Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ulric Dalglish - Master of the Ship Inn

SL Name: Ulric Dalglish

Character back story....
"A Celt, a warrior from the province of Leinster. His lands were taken by the Norman/British invaders under Strongbow. He spent a short time trying to raise the clans against the invaders but they had no stomach for war. In disgust he signed up with a mercenary band to fight for the king of the Franks. After several years fighting in many local wars throughout Iberia, Frankia, Germania and Italia, he heard that life is good in Byzantium. He found his way to the eastern Mediterranean but soon fell afoul of a Janissary commander who hated Celts. He had to leave the city state quickly. There was only one ship available: a slaver bound for Ireem. He signed up and found himself in the blazing heat of the middle east. He misses the green pastures and woodlands of his emerald isle but he is determined to make a contribution to his new clan of Slavers until he works out how to return home. By nature, he is not cruel. He is quiet and tough and will not be pushed around. A dependable friend and an implacable enemy."


Anonymous said...

I'm not the only one !
I'm celt too ...
I wander in Ireem for a long time in search of others Celts.
My name is Aislinn and i come the the Nervii Tribe. See you in Kingdom of Sand.

Aislinn jakob.

Anonymous said...

Hello, friend, and welcome to The Ship Inn.

This fine establishment offers you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of the friendly staff and your fellow patrons. The Inn also offers some more private facilities for discerning customers. Please talk to the proprietor or staff should you wish to enquire about private functions or the hiring of the private facilities.

Whilst The Ship has traditionally been a refuge for the predatory groups of Ireem, all are welcome and safe here. Fighting will not be tolerated and captures are not permitted on our premises. We aim to provide our customers with a relaxed and enjoyable ambiance so management will intervene in the unlikely event that a patron's behaviour becomes unpleasant. We are prepared to tolerate all of the factions of Ireem, so we will not tolerate intolerance!

We are planning an opening event and shall publicise this soon. Keep watching the noticeboards and city walls for details.

We are hiring staff: bar staff, dancers and entertainers. If you are interested in a position then please send a note to the proprietor ((OOC IM Ulric Dalglish)).

Please be patient with us, we are a new business. We hope that you will enjoy your time with us and we are very eager to hear any comments or suggestions that you would like to share with us.

More will be added soon but for now 'Salaam'.

Ulric MacLeasa of the clan O'Connor and the staff of The Ship Inn.

Ulric the Celt said...

So Ulric now owns and runs The Ship Inn. He paid off his debt to the Slaver Captain. He applied to the Ireem authorities to be allowed to own property and conduct business. They granted him rights as a citizen of Ireem and he used some of his ill gotten gains to purchase The Ship.

He was pleasantly surprised to find an experienced barmaid already working at the Inn. He has many plans for the establishment and its facilities. The warriors need a place where they can kick back in the City. Those who run the sands need to know that they can have a safe refuge if they want one. All are welcome at a peaceful drinking spot where factional disputes and conflict can be laid aside for a short time. Other services will be made available as the business expands. Ulric is always one to try to help those who help him. Through such collaboration profits can be made and friendships forged.

Who knows, he may grow to like this new life so much that he forgets his original plans to earn sufficient money to return to his native Europa. If the life here turns out to be good then why would he want to return to the dangerous and bloodthirsty life of a Dark Ages mercenary leader?