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Aurel Mehnra (Phoebe Telling) - Magi

Name: Aurel Mehnra
(SL Name: Phoebe Telling)

Group: Magi – apprentice

logpage 260 AD

Aurel, my name for as long as I can remember, given by my keeper, mentor and later friend Sir Mehnra. He sent me on my way, Sir Mehnra the one who taught me so much in live.
The dream of a fair-haired girl, so sweet and innocent, scared and grasping for my hands, keeps haunting me in my sleep each night for many years now. Sir Mehnra knows of my dream since I asked for his advise. He knows more, I can tell by looking into his eyes. I also know he wants me to find the answers myself so I can learn and help myself and my lost loved ones by the time he has to leave this world.

My dream, both upsetting and reassuring, the knowledge in the back of my mind of a different life... long ago, when I was still a child. The fair-haired girl always at my side, her soft smile and lovely voice sharing laughter and tales she made up to pass time at our mothers fire during the long winter months. Why do I remember her, is she the answer to my disturbing dream. The dream that have set me up to this quest in search of a lost life I used to know but remember so little off...
At age 12 my happy world collapsed rudely in pain and fear. I remember being a slave, a time so fearful of torture and submittance, that lasted for many many years. The land I lived in as a slave was dark and cold, my slavers lacking of compassion. Till the day came for auction, I was 16 and had grown into a woman. My spirit broken, my skin pale, my eyes had lost its sparkle. All given up on hope and so frightened of the unknown lying ahead of my I stood there tight to a pole at display.
The crowd was excited and ready to purchase at fair prices, the sounds from the square seemed like a thick cloud hanging over me. My head down, almost unaware of the surroundings...this dark voice, warm and kind reached me and made me look up. The eyes belonging to that voice among the crowd struck me so hard and deep within I almost lost my breath. A spark of hope exploded from my had been there all along, but suppressed by heart ship! Those eyes, that voice...who, how, from where? Our eyes held each other in a grip that got stronger by the minute...reality suddenly made me aware of the event. The bidding began...our eyes still focussed. My heart filled with my mothers spirit who taught me never to give up hope and believe in men's goodness and trust.

Sir Mehnra, whom I learned to trust and love over the years, took me at his side from that auction as if I was his own daughter. Gave me a home far away from that dark world, shared his knowledge with me. He is a wise man, honest and caring. He treated my wounds and broken spirit in particular. I never asked for his wisdom, I just drank every word he spoke, always listening while looking into his eyes. The knowledge he shared brought me back to my childhood, there was a connection and faded memories of that time came back slowly and faque. The plants, the though I have seen them before. Nothing seemed weird only though my memory was refreshed by Sir Mehnra's words. Have I learned about plants and healing before? Who taught me? Sir Mehnra praised me for my sharp mind, my confidence grew. At daybreak we use to sett off in search of plants, juices. Along the way he helped others, healing wounds, soothing pain. His knowledge about the stars and planets spreaded throughout the kingdom and many evenings were filled with villagers visiting our hut...around the fire...Sir Mehnra's voice explaining, answering puzzeled villagers who struggled physically. I just listened, studied the faces and learned.

The dream came and puzzled me. It was time...Sir Mehnra said...time to start the dangerous quest of what ever it was I had left behind at that young age. The fair-haired girl, the spirit of my mother and the complete loss of memory of my father. Sir Mehnra passed his wisdom on to me, he knew before me this day would come and he would have to send me on my way. Spring, Skyahala..who are they, what are they, names popping into my dream and mind, giving me a warm and belonging feeling. I try hard to find the name of the fair-haired girl in my memory...she must have meant so much to me, for she is always so close in my dream.

I wander through different kingdoms in search of answers, afraid to trust strangers...practising my skills as healer of body and soul as learned from Sir Mehnra, just listening and never ask. Still learning each day, training myself to be strong and fight.

Finding my way to the girl, still young in my memory and dream, but surely grown into a woman as I have....

Many moonphases passed since I left my home...away from Sir Mehnra. Days getting shorter, nights cooler. I have met friend and enemy along my path. Settling down in this Kingdom, in which I found a warm fire among friends, who listen to my story and help find my past. Each night my thoughts are with this young girl...hearing her voice, seeing her smile at me.

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