Friday, August 22, 2008

Man Hunting starts NOW!

- Is your wife cheating with a bedouin?
- Do you want to own that slave, but you cannot capture him/her?
- Did you decide that it is time to find an husband and you want an handsome knight?
- Did anybody annoy you in the SIM? (for fun - not griefing)

At Ireem you can now offer a reward for the capture of that person.


ELIGIBLE BOUNTY HUNTER: Any Knights, Predators and Citizens.

ELIGIBLE PLAYERS TO CAPTURE: Any KoS Player (except Royals). If you are currently owned, only your current owner may decide to cash the reward and let you go.

- Anybody, including preys, can post a bounty.
- Use the 'WANTED' Board in front of the Dungeon to post your bounty (monetary reward) and the name of the person you want to capture.
- Payment is cash only. Credit is not accepted.
- No refunds.
- Minimum reward is 100K$
- Only one bounty for player. There cannot be two rewards on the capture of the same player.
- Once the bounty is posted, the bounty is final and cannot be revoked.
- When the player is in the SIM, the bounty may be announced on your HUD
- When the player is captured, he is not allowed to release himself with a ransom (please do not cheat).
* Both bounty hunter and captured player must go to the 'Wanted' Board
* The bounty hunter will receive the reward
* The captured player's ownership will be transfered to the player who paid for the reward.
* An IM will be sent to the player who posted the bounty to inform that the hunt is over and s/he owns the player.
* If you are captured, please do not release yourself for at least 24 hours, so the new owner can get ahold of you. You and your new owner should agree on a roleplay. If a compromise cannot be found, the slave may ask Knights for help or pay ransom.

PLEASE We want to remind you all that this is SUPPOSED TO BE FUN and CONSENSUAL. So if you have an issue with another player in OOC, don't post a reward for his capture. Keep it fun.

UPDATE: Uncle Ansome, our trusted accountant, has been nominated Head of Justice at Ireem. If you committed a crime IC at Ireem, a bounty will be posted and, once captured, you will have to submit to the his biased and cruel judgement. Expect to have all your money taken, all your skills taken, been locked up in prison with a giant deadly spider, and/or be tied up to the main plaza for public flagellation. You are NOT allowed to avoid the penalty.


rahlzel said...

Priorities need to be set.

The lag issues should be worked out before more "fluff" is added.

This is a cool idea, but right now one factor is killing many things in this sim - lag. Adding more fluff just means more lag.

Kora Zenovka said...

the lag issues comes from the high traffic. We never expected that the SIM would become so popular. Anyway, SIMs with high traffic share the same problems. The fluff, as you call it, won't add much more lag. Removing one AO would compensate. And if you have any scripted objects, please detach it. That would help too.
Anyway we talked with Lindens. It is just not particularly interesting to mention it as news, even because there is no magic formula to resolve the lag.
There are many things that can be done to help, but none of them is neither painless nor quick.

Frank said...

I commend Kora's continuing creativity. This bounty system adds an important element of roleplay, which does not involve lag-inducing balls, toys, flying creatures or other devices that add lag. Instead, it taps an under-utilized resource, players creativity, to add another layer of fun to our delicious Kingdom.
~ Frank ~
Lardner Entertainment Group