smile and lovely voice sharing laughter and tales she made up to pass time at our mothers fire during the long winter months. Why do I remember her, is she the answer to my disturbing dream. The dream that have set me up to this quest in search of a lost life I used to know but remember so little off...
At age 12 my happy world collapsed rudely in pain and fear. I remember being a slave, a time so fearful of torture and submittance, that lasted for many many years. The land I lived in as a slave was dark and cold, my slavers lacking of compassion. Till the day came for auction, I was 16 and had grown into a woman. My spirit broken, my skin pale, my eyes had lost its sparkle. All given up on hope and so frightened of the unknown lying ahead of my I stood there tight to a pole at display.
The crowd was excited and ready to purchase at fair prices, the sounds from the square seemed like a thick cloud hanging over me. My head down, almost unaware of the surroundings...this dark voice, warm and kind reached me and made me look up. The eyes belonging to that voice among the crowd struck me so hard and deep within I almost lost my breath. A spark of hope exploded from my had been there all along, but suppressed by heart ship! Those eyes, that voice...who, how, from where? Our eyes held each other in a grip that got stronger by the minute...reality suddenly made me aware of the event. The bidding began...our eyes still focussed. My heart filled with my mothers spirit who taught me never to give up hope and believe in men's goodness and trust.

Sir Mehnra, whom I learned to trust and love over the years, took me at his side from that auction as if I was his own daughter. Gave me a home far away from that dark world, shared his knowledge with me. He is a wise man, honest and caring. He treated my wounds and broken spirit in particular. I never asked for his wisdom, I just drank every word he spoke, always listening while looking into his eyes. The knowledge he shared brought me back to my childhood, there was a connection and faded memories of that time came back slowly and faque. The plants, the though I have seen them before. Nothing seemed weird only though my memory was refreshed by Sir Mehnra's words. Have I learned about plants and healing before? Who taught me? Sir Mehnra praised me for my sharp mind, my confidence grew. At daybreak we use to sett off in search of plants, juices. Along the way he helped others, healing wounds, soothing pain. His knowledge about the stars and planets spreaded throughout the kingdom and many evenings were filled with villagers visiting our hut...around the fire...Sir Mehnra's voice explaining, answering puzzeled villagers who struggled physically. I just listened, studied the faces and learned.

The dream came and puzzled me. It was time...Sir Mehnra said...time to start the dangerous quest of what ever it was I had left behind at that young age. The fair-haired girl, the spirit of my mother and the complete loss of memory of my father. Sir Mehnra passed his wisdom on to me, he knew before me this day would come and he would have to send me on my way. Spring, Skyahala..who are they, what are they, names popping into my dream and mind, giving me a warm and belonging feeling. I try hard to find the name of the fair-haired girl in my memory...she must have meant so much to me, for she is always so close in my dream.

I wander through different kingdoms in search of answers, afraid to trust strangers...practising my skills as healer of body and soul as learned from Sir Mehnra, just listening and never ask. Still learning each day, training myself to be strong and fight.

Finding my way to the girl, still young in my memory and dream, but surely grown into a woman as I have....

Many moonphases passed since I left my home...away from Sir Mehnra. Days getting shorter, nights cooler. I have met friend and enemy along my path. Settling down in this Kingdom, in which I found a warm fire among friends, who listen to my story and help find my past. Each night my thoughts are with this young girl...hearing her voice, seeing her smile at me.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Ireem Chronicles

(posted by Tre Marjeta)

The Ireem Chronicles is now open and will be working on the first edition.

If you've news of any happenings around Ireem, gossip, events, tidbits of fun, stories you'd like to share of things you've seen, please contact me for now. I am seeking staff to act as reporters or write columns based on happenings on and around Ireem, if interested, please let me know and we will get together for a talk.

Let's spread the news of Ireem around this city and share interesting things you hear around the sands and camps.

Office is located above the Mystics Parlor, stop by and share, always seeking information and I can also be found around the city and sands listening often to conversations and...drawing conclusions.

Own a business or want to advertise an event here in Ireem? Contact me, let's get the word out, generate some business for you and some meat for our paper!

Tre Marjeta

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enne Windlow - Undead

Name (Full SL Name): Enne Windlow

Age (if you have any): was born at the dawn of time

Your group/occupation/level: Undead, Succubus

Brief background story of your character:

Demon succubs, evil seductress arriving in Ireem under the darkness of shadows; feeding off the souls of sleeping virile men and impregnating stray women. Having found her place among the undead sisters and brethren within the echoing catacombs she stalks her prey, both innocent and corrupt in the hope that one day she'll find a soul to call her own....

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Enne can adapt to most situations, is firm but fair, having an evil streak that can both be wicked and pleasurable at the same time. she has strengths and weaknesses but only those close to her will discover what they are.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Magic Carpets available at Ireem

The Carpet Shop will rent magic carpets (K$). 2 seats. 10 minutes flight. Max 300m altitude.
If interested to try it out, IM Kora Zenovka.
If you haven't had the chance to see the SIM from the sky, you may want to take this opportunity.

Ireem Business Opportunities

The following shops are now open:
- Alchemist Lab (available)
- Bakery (available)
- Bath House (available)
- The Ship Inn (occupied now)
- Arabesque Cafe` (occupied now)
- The Good Knights Inn (occupied now)
- Blacksmith (reserved to the current blacksmith)
- Mystic (occupied now).
- Pottery Shop (available)
- Carpet Shop (available)
- Library (available)
- Physician Office (occupied now)
- Dungeon NightClub (occupied now)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

KoS Citizens - Store Rental (in K$)

~Kingdom of Sand~
Shop Rental - Terms of Agreement

Thank you for your interest in renting a shop at Kingdom of Sand!


- This is reserved to Ireem Citizens (wearing a yellow tag);
- If you are currently part of another group and you wish to become citizen, go and get a new citizen tag and then you may rent the store.
- If you only wear the Explorer tag, you won't qualify


As business owner at Ireem:
- you may hire employees / assistants to help you to run the business
- if employees are not found, you may also have slaves to work for you - at any conditions you decide for them
- you will be given tools and props to make money for your business (e.g. the tarot table for the mystic parlor) , however you should find creative ways to improve and launch your business.
- all shops should be considered for roleplay purposes. If you are more into capture / fighting, you should probably consider to take a predator or prey or knight role.
- if you are currently have a position at Ireem, such as Mystic, you will be contacted first to rent the Mystic Parlor before anybody else. If you are not interested, then the position will be considered open to any other citizen.
- you should drop a notecard explaining:

  • store info;
  • job openings (if any);
  • store hours (if any);
  • price list;
Simply click on the sign once the rent is active, and follow instructions.


- There are NO REFUNDS for K$. Upon acceptance of the rental agreement, you acknowledge that Kingdom of Sand has no obligation to refund any amount of money under any circumstance
- You can only rent one shop at a time. If you rent more than one, we will ask you to evacuate one shop without refund.
- The rent is paid in K$. If you don't have enough money, there are many ways to earn it.
- You cannot buy K$. They are not on sale.
- Because of this, we consider the shops to be a benefit to game players/role players who want to be more involved in the game


- You can only rent for a week (no more, no less).
- At the end of the week you may rent it again, or the shop will become available to a new tenant
- When the rental is expired, you will be notified, and you will have max 24 hours to extend the rental.
- If not, an announcement will be made SIM-wide through the HUD, so someone else may get the chance to rent it.
- If the shop becomes available and nobody rents it, an announcement will be made through the group.
- Kingdom of Sand reserves the right to terminate any rental at any time for any reason, in accordance with its terms of service. Common sense is the rule of thumb - be polite, courteous, and follow the rules.

- There are no building permissions

- Lag could potentially fail the K$ transaction. Transactions will be logged and we may be able to fix the failed transaction. However, no matter what, game money is part of the game, and we don't take responsabilities in case of lost K$.

- Go directly to the store.
- Outside the store there will be a sign. If it is available, click on the sign. You will get a menu with the options to get this notecard or to rent the store
- If the store has already been rent, then you will probably see the name of the business owner.

For questions, IM Kora Zenovka.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Samantha Chandler - Prey

Name: Samantha Chandler

Age: 20


Brief background story of your character:

Passing through Ireem on a difficult journey from their home in the west to the port cities in the east, Samantha's three older brothers decided they could make better time with their load of spices if they left Samantha in Ireem and picked her up on their return. They hired a noble bodyguard and left her in a room at the inn with her trunk of clothes and plenty of money to wait for their return in comfort.

No sooner had the brother's camel train dipped below the horizon when the bodyguard made off with her money and most of her clothes and belongings, leaving her destitute in the city.

Now Samantha gets by the best she can, doing odd jobs that are beneath her bloodline and status while she waits for her brothers to return. She can often be found intently watching the eastern horizon for any sign of them and the life she once knew.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Samantha is prey here but not a slave, she will fight (in realistic RP) and scream continuously. Easily caught (she does not usually run), you will need to force her physically and gag her or use fear for her life to control her. Only capture her if you are willing to be physical and use the threat of violence. I picked "Straight" as a pref since Sam is straight ICly but women are welcome to grab Sam if you want to play a forced scene with her.

You will get a lot farther if you RP an interaction rather than just start bumping out of the blue.

Please read the Pick called ~KoS~ in my profile on SL for more info.

Chris of the desert (Chris Wilder) - Bedouin

Chris of the desert (Chris Wilder)

Brought here by slavers when he was very young... Chris is from the north countries...
He worked on the slaver ship as a galley boy.... escaped at 19 when a slaver left his chains loose one late night….
Into the city he ran… but sadly a runaway cart… cut his life short.

He joined the undead and for a time, found a new family… but the darkness ate at his soul…

He heard that the Magi had a spell to bring back the undead to full life… seeing a powerful undead made whole… he worked to steal the potion from the Magi.

He drank and when he awoke was alive.

Stealing a camel, he escaped to the desert and joined the Bedu, where he has found his true home and family.

If captured he will not submit… you are better off killing him or releasing him.

He has a hatred and distrust of slavers, looks up to the Knights that have honor… does not know what to think of the Djinn and still has respect for his former undead… but works to get them the Magi spell.

Chris has also found a new elixir from the city healer that can also save the undead….

Chris also enjoys the company of beautiful women… and when they please him he will release them. He will never sell his captives, releasing them instead… He also is known to take a gold ring or two off of the dead left after a battle…

He also will kill anyone that attacks his tribe or gets in his way during a chase… be warned.

Aislinn The Celt (Aislinn Jakob) - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Aislinn Jakob called Aislinn The Celt.

Age (if you have any): Old Enough to have lived a lot of terror and young enough to be carefree.

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/slave - Hard

Brief background story of your character:

My name is Aislinn. Aislinn the celt because i come from a powerful celt tribe, The Nervii. I am the only one in Kingdom of Sand. My native language is french. Nervii are the most wild and the most bellicose of the region. They have warlike character and a big courage.

My brothers and me are raised by our father, the druid of the tribe, Arzhel. My brothers, Gaël and Merig, are audacious and valorous warriors. They look after me. I learn reading and writing, medecine of plants with my father.

During the celebration of Lughnasad, the Leader of the tribe decides to take a common law wife with the agreement of his wife. I become then the mistress of the leader the time of one year. Wife of the leader accepts badly the situation because i am the favourite and she tries several times to kill me.
Impossible for me to ask for justice to the druid : he is my father and cannot have a correct judgement.
To protect me, i decide therefore to break the contract by fleeing. i leave then on board of a boat with my brothers. i decided to join the Galate tribe, installed in Asia Minor. Our boat is then attacked by pirates, Salvers. My brothers, died in battle, fought bravely to save my life.
Now, proud an wild Aislinn became a slave and disembarks on Kigdom of Sand.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

I have the temper of my tribe.
Audacious, sure of me, i am a joyful, passionate woman with a lively mind.
Often indomitable, i get easily angered and take risks for my life.
When i lose control of myself (anger or passion), i speak french.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kaliani Bravin - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Kaliani Bravin

Age: 23

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:
Orphaned at a young age she stole to stay alive,sleeping wherever she could,eating whatever she found.Unfortunatly though she stole from the wrong person and was sold into slavery.One day a family purchased her and brought her into their house.They were very kind and treated her well.But several months later the family was killed in a raid and the slaves were taken and sold.Half went to the capital the other half,herself included went to an island which she would later find out was called the Kingdom of Sand.She now spends her days here,meeting new people and enjoying her new life.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
She is very kindhearted and sweet.But her only flaw is her temper which she tends to lose occasionly and usually ends in trouble.

Ulric Dalglish - Master of the Ship Inn

SL Name: Ulric Dalglish

Character back story....
"A Celt, a warrior from the province of Leinster. His lands were taken by the Norman/British invaders under Strongbow. He spent a short time trying to raise the clans against the invaders but they had no stomach for war. In disgust he signed up with a mercenary band to fight for the king of the Franks. After several years fighting in many local wars throughout Iberia, Frankia, Germania and Italia, he heard that life is good in Byzantium. He found his way to the eastern Mediterranean but soon fell afoul of a Janissary commander who hated Celts. He had to leave the city state quickly. There was only one ship available: a slaver bound for Ireem. He signed up and found himself in the blazing heat of the middle east. He misses the green pastures and woodlands of his emerald isle but he is determined to make a contribution to his new clan of Slavers until he works out how to return home. By nature, he is not cruel. He is quiet and tough and will not be pushed around. A dependable friend and an implacable enemy."

Monday, September 15, 2008

Aasiyah bint Malika bint Nur Al-Nar (Jaguar Costantine) - Djinn

SL Name: Jaguar Costantine
KoS Name: Aasiyah bint Malika bint Nur Al-Nar

Group/Role: Djinn

And as under humans there are such under the Dschinn also with a bad character, usually however with a little of both. - which they however all have together, is their shyness at humans. Meetings between both are thus coincidental nature or by humans consciously by praying to (e.g. by quoting or wrong quoting of verses from the Koran, over a medium such as water, fire, earth, air, wood, paper, etc.) be forced. This swearing to prepares however tremendous pain for the Dschinn, which why they cooperate only reluctantly with humans, but rather its desires defeats, to whose disadvantage lays out or, avenges themselves in the worst case even at more conjurer. Bribery attempts are more advisable from there than obligation.

Mortal being, you have 3 wishes, if you have got defeated me. But be carefull, I fulfill them to you. Thus considers, what you wish yourself…
I belong to the Ifrit and my element is the burning fire. Born in a volcano, grown up under the hot midday sun of the desert. My skin burns… in degrees i think you call these measures 100 degres Celsius.
Mortally, touch me and burn. You do it only once. That I swear to you.
You can catch me, you can force me to fulfill your wishes, those you have three at number. However, once your wishes are fulfilled, you have to let me go.
You cant force me to do anything that i dont want to do, without wishing yourself that i doing what you want me to do. If you want to have my attention, i want to hear your Wish.

I am Ifrit and treacherously… My destruction impulse is boundless.
How did I become all these, you ask me?
Let me tell you my history:
Once, hundreds of years ago, when the wishes were still alive, I lived as an advisor of the wise king Sulejman in the city Al Kuds. I saw the golden temple and I heard the lovely voice of the queen Balqis, how she gave Sulejman up mystery…. But I fell in disgrace, and the king banished me in this jug on the ground of the sea. The time became long, and so I spoke all the time a sentence before me: Who frees me, I make the most powerful ruler of the world! Perhaps but you know, how quickly words wear themselves out….after one hundred years this sentence was used up. Thus I spoke another: who frees me, I make immeasurably rich!. .but what do you think, also this sentence were after one hundred years worn out, and so I changed from boredom now and then my promise, until I spoke finally in wrathful rage: Who gives me the freedom, which I will kill!

I was freed, and someone had to die for it.

Are you strong enough to handle me?

ooc: If i loose a fight, and you have got captured me, treat me like a Djinn and not like a woman. I WONT please you. We WONT have got sexual meetings or discussions. I WONT kiss you. Dont ask sex from me. I am a brutal Djinn, and so i am acting. I am no little, cute woman who is saying "Yes Master".
Treat me like a creature who was born from pure fire, lived in the sands of the desert and eats rare meat.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skyakana Staheli - Knight

Name Skyakana Staheli

Age 238 AD my last memory of a date

Your group/occupation/level:

Brief background story of your character:
My heart beats faster than yours. The alchemist priests implanted an intricate device that enables my blood to flow clean with every heartbeat. This tiny piece of the purist gold lets me live and live and live. The magnetic components pull at the heartbeats of those who are close. When my heart beats faster, the heart of the close one also beats to my rhythm. A few seconds, a few minutes, and it is over.
This synchronization of heart can cause the death of those I hold dear. My lost mother, the Lady Galadriel, told me that my heart would beat true for the knight that was my one love. Many have drawn near since I was separated from my mother. Many have died in my arms. I retain my innocence of spirit and body.
Sir Gottfried was my father. My sister Spring and I lived a life of tranquil joy in our little kingdom. The sweet memory of Spring’s protection helps me to face the many trials that falls on one like me. I transport my mind to the innocence of dancing and playing in the Kingdom Palmserret.
There was trouble in the wind. I felt the arms of my parents and sister draw me close. I spent more time with the alchemists, where the terror of what was to come was suppressed by their remedies.
The marauders of Glom crashed like thunder into our little kingdom. My sister clasped my hand into a vice grip and hard we ran from the marauders. We ran until our breath was gone, collapsing into a dark tree cave, listening to the thump of men’s feet clawing the ground, louder and louder.
Spring gave me a vile of bitter juice to swallow. The smell of male sweat was all around as I smothered my face in her shoulder, panting, crying, afraid. The world turned to haze as they dragged us back to their camp. Spring and I were violently separated from our death grip. I felt the hugeness of a man climb on me. My heart beat wild drumbeats. He was wet with dirty odors. He crushed me with his weight. And then, he fell limp and cold. Squirming to free myself from the weight of a dead man, I crawled into the night. I know now what killed the savage. Many times I have seen it happen since that nightmare moment. I now search the dessert for my sister, for my knight, for peace. Perhaps my parents are still alive. Perhaps it is just the dreams of long ago past..

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
The bridge of beats is both a strength and a flaw. Skyakana has a pure heart and a need to be close to those who can synchronize for a few minutes without harm to themselves

Friday, September 12, 2008

Raychelle Blaisdale - Magi

Name: Raychelle Blaisdale

Age: unknown

Your group/occupation/level: Magi, Apprentice

Brief background story of your character:

Found stumbling about soaking wet from having crawled from the sea, she was taken in by a kind and curious group of slave girls. The girls counseled her and tried to teacher her the ways of slave life. Her eagerness to please others and her trusting soul led her to submit to her first collar, a binding that lasted only long enough to strip her of her innoncence before she came to her senses and managed to escape.

Not long after, when the hardships of her life had already become more than unbearable, she was discovered by a Magi. With his powers he removed the collar, and healed her wounds. All the while she was recovering she listened to the words of the Magi around her. When she became well again the Magi beckoned her to stay and study among them. Fearing for her safety, should she fall into the wrong hands again, she agreed to commit herself to the Magi forever.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Most often a gentle and kind soul; a loyal friend and subbmissive, if one should ever be so lucky again to have her.

Her determination to submit only to the one who is deserving of her gifts keeps her true to the Magi where any Dom would have to attack and win in battle in order to achieve such a privilege.

Be careful! This sweet little butterfly can now sting like a bee!