Friday, August 1, 2008

Full-time Citizen positions in Ireem

(from Sassy Jaxxon)

Physician Intern - >>OPEN<<
Mystic - >>OPEN<<
City Bath Owner - >>OPEN<<
Slavers' Inn Keeper - >>OPEN<<
Good Knights' Inn Keeper - Fritz Bouras
Arabesque Cafe Manager - Ynava Aabye

These positions are exclusive to serious, full-time RPers and require regular, active presence in the sim. These roles are also assistants to the Citizen group leader as they manage each section of the city and the employees based in their section. They should also be trained in combat, if they have not done so already.

Responsibilities and Perks:
1. Hiring employees at the Ireem Job Fair, recruiting on your own, and reporting new hires to sassy Jaxxon. Please follow the guidelines for hiring as laid out in the job fair notecard below.
2. --Inn Keepers--: Rental fees paid directly to you for the use of Inn beds. The amount is determined by you. Recruit and hire employees (barmaids, dancers).
3. --Bath Owner--: Charging a fee for use of the bath and its attendants. Paid directly to you and amount is determined by you.
Recruit and hire employees (bath attendants).
4. --Cafe Manager--: Recruit and hire employees (dancers, bouncers).
5. --Physician Intern--: Trained in the medical field and in combat by the Physician. After the training period, you will be able to restore health in the meters and receive payments. Fee is set by the Physician as K$1 per 2 health points. The Intern will assist the Physician during periods of heavy injuries, act on her behalf in her absence, and will not 'steal' patients from her.
6. --Mystic--: Provides spiritual guidance and support to the general population of the kingdom. Charges a fee paid directly to you and determined by you. Can utilize tarot cards, crystal balls, trances, etc. Works closely with the Astronomist for star charting, et al.

Ireem Job Fair

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