Friday, September 19, 2008

Chris of the desert (Chris Wilder) - Bedouin

Chris of the desert (Chris Wilder)

Brought here by slavers when he was very young... Chris is from the north countries...
He worked on the slaver ship as a galley boy.... escaped at 19 when a slaver left his chains loose one late night….
Into the city he ran… but sadly a runaway cart… cut his life short.

He joined the undead and for a time, found a new family… but the darkness ate at his soul…

He heard that the Magi had a spell to bring back the undead to full life… seeing a powerful undead made whole… he worked to steal the potion from the Magi.

He drank and when he awoke was alive.

Stealing a camel, he escaped to the desert and joined the Bedu, where he has found his true home and family.

If captured he will not submit… you are better off killing him or releasing him.

He has a hatred and distrust of slavers, looks up to the Knights that have honor… does not know what to think of the Djinn and still has respect for his former undead… but works to get them the Magi spell.

Chris has also found a new elixir from the city healer that can also save the undead….

Chris also enjoys the company of beautiful women… and when they please him he will release them. He will never sell his captives, releasing them instead… He also is known to take a gold ring or two off of the dead left after a battle…

He also will kill anyone that attacks his tribe or gets in his way during a chase… be warned.

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Jasmine said...

As fellow Northener one would think you to be able to run with slightly more agility Chris.
*sends him the sweetest of smiles