Friday, August 22, 2008

Man Hunting starts NOW!

- Is your wife cheating with a bedouin?
- Do you want to own that slave, but you cannot capture him/her?
- Did you decide that it is time to find an husband and you want an handsome knight?
- Did anybody annoy you in the SIM? (for fun - not griefing)

At Ireem you can now offer a reward for the capture of that person.


ELIGIBLE BOUNTY HUNTER: Any Knights, Predators and Citizens.

ELIGIBLE PLAYERS TO CAPTURE: Any KoS Player (except Royals). If you are currently owned, only your current owner may decide to cash the reward and let you go.

- Anybody, including preys, can post a bounty.
- Use the 'WANTED' Board in front of the Dungeon to post your bounty (monetary reward) and the name of the person you want to capture.
- Payment is cash only. Credit is not accepted.
- No refunds.
- Minimum reward is 100K$
- Only one bounty for player. There cannot be two rewards on the capture of the same player.
- Once the bounty is posted, the bounty is final and cannot be revoked.
- When the player is in the SIM, the bounty may be announced on your HUD
- When the player is captured, he is not allowed to release himself with a ransom (please do not cheat).
* Both bounty hunter and captured player must go to the 'Wanted' Board
* The bounty hunter will receive the reward
* The captured player's ownership will be transfered to the player who paid for the reward.
* An IM will be sent to the player who posted the bounty to inform that the hunt is over and s/he owns the player.
* If you are captured, please do not release yourself for at least 24 hours, so the new owner can get ahold of you. You and your new owner should agree on a roleplay. If a compromise cannot be found, the slave may ask Knights for help or pay ransom.

PLEASE We want to remind you all that this is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN and CONSENSUAL. So if you have an issue with another player in OOC, don't post a reward for his capture. Keep it fun.

UPDATE: Uncle Ansome, our trusted accountant, has been nominated Head of Justice at Ireem. If you committed a crime IC at Ireem, a bounty will be posted and, once captured, you will have to submit to the his biased and cruel judgement. Expect to have all your money taken, all your skills taken, been locked up in prison with a giant deadly spider, and/or be tied up to the main plaza for public flagellation. You are NOT allowed to avoid the penalty.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Atima (Choco Parx) - Prey/Slave

The past story of Atima

Atima is the first daughter of Karim Tah She Coula.
Her father was a great nubian tribes leader, whose death never has been determined, and her mother was his first wife, Imene.
She would roam the village freely as a child and picked up various skills as she was never forced to do any specific daily chores, as the children of the other wives. Although she seldom left the side of her nanny, Shippi, whose son she sometimes would play with when still a baby, she found time to listen to the merchants and traders at the nearby market.
It was planned for a very long time that Atima would become the wife of her first born cousin but as her uncle had to wait ten years for his son to arrive , no marriage have so far taken place.
When around eighteen her tribe was defeated by a beduin tribe and Atima and her mother were taken as slaves, royalty were seldom killed in these daily wars, as a kind of silent respect for each other leaders.

For a few years she was kept as a slave in the tribe leaders household where she would carrie out chores like cooking cleaning and caring for sick and wounded. Since she was schooled in writing she was also carrying out scribing.
How she come to never have to do more explicit duties is still unknown for Atima. But one would guess that her mother may have struck some kind of deal with the tribes leader.

On a transfer in search of water this new tribe were attacked by other beduins and Atima's mother killed. As a sole survivor Atima fled to the mountains where she maintained hidden until it was safe to return to the remains of her mother and grief her death..
After packing only very little she set of to find a city, knowing that the dessert does not take prisoners.
Since she knows that no one will take into consideration that she was once royal, she will now have to fight for her survival.
What lies in her future, only the stars above can tell.....

Some of you may already have met her in Ireem..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vashti Blessed - Prey/Slave

Queen Vashti was the wife of King Ahasuerus of Persia. Her name in Hebrew, is derived from the Persian words for 'beautiful woman'. It was an incident involving the queen's beauty that resulted in her divorce from Ahasuerus and subsequent banishment from Persia.

Vashti was summoned to appear before the king and some 3000 guests wearing only the royal headress; the king wished to display his property in all of her beauty to the noblemen of the kingdom. The queen's pride and lack of humily blinded her to the fact that she should have submitted to the will of her husband the king and she refused to appear despite many entreaties. This left the king no alternative than to punish this flangrant disregard for his authorty by stripping her of her wealth and title and banishing her along with her personal hand maiden Shanti and her personal guards, ten in number.

Her first months travelling through the arid lands were frought with many perils, though her guards were able to fight off two maurauding bands and preserved Vashti's honour and life. However, Shanti was not so fortunate and was taken captive by bandits; something that Vashti is mournful of to this day. Though her men tried to rescue Shanti, they found her ravanged body lost and broken.

Relying soley on her wits and with her gaurds to protect her, she learned to perform The Dance of the Seven Veils and, bewitching her male audiences, she was able to distract many camp leaders and generals hence allowing her men to take what provisions and animals they could in order to continue thier journey to refuge.

Sadly, and much to her chagrin, Vashti's beloved and much trusted personal gaurds were persuaded by those with whom they associated in nearby camps and trapped the former queen. Despite her brave fight, they bound and gagged her, belittled her and attempted to rape her before she eventually struggled to freedom, fleeing for her life.

To this day, legions of men whisper of Vashti's promised delights and how they would take her, strip her and humiliate her into submission. It is the wise and experienced man though who recognises that in order to win this flame haired lioness, he must 'tame' her as would a Lion until she willingly surrenders her all to him.

Tenzing Ansar - Magi

SL Name: Tenzing Ansar
KoS Name: Hafaz Feyruuz al-Halima bint Tahir
(Guardian* Feyruuz, the gentle, daughter of Tahir)

Age: Young
Preference: None
Role: Muhaddithat (Female scholar)

Feyruuz was born to a rural Bedouin family, far to the north near Kuwait and the merchent trails. As such, her family is not pure Bedouin, her father was of Persian Ismaili origin. With such a low status among the Bedouin chieftains, her family sent her second eldest brother to the Ireem camp to bring back honour and recognition for the clan. Along with him came Feyruuz, eager to see the sights and smells of the city, with the blessings of her father in the hopes of marrying into a purer Bedouin line.
Once they arrived however the differences of conduct were immediately apparent. The traditional values of Shi'i Islam that her family had instilled in her seemed to fall away in favour of slavery, torture and death in a land Allah seemed to have forgot. It was not long afterwards that her brother Yusuf was sent to fight Djinni, and never came back. She doesn't know if he is dead, or captured, but when she thinks of the Djinn she prays for death.
With Yusuf gone, the family honour is threatened, as women are forbidden to travel alone in the Qur'an and a marriage of such a woman is not noble. Instead she took up arms, and joined the Bedouin fighters, issuing a fatwa with her religious knowledge which allowed brothers in battle to act as decent chaperones. As the only Hafaz* in the camp, she was promoted quickly to Imam as a Muhaddithat. To fulfil her role to the camp and to Allah, she keeps her chastity and is never seen without a niqab veil. All her slaves she gives to the camp, or sells them to make a profit to contribute towards her learning. She has a reputation for being fearless in battle, and will not think twice about killing or capturing unbelievers.
Once she learnt how to read, she stole often into the city to the library, and more dangerously, the Magi tower. She began spending less time out in the desert and more behind a desk. Her increasing disillusionment with the Bedouin and her growing enthusiasm for the Mystics and Sufis finally led to her leaving the camp, and finding a new home amongst the Magi alchemists. Using living and undead subjects alike, she explores the limits of human capacity.
She hopes one day to return to her tribe, with the knowledge and power to bring them in the right direction.

*Hafaz ("Guardian", male; Hafiz) is a term given to muslims who have completely memorized the Qur'an.

N.B.: Female Imams are not uncommon in the Middle East, this profile is realistic. IM me for more information on Islam, Arabic or Bedouin tradition.

Orchide Vita - Slaver

Orchide Vita, slaver

A few of you who have visited Ireem may have met this woman..
Orchide is the daughter of a famous and feared slaver (Carl Ale). Her mother was one of his slaves that died giving birth to her. Carl was struck by the stamina the small baby girl showed, and desired to keep her, bringing her up on his slave-vesell. She was trained to judge a slaves worth the age of five and by the age of 8 she caught her first slave.
She was treated like a princess, when she behaved, but also saw hunger and felt sore from the whip many times, due to her opinionated head.
She jumped ship when she was 17, to her fathers seems he still keeps track of her though, always one port away from her.

As the years have passed Orchide has grown to become a volouptous woman with the skills to groom,dance and please from the slaves..and the skill to dominate, beat and capture from the slavers.
She could very well be the next slaverqueen.. But now that would require..a king.

After recently being defeated in swordplay and captured by the same man.. Orchide is not so sure slavery is a good way to go..Even if she escaped with nothing more than a slap on the wrist so to speak, having experienced the embarrassment and fear first hand has made her doubt her ways.. Also a man who recently entered her life seems to have soften her heart... What will become of her? Is the slaver to become a captive, of the heart?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Froukje Hoorenbeek - Barmaid of the Ship Inn

Barmaid of the Ship inn: Froukje

Brought to the desert on a slaveship from faraway northern lands, so long ago she cant even remember her last name. Her savage capturer sold her to the highest bidder, a well known brothel in the city. There she served untill a kind knight took pity and bought her freedom.

Now Froukje struggles to make a living as a barmaid in the Ship Inn. There the little slut dances for the slavers that enter the harbor, fetches their drinks, dances for them and every now and then pleasures one in a dark alley for a few dinar.

Always aware of the danger, how easily she could be enslaved again, the barmaid of the Ship inn hides a weapon under her clothes. She would rather die then be a slave again, so be warned.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Devlin Nightifire - Prey/Slave

Name: Devlin Nightifire

Age: 19

Group: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:

My journey to Ireem was not an easy one. My story starts when I was but seventeen and journeying with my parents the Lord and Lady Nightfire of Scotland to Greece to meet my betroth. An arranged marriage, as was a custom in our family, for my betroth was in fact the son of my mother’s younger sister’s husband’s brother and his wife. The journey there had been uneventful, and as I was not needed for the final decision of details, being that I am mere female, I had decided to take a walk along the beach. How was I to know that this would be the last time I would see my family? I had really not wandered far when I woman came walking up to me and asked me if I wished to purchase any of fruit she had in her basket. Before I could finish taking the money out of my change purse I felt a hand slide across my waist pulling me back against his strong body in a tight grip and another across my mouth making it impossible to let out a scream. Fight as I could, I could not break his grip. All I remember is the woman saying that they needed to get me on the ship, and the next thing I knew I was waking up to find myself lying inside a locked cell in the cargo area of a boat surrounded by dozens of other girls…all of them looking frightened and hungry. There were many that I could not communicate with but there were a few that were able to tell me that I had been brought to a slave ship.

During the time on the ship, I tried to keep to myself and out of the sight of the slavers for seemed that the girls
that caught their attention also found themselves visited by them later that night. I learned many things on that voyage that I had never known in my young life. I found though later that these things that I had learned would help me to survive. It was though because of these nightly visits by the slavers that the cages were not always locked. One night as a couple of slavers where using a few of the other girls for their pleasures, I managed to get past the cage door and up the stairs to find that the ship was in fact docked at a port. I could hear the captain talking to some men about taking the slaves to market in the morning, and from the direction knew he was slowly approaching to where I was hiding so it was now or never. It was back down the stairs to a cage to be sold tomorrow or down the ramp to a town I did not know….I choose the ramp and ran straight into the night.

This is how I have found myself here in Ireem…it has been a couple years. I live my life wandering the city and surrounding desert, dancing for money and trying hard to escape from being captured.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Paying Jobs - 2 hour limit

All the jobs in the city and at the group camps will now be 2-hour limit. (ergo the poseballs will make you stand up after 2 hours). The only exception is for dancers. Dancers apparently will be able to dance without limit.

ps Maybe I missed a few poseballs, but I will fix them when I find them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How to Upgrade to version 0.12 (revised)

When you attach your meter 0.11, the meter itself will call the server, and a new version 0.12 will be delivered to you. Then detach version 0.11 and wear version 0.12.

However, if it doesn't happen for any reason, follow instruction below:
- DELETE all copies version 0.12
- DETACH meter
- WEAR meter 0.11
- you will receive a new 0.12 folder
- WEAR meter 0.12
- At first, you may see all zeroes in your scores. Wait a minute. The meter will show 'Importing Data. Wait...'
- DATA will be transfer within a minute, and you old scores will reappear again in your new meter.
- DO NOT RUN 'SETUP' before the Data Import is complete.
- KEEP meter 0.08 and 0.10 and 0.11 (just in case)
- DO NOT use DISPENSER JARS. They are for NEW players.
- IF you don't receive ANY 0.12 folder, maybe you are BUSY, or you have muted Kora Zenovka

Note: if you are currently captured, and your owner is not in the SIM, your meter won;t display the name of the owner, but it will be "Owner BY .. ". As soon as he is back in the SIM, run 'Setup' once and your meter will update with his name.

Note: The only meters who had problems with the upgrade was 0.08 prey/slave meter when the player is currently capture. The meter itself is probably throwing errors. In that case, you won't be able to upgrade.

Note: This note will work also for upgrade from any 0.08/0.10/0.11 directly to 0.12.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sword v 0.12b

Apparently v 0.12a didn't work as I thought, so I am replacing with v 0.12b.
If you are a new player, and you are getting a new meter from the jar, this won't affect you. If you have already got a meter 0.12, please replace with sword with the one in the red jar next to the game board (where all pictures are).

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bellamin Exonar - Undead

I was born some 200 years ago to the wood elves off the shores of ireland. I was at a young age sold to a priate captain as a gambling debt. I served my master well on his pirate ship as cabin boy. I was always dedicated to serving the pirate king and never asked questions. For 10 years I served him honestly and with a loyalty never before seen on a pirate ship. On my 12th birthday his mistress came to my room and assured me that she was authorized to make me a man. Trusting the captaion with my heart, I believed her as well. After several hours of untold pleasures to me and her she left my room. Several minutes minutes later the crew came tearing into my room and grabbed me. I was dragged up to the plank where several cannon balls were fastened to me. The Pirate Captain then came up to me with his mistress crying, and made accusations that I raped her. Her clothes no torn to shreds and witnesses saying they saw her go to my room, gave me no chance and I was not allowed to speak. Spikes were shoved through my body while I was alive to casue massive bleeding. I was then shooved into the ocean to drawn or be eaten by Sharks, but unfortunately for me I go both. For I drowned as my body was torn apart by sharks. I was cast to hell where I had to prove my evilness if I was to ever get a chance to seek revenge. I Have learned to trust no one, to look out for myself and take what I can get however I can get it. So if I see something I want, I will take it, and that means life flesh and sexual pleasure. I am a coward so don't ask for a fair fight and watch your back.I just assume run you though while your sleeping as face you one on one. I will run if I feel I cannot win. The human race as brought this evilness to me and they have only themselves to blame. I will rape, murder, steal and sell for profit. My High priestess is who I answer to and have no desire to make friends. I am here to seek vengeance on the human race. If you do not like me don't look and don't be where I can get you. For if I do get you, you may be lucky and I'll only want your body to fulfill the lusth the pirates wife had tought me, but be prepared for me to be hungry, where human flesh is the only thing that will satisfy my hunger. IF you're really unlucky I may want both, and while having my way with you, may just take a bite. I never bite to kill for waisting life flesh like that is a waste. NO I prefer to save some for later for I never know when my next meal will come. But you can rest assure that once I am done with you I will sell you to the highest bidder. So those with life flesh, look out here I come in the name of death.

Sam Browne - Prey/Slave

Name: Sam (Sam Browne)

Age: 24

Your group: prey

Brief background story of your character:


Although yelled at loudest voice, the command was almost lost in the roaring storm that had hit us not only with his strength but also suddenness. It was a desperate command in this weather, the seas topping the midship with every wave now, lifting the men - who held on to the ropes desperately - off the deck, destroying all effort to secure the topgallant mast that had come loose a moment earlier. Still, it was our only hope, the gust of the rocks hidden under the rough sea being close nearby already; and the coast - and with it certain death and destruction - had to be not too far away, because the rolling thunder of the breaking waves was clearly hearable now even through the gale. The men began struggling to their feet again, trying to get a hold on the slippery deck, bracing themselves against the chaos to come...

I went aboard the "Flying Seagull" two years ago, starting as a deck boy but soon gaining skills by learning from the others on board and was named full sailor one and a half year later. I was one of the few who had learned how to read and write and thus the navigator started to teach me and the captain asked me to help out with the books of trade and later with the logbook as well. It could have been not too bad a life at all, this living on the sea... had there not been the true reason for my going overseas. Often in the night I woke up suddenly, bathed in sweat and stiffling a yell from the nightmares of that dreadful night when everything in my life was torn apart. I never told any of the sailors about my real reasons for being on board and they quickly accepted my tale of having run away from home although clearly some of them didn't believe it. But I was not the only one with secrets and there was an unspoken agreement that our history was left behind now.

...and PULL!!! That was about the last I heard in that night. I didn't see the rope end coming that knocked me out and over board nor did I hear the yells a few moments later as the ship burst on the rocks hidden underwater, leaving a boiling mass of splintered wood, life and dead bodies and turbulent waves smashing everything into pieces.

I woke up from a croak near my face. When my vision slowly came back, blurred first, I looked at the beak of a raven ripping off the eye ball of one of my fellow sailors. I was laying at the shore, hearing the surf in the background, the sun burning down on me. My whole body was numb and limp and I don't know how long I lay there. I must have lost concience because the next time I woke up it was night already and the cold made me shudder. I crouched up the beach slowly and then turned around. Lit dimly in the moonlight, I saw the wreckage and the dead bodies spilled onto the beach for over a mile in each direction. And suddenly I could make out some shadows moving in between, human shapes that seemed to salvage what they could find. At that moment I realized that I still was far from being safe.

In the next days I started to gather what I could find for my survival and explored the surrounding area. I found some rocks and later a small cave near the coast, where I could put some of my goods, but there was no water to be found and I soon had used all of the water I had collected from holes in the rocks after the downpour of that deadly night. One morning, I set out with my few belongings, walking close to the shore and looking for any sign of where the raiders of the first night might have gone. It was a two day walk and at the end of it I was near delirium when I finally saw the city. Placed on rocks nearby the shore, it gleamed in the sunlight, it's high towers reaching for the sky. The bustling of the place was overwhelming. So many people of different backgrounds, the clamor in the markets, the smells of a thousand spices...

Suddenly I heard a scream of horror and was almost trampled by a bedouin riding on his camel, a bound girl thrown over his saddle and whipping his way out of the city before the city guards had any chance of closing the gates. For a brief moment I wanted to grab the sword of a knight running by and jump on the next horse in persuit of the predator. Instead I moved into the shadow of the high city wall, making my way to the harbor gate, taking some food with me that I didn't have any money for to buy it.

Dispair hat gripped me again and I sat down, shaken by a flood of memories that came rushing in all in once. I could hear again the soft sounds of feet that woke me up that night, the sound of swords drawn, the fighting against the assassins, pouring in one after the other from all sides... I didn't feel my wounds first, but after a while I had taken too many and finally, laying in the dust half unconscious I heard those dreaded words, being spoken full of mockery: You failed! She is dead! Those words have never left me since that night. I vowed to not touch a sword again, I could not after my failure.

But being in this city, I had to find a way to survive. Not hoping for any decent kind of life - for the world now felt shallow and life- and colorless - I still had to live and try to make up for my failure. Therefore, I began to run. I started to explore in and out of the city until I knew more hiding places, more secret passages, more ways to climb or jump a wall or house or tent then most of the predators that were raiding the city and it's outskirts regularly...

Character personality traits, strengths, flaws:
Sam has a loose tongue and has gotten into trouble by that more then once already. He likes to boast sometimes and to annoy preds. However, he usually thinks not in groups but will respect each person individually, depending on their behaviour. Deep within he is hiding a passionate and caring heart and will go to great lengths to help someone in need. His true longing and desires are well hidden unter his outward behaviour of not caring about anything. He tries to hide his real thoughts and when asked about his past or the marks of his former profession on his body, he will avoid any real answer and shy away.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sword v 0.12a

I have released the same sword as 0.12 but with more damage power. Now it goes from 5 to 8, instead of 3 to 6.
It is still based on skills.
If you are a new player, it doesn't affect you.
If you are an existing player and you have already upgraded to v 0.12, go and get one from the the red jar next to the game board at the entrance (where all pictures are).
Highly recommended :)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Release 0.12 coming soon

Release 0.12
- The Slave Auction Poles are now working (read below for rules) with meter v 0.12
- Slavers Camp (safe zone for slavers) is now restricted to the boat and the tents area.
- Captured players will be able to unfreeze themselves (apart from ransom). This should be used as last resource. It is always preferibly to RP some way out , but if the predator crashes and they don't have money to pay ransom, they can at least unfreeze themselves. The owner will still show up in their meter.
- Sword damage goes from 3 to 6, instead of 2-4 (so only use the NEW sword!)
- For preys ransom fee is 20 K$, instead of 50 K$ (for all other players, it stays at 50 K$, because they have more money)

- The same player cannot lose twice in a row from you. However, this can be a problem for retaliation. When a player get killed, he could go after you without consequences, while you cannot kill him again. So this has changed. Now you can kill him. He will be on the ground for 3 minutes and will lose his skilles. You won't own him and won't gain any skills points.

- First of all, if you are willing to be sold, play along. Don't just get the money and pay for your ransom fee straight away. Face your destiny as slave. Try the thrill of being owned.
- All captured players can be sold at the auctions. (not just preys, but also citizens, knights and predators that lost a fight and didn't free themselves in a way or another).
- Buyers can be all free citizens, knights or predators. If you are currently owned, you may not be a buyer. If your role is prey, you will never be a buyer (unless you find a reasonable in-character explanation for it)
- Payment will be made in KoS Dinars (K$)
- Sellers and slaves will split revenue 50-50%
- The seller MUST be present during the auction and run the auction (introducing the slave, and take care of the "business")
- During the auction potential clients can ask *ANY* questions to slave and seller, to evaluate the worth of the slave
- The slave will be sold to the highest bidder.
- The auction will last 30 minutes, but if the slave stands up before that, he/she would still be sold to the current highest bidder
- All sales are final. No refunds.
- Once the auction starts, you will receive a message on the KoS HUD (please wear it). If you are interested in the slave, just walk to the slave auction to make a bid.
- Slaves can be resold or released. Or slaves can buy their own freedom. Or they may end up to work at the harem. It is up to you.
- You will need to wear your KoS meter v 0.12.
- Explorers are not allowed to bid and buy slaves
- To place a bid, you can type in local chat:
'bid 100 Mary Sands'
- Don't bid if you don't have enough savings in K$
- As slave, please have a picture in your profile and make sure that in your own Profile, the check box ' Show in search' is checked.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Full-time Citizen positions in Ireem

(from Sassy Jaxxon)

Physician Intern - >>OPEN<<
Mystic - >>OPEN<<
City Bath Owner - >>OPEN<<
Slavers' Inn Keeper - >>OPEN<<
Good Knights' Inn Keeper - Fritz Bouras
Arabesque Cafe Manager - Ynava Aabye

These positions are exclusive to serious, full-time RPers and require regular, active presence in the sim. These roles are also assistants to the Citizen group leader as they manage each section of the city and the employees based in their section. They should also be trained in combat, if they have not done so already.

Responsibilities and Perks:
1. Hiring employees at the Ireem Job Fair, recruiting on your own, and reporting new hires to sassy Jaxxon. Please follow the guidelines for hiring as laid out in the job fair notecard below.
2. --Inn Keepers--: Rental fees paid directly to you for the use of Inn beds. The amount is determined by you. Recruit and hire employees (barmaids, dancers).
3. --Bath Owner--: Charging a fee for use of the bath and its attendants. Paid directly to you and amount is determined by you.
Recruit and hire employees (bath attendants).
4. --Cafe Manager--: Recruit and hire employees (dancers, bouncers).
5. --Physician Intern--: Trained in the medical field and in combat by the Physician. After the training period, you will be able to restore health in the meters and receive payments. Fee is set by the Physician as K$1 per 2 health points. The Intern will assist the Physician during periods of heavy injuries, act on her behalf in her absence, and will not 'steal' patients from her.
6. --Mystic--: Provides spiritual guidance and support to the general population of the kingdom. Charges a fee paid directly to you and determined by you. Can utilize tarot cards, crystal balls, trances, etc. Works closely with the Astronomist for star charting, et al.

Ireem Job Fair