Friday, September 19, 2008

Samantha Chandler - Prey

Name: Samantha Chandler

Age: 20


Brief background story of your character:

Passing through Ireem on a difficult journey from their home in the west to the port cities in the east, Samantha's three older brothers decided they could make better time with their load of spices if they left Samantha in Ireem and picked her up on their return. They hired a noble bodyguard and left her in a room at the inn with her trunk of clothes and plenty of money to wait for their return in comfort.

No sooner had the brother's camel train dipped below the horizon when the bodyguard made off with her money and most of her clothes and belongings, leaving her destitute in the city.

Now Samantha gets by the best she can, doing odd jobs that are beneath her bloodline and status while she waits for her brothers to return. She can often be found intently watching the eastern horizon for any sign of them and the life she once knew.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:

Samantha is prey here but not a slave, she will fight (in realistic RP) and scream continuously. Easily caught (she does not usually run), you will need to force her physically and gag her or use fear for her life to control her. Only capture her if you are willing to be physical and use the threat of violence. I picked "Straight" as a pref since Sam is straight ICly but women are welcome to grab Sam if you want to play a forced scene with her.

You will get a lot farther if you RP an interaction rather than just start bumping out of the blue.

Please read the Pick called ~KoS~ in my profile on SL for more info.

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