Friday, September 12, 2008

Raychelle Blaisdale - Magi

Name: Raychelle Blaisdale

Age: unknown

Your group/occupation/level: Magi, Apprentice

Brief background story of your character:

Found stumbling about soaking wet from having crawled from the sea, she was taken in by a kind and curious group of slave girls. The girls counseled her and tried to teacher her the ways of slave life. Her eagerness to please others and her trusting soul led her to submit to her first collar, a binding that lasted only long enough to strip her of her innoncence before she came to her senses and managed to escape.

Not long after, when the hardships of her life had already become more than unbearable, she was discovered by a Magi. With his powers he removed the collar, and healed her wounds. All the while she was recovering she listened to the words of the Magi around her. When she became well again the Magi beckoned her to stay and study among them. Fearing for her safety, should she fall into the wrong hands again, she agreed to commit herself to the Magi forever.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Most often a gentle and kind soul; a loyal friend and subbmissive, if one should ever be so lucky again to have her.

Her determination to submit only to the one who is deserving of her gifts keeps her true to the Magi where any Dom would have to attack and win in battle in order to achieve such a privilege.

Be careful! This sweet little butterfly can now sting like a bee!

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Frank said...

Lovely Raychelle, it is so good to see you well cared for. May your Prince Charming be not far from you.
~ Frank ~