Sunday, December 7, 2008

Natsumi Diesel (Nat) - Bedouin/troublemaker

Name: Natsumi Diesel - Nat

Age: 19

Your group: Bedouin/troublemaker

Brief background story of your character: Nat was once a knight and served in the regal knights until another, higher ranked knight, started making advances on her. She left and went to the ones who treated her well in her captivity earlier on, the Undead.

She became an Undead at age 19, and is a rarity among them. Nat is still pure in heart and body. A true virgin and this allows her to keep her youthful appearance.

"There was one knight in particular, mentioned by a few at the block today, that worries me greatly, it seems he is also being blamed for casting out a female knight, having her shunned, for not sleeping with him...and having in effect..her now taking up with the undead." ~Ireem Chronicles October 18th

She is extremely caring and doesn't like to hurt people but she has a temper that frightens any who have seen it. She is normally carefree and outgoing, just wandering through the sands and 'terrorizing' people.

After being turned into a living once more at her djinn captor's orders and then being freed, she runs with the Bedouins. Her appearance has changed to better fit the conditions of the desert. Finding a home with the Bedouins she is cared for and she cares for them. Still the kind and caring girl as before.

Once again living and 19 she waits for a man to steal her heart and her hand in marriage before giving up her most prized possession. That man has not come yet and so she will continue to wait.
The tattoo on her stomach is the japanese symbol for love. This is her way of saying that anything more than skin deep can only be obtained through love and affection, not lust.

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws: Kind, caring, compassionate, fights for what she believes in, likes to tease EVERYONE.


Nikolaes said...

Yes, you do like to tease everyone!

Anonymous said...

Yes I do like to tease everyone. Things would be boring if there weren't people teasing and taunting other groups and factions, right?
I'm just playing my part and trying to keep Ireem up and exciting. ^^ I'm always searching for those excellent RPers in Ireem though they all seem to hide. If you're looking for a in depth RP contact me.

~ Nat