Friday, September 19, 2008

Aislinn The Celt (Aislinn Jakob) - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Aislinn Jakob called Aislinn The Celt.

Age (if you have any): Old Enough to have lived a lot of terror and young enough to be carefree.

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/slave - Hard

Brief background story of your character:

My name is Aislinn. Aislinn the celt because i come from a powerful celt tribe, The Nervii. I am the only one in Kingdom of Sand. My native language is french. Nervii are the most wild and the most bellicose of the region. They have warlike character and a big courage.

My brothers and me are raised by our father, the druid of the tribe, Arzhel. My brothers, Gaƫl and Merig, are audacious and valorous warriors. They look after me. I learn reading and writing, medecine of plants with my father.

During the celebration of Lughnasad, the Leader of the tribe decides to take a common law wife with the agreement of his wife. I become then the mistress of the leader the time of one year. Wife of the leader accepts badly the situation because i am the favourite and she tries several times to kill me.
Impossible for me to ask for justice to the druid : he is my father and cannot have a correct judgement.
To protect me, i decide therefore to break the contract by fleeing. i leave then on board of a boat with my brothers. i decided to join the Galate tribe, installed in Asia Minor. Our boat is then attacked by pirates, Salvers. My brothers, died in battle, fought bravely to save my life.
Now, proud an wild Aislinn became a slave and disembarks on Kigdom of Sand.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

I have the temper of my tribe.
Audacious, sure of me, i am a joyful, passionate woman with a lively mind.
Often indomitable, i get easily angered and take risks for my life.
When i lose control of myself (anger or passion), i speak french.

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