Saturday, September 13, 2008

Skyakana Staheli - Knight

Name Skyakana Staheli

Age 238 AD my last memory of a date

Your group/occupation/level:

Brief background story of your character:
My heart beats faster than yours. The alchemist priests implanted an intricate device that enables my blood to flow clean with every heartbeat. This tiny piece of the purist gold lets me live and live and live. The magnetic components pull at the heartbeats of those who are close. When my heart beats faster, the heart of the close one also beats to my rhythm. A few seconds, a few minutes, and it is over.
This synchronization of heart can cause the death of those I hold dear. My lost mother, the Lady Galadriel, told me that my heart would beat true for the knight that was my one love. Many have drawn near since I was separated from my mother. Many have died in my arms. I retain my innocence of spirit and body.
Sir Gottfried was my father. My sister Spring and I lived a life of tranquil joy in our little kingdom. The sweet memory of Spring’s protection helps me to face the many trials that falls on one like me. I transport my mind to the innocence of dancing and playing in the Kingdom Palmserret.
There was trouble in the wind. I felt the arms of my parents and sister draw me close. I spent more time with the alchemists, where the terror of what was to come was suppressed by their remedies.
The marauders of Glom crashed like thunder into our little kingdom. My sister clasped my hand into a vice grip and hard we ran from the marauders. We ran until our breath was gone, collapsing into a dark tree cave, listening to the thump of men’s feet clawing the ground, louder and louder.
Spring gave me a vile of bitter juice to swallow. The smell of male sweat was all around as I smothered my face in her shoulder, panting, crying, afraid. The world turned to haze as they dragged us back to their camp. Spring and I were violently separated from our death grip. I felt the hugeness of a man climb on me. My heart beat wild drumbeats. He was wet with dirty odors. He crushed me with his weight. And then, he fell limp and cold. Squirming to free myself from the weight of a dead man, I crawled into the night. I know now what killed the savage. Many times I have seen it happen since that nightmare moment. I now search the dessert for my sister, for my knight, for peace. Perhaps my parents are still alive. Perhaps it is just the dreams of long ago past..

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
The bridge of beats is both a strength and a flaw. Skyakana has a pure heart and a need to be close to those who can synchronize for a few minutes without harm to themselves

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