Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dominic Salming - Citizen / Traveler

Name: Dominic Salming

Age: 20

Group: Citizen
Occupation: Traveler

Brief background story of your character:

British born and raised, Dominic was raised by his wealthy family and educated in a private school.
He grew up with a very happy life. With a lovely and caring mother who tended to all his needed during childhood and a hardworking father whos wealth gave Dominic a childhood some could only dream for.

Dominic could be spoted a mile away from his silver hair and black clothes. Even with all of this dark clothing, Dominic has it custom made using his father's wealth to make sure that he did not bake like a cake in a oven. His silver hair coming from a mutation in his genes which simple changed his hair colour to silver.
Usually he wears a mask over his face to protect him from any sand the wind kicks up at him. He only seems to take it off while he is inside.

Having grown into a adult, Dominic was always keen and travelling the world. Exploring places such as Africa, India, Asia and now Ireem. Wishing to explore much of the land and experience as much as this place has to offer.

After arriving in the main city he began to take a big liking to Ireem. The vast derserts, food, drinks and women. After experiencing so much in Ireem he made the big decision to stay, becoming a citizen of the city. Using small bits of his father's wealth to go by.
During one of his travels in Ireem, Dominic was attacked by a wild animal, savage in its attack. Dominic struggled with it while, pounced on his face it managed to give Dominic a deep criss-cross cut on his face. Managing to grab a stone and wack the animal in the head untill it stopped it attack, Dominic stuggled to return to the city for treament, follow alot of blood loss it was lucky he didn't pass out from the wound. The cut eventually healed, but left a criss-crossed scar on his cheek.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Personality: Even though he was spoiled as a child, Dominic has no learnt alot of the hardships in life, having to constantly take care of himself. He carries a strong and charming british accent. He has the manners of a gentleman. Even though these is sometimes lost when he has had a few to many drinks or is in a bad mood. Even with his education and manners he is still a man, a man who enjoys his drink and women. Yes the women at Ireem make his head twist and turn everywhere. Using some of his british charm he tried to flirt alot with them. Especially when he has had to many drinks.
Even from all of his manly desires, he is a kind hearted and caring person. Having a gently voice that can reasure anyone. He is fair and will always try and defend those who can.
Dominic is not a fighter and his wishes it stay that way. He dislikes voilence and wishes to stay out of trouble. But he will try his best to defend anyone who can't. Even if he has to grab a stone of stick to do it.

Strengths: Sociable, humorous and a gentleman. He can be quite the charmer as well. He enjoys a good drink and lets to socialise with people.
Flaws: Not alot of fighting skills to defend himself with. He also hate rudeness and will give a good british talking to, to whoever is being rude towards him.
From still learning about Ireem this can make him uncertain about things and make him confused sometimes when people try to correct him, weather it be from speical greetings or traditions.

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Frank said...

Dom, welcome. Ireem needs cultured males. Many of the females yearn for gentlemen companionship, and we mercantile brutes can only fill in so far. Look me up when in Ireem, most know where to find me, we can share a hubble-bubble and some nubile dancing girls and see if we can do some business.

~ Frank ~