Thursday, December 25, 2008

Data Transfer between Versions - How to upgrade right

When you attach your meter 0.15, you will be offered to accept a new version 0.16. Please accept it, then detach version 0.15 and wear version 0.16.

The meter will try to import the data from the previous version. And it should work.

In any case, just KEEP VERSION 0.15 for data backup and emergency. DO NOT DELETE IT.

If something goes wrong, follow instruction below:
- DELETE all copies version 0.16
- DETACH meter
- WEAR meter 0.15
- you will receive a new 0.16 folder
- WEAR meter 0.16
- DATA will be transfer within several minutes, and you old scores will reappear again in your new meter.
- DO NOT use DISPENSER JARS. They are for NEW players.
- IF you don't receive ANY 0.16 folder, maybe you are BUSY, or you have muted Kora Zenovka

Note: if you are currently captured, and your owner is not in the SIM, your meter will probably display a date and you will be frozen. Click on your body and unfreeze yourself. That it will fix the ownername etc. :)

Note: The upgrade will work on meters version 0.10 and above

Game Meter Kit Update 0.16

An update 0.16 is about to be released. A couple of things:
a) this version is not compatible with v.0.15
b) DO NOT get a meter from the jars - If you have a meter now, it will give you a new meter when you rezz it
c) Absolutely NO TESTING has been done - I had no time and it is Xmas, so keep the old version 0.15 just in case
d) it is important to do the update before the war starts
e) Once you start to use it, please restrict the use with other players wearing the same version
f) Report bugs to Kora Zenovka.
Thank you!

Truce on Xmas Day

Merry Chistmas TO All
Thu Dec 25 07:32:30 2008

During WWI, Occurring on December 24-25, 1914, Christmas Eve and Day, the Christmas Truce saw a temporary halt to the fighting on parts of the Western Front. In some areas, the truce lasted until New Year's Day.

So lets do the same, even if we have to set disable to our tag..for atleast today. So go, spread the christmas spirit..even with your enemies.

If you disagree with this truce, please IM Aizen Wind

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Switching tags for figthing?

Sorry, but after consideration, this is considered a IC crime, and therefore anybody who is caught switching tag and fight and let a friend win and gain skills, will straightly go to the 'Coward of the Month' board without election. Or some other awful penalty we will think of during the Xmas time ;-P

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Aizen Wind is now Undead Leader

Congratulation Aizen!
(The Undead election is now closed because there was only one candidate.)

About Dungeon Keepers, there is still 1 day to signup, if you are interested! So hurry up.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Leader Election (Undead & Dungeon Keepers)

UNDEAD: Yesterday we started to accept candidates.

DUNGEON KEEPERS: If you are interested to become a leader, please sign up at the election board.

ps: After about 48 hours, the board won't accept any more candidates, so hurry up, if you are interested.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lucina DeCuir - Prey/Slave

Name: Lucina DeCuir

Age: 21

Your group/occupation/level: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:
Lucina grew up in and around taverns. Her mother was a barmaid and so Lucina learned from her about serving. Through the years, she found a passion for dancing. Lucina quickly realize that through dancing she could make more money. She found herself seducing men night after night. Her mother didn't mind as long as the money kept coming in. The small town Lucina grew up in became boring. She wanted something more. She wanted a place where she could move up in the world. She left home; her mother had enough money to help her live a well life. So now Lucina travels, trying to find a master that will help her raise in rank.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Lucina is very clever. She knows what she wants and she will go after it. She can be very loyalty to someone that will help her. Her strengths are her ability to be seductive and her dancing ability. She would like to learn how to fight later on. Her flaws are that she will side with anyone who would give her power. She likes to stir things up :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tirris Noel - Magi Slave/Dancer

Name: Tirris Noel

Age: 23

Your group/occupation/level: Magi Slave/Dancer

Brief background story of your character: I would often travel in the caravans with my father, who was a Merchant and Trader. Most nights around the fire, I and the other girls would dance to keep the men entertained on the long journeys. Favored by them for my small toned frame kissed by the desert sun, and the long thick tresses of crimson that often fell over my deep blue eyes.

Our caravan was attacked on our way to Ireem. Needless to say my father did not survive. Most did not survive. Everything was stolen. I had managed to hide, laying among my dead family, looking as one of them. Till the theives left. With just the water pouch on my belt, I said my silent fairwell to my father and found my self wandering the desert to make my way to the city. But it was not long before I was noticed, and began to be chased by several at once. Men and women. Unable to find any to aid me, fatigue finally took me, I could run no longer, finding my self enslaved by a Magi. I confess the thought of food and shelter, as long as I obey and dance as he commands, sounds far more pleasing then starving and thirsty as I run from others in the hot Desert.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Traits: Fluid, graceful, alluring.
Stregnths: Intelligent, skilled dancer, skilled in pleasure.
Flaws: Stubborness. Too firey for my own good.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Natsumi Diesel (Nat) - Bedouin/troublemaker

Name: Natsumi Diesel - Nat

Age: 19

Your group: Bedouin/troublemaker

Brief background story of your character: Nat was once a knight and served in the regal knights until another, higher ranked knight, started making advances on her. She left and went to the ones who treated her well in her captivity earlier on, the Undead.

She became an Undead at age 19, and is a rarity among them. Nat is still pure in heart and body. A true virgin and this allows her to keep her youthful appearance.

"There was one knight in particular, mentioned by a few at the block today, that worries me greatly, it seems he is also being blamed for casting out a female knight, having her shunned, for not sleeping with him...and having in effect..her now taking up with the undead." ~Ireem Chronicles October 18th

She is extremely caring and doesn't like to hurt people but she has a temper that frightens any who have seen it. She is normally carefree and outgoing, just wandering through the sands and 'terrorizing' people.

After being turned into a living once more at her djinn captor's orders and then being freed, she runs with the Bedouins. Her appearance has changed to better fit the conditions of the desert. Finding a home with the Bedouins she is cared for and she cares for them. Still the kind and caring girl as before.

Once again living and 19 she waits for a man to steal her heart and her hand in marriage before giving up her most prized possession. That man has not come yet and so she will continue to wait.
The tattoo on her stomach is the japanese symbol for love. This is her way of saying that anything more than skin deep can only be obtained through love and affection, not lust.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: Kind, caring, compassionate, fights for what she believes in, likes to tease EVERYONE.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nikolaes Zeffirelli - Knight Errant

Name: Nikolaes Zeffirelli

Age: 40

Your group: Knight Errant - currently housed with the Bedouins

Brief background story of your character: Born in Italy, Nik grew up strong and worked his way up through the ranks to becoming a Knight Templar. He was pledged to protect those making the holy pilgrimage to Jerusalem after its conquest, but the fierce contests that kept cropping up for the city's possession were much like war and the knights did battle many times with those of Islam. The Knight Templars were among the most skilled fighting units of the Crusades and Nik was no exception. On the field of battle, his skill with a sword was legendary - so much so that the enemy cleverly found a way to turn the tide in their favor. During one fateful battle, enemy archers were charged with keeping watch for those amongst the Templars who were fiercest. When those knights drew near enough during the confrontation, the archers targeted them to still their flashing swords. Nik received no less than three arrows in his right shoulder before he was felled on the battlefield while others of his brethren suffered the same or worse fates. Unconscious from his battle wounds, He was left for dead beneath the body of another fallen knight and awoke later to find he was the only one alive on the battlefield. Dazed, he attempted to find his way to others of his Order, but his directions were confused due to an infection in his injured shoulder. He wandered for several months, lost. Rather than finding safe haven with others of the Templars, he found himself in Ireem. Here, among so many warriors, he is frustrated that he is no longer able to fight in order to protect those he loves and the ideals he still attempts to uphold.

He considers himself a knight errant now instead of a Templar.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Traits: well-spoken, generous, respectful of women, strong-willed
Strengths: strong code of honor
Flaws: a semi-secretly crippled right shoulder, a weakness for curvy brunettes, strong drink, and the occasional indulgence in opium

Friday, December 5, 2008

Knight Election - 2nd round

The two most voted knights were:
Bikkurigaijin Kitaj and Dano Wylie
Please vote for your favorite again.
You will have 48 hours before the voting will end.
Best of luck both of you!

Femke Ethaniel - Prey / Dancer

Name (Full SL Name): Femke Ethaniel

Age (if you have any): 20

Your group/occupation/level: prey/dancer

Brief background story of your character:
Years ago i was stolen from my family when i was 10 year old.
Brought to his camp, he was one of the lowest ranking members of his tribe!!
I began to become a woman, a woman in a tribe who did not look anything like me, i was the only red hair pale skin in the tribe and.., a slave!!
The years followed, luckely i never got pregnant, but was beaten up and raped often enough.
Then one day, i saw my chanche, i took 5 K$ and fled, no longer in chains but free, walked the desert, almost froze in the night was roasted in the day, but kept on going to hopefully the city Ireem.

After weeks in the desert, carefully avoiding contact with other people, i arrived in Ireem saw the palace the food the water, was so desperate i did steal when i just arrived.
But now i work when i have the chanche, i can dance or do simple jobs like garedining and playing lute.

Hoping one day to make enough money to book passage on a ship home !!

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Walks with pride, escapes with flair, royal in appearsance
in what ever i wearand with the spirit that is associated with the colour of my hair :)
Flaws?? I dont have any :)