Friday, December 5, 2008

Femke Ethaniel - Prey / Dancer

Name (Full SL Name): Femke Ethaniel

Age (if you have any): 20

Your group/occupation/level: prey/dancer

Brief background story of your character:
Years ago i was stolen from my family when i was 10 year old.
Brought to his camp, he was one of the lowest ranking members of his tribe!!
I began to become a woman, a woman in a tribe who did not look anything like me, i was the only red hair pale skin in the tribe and.., a slave!!
The years followed, luckely i never got pregnant, but was beaten up and raped often enough.
Then one day, i saw my chanche, i took 5 K$ and fled, no longer in chains but free, walked the desert, almost froze in the night was roasted in the day, but kept on going to hopefully the city Ireem.

After weeks in the desert, carefully avoiding contact with other people, i arrived in Ireem saw the palace the food the water, was so desperate i did steal when i just arrived.
But now i work when i have the chanche, i can dance or do simple jobs like garedining and playing lute.

Hoping one day to make enough money to book passage on a ship home !!

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Walks with pride, escapes with flair, royal in appearsance
in what ever i wearand with the spirit that is associated with the colour of my hair :)
Flaws?? I dont have any :)

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