Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joachim Muhindra - Spice Merchant

Joachim Muhindra, Citizen of Ireem.
Age: 29
Occupation: Spice Merchant

"I have travelled beneath the celestial heavens by dhow, by camel and by foot to bring you, my dear customer the most exquisite spices and curiosities from the ends of the Earth. You hold in your hand the most desireable clove of the Banda Islands. Behold as it's fragrance as it overwhelms your nose like the firey magik of the jinn. Beware, my dear customer, it's quite potent. Once injested, will make you as verile as a rutting bull and as swift as the pharoah's jackals. 5 gold riyals please...."

Joachim hails from the frontier mountain region of the Hindu Kush. He learned to travel through the rugged territory of his homeland early on and managed to convince some travellers that he was a competent and knowledgeable guide. Joachim was not quite as adept at being a wilderness guide as he was a con-man. Upon taking on a wealthy-looking traveller, he would occasionally lead them along a path that he claimed had been "ridden with bandits, rabid wolves, and treacherous rockslides" while demanding a higher fee. In order to maintain his bluff, he would hire the local young boys to secretly rig traps or hollar battlecrys along the narrow mountain passes. It was only a matter of time that he would encounter a traveller that was wary of him, due to the dubious reputation he had gained. The confrontation forced him out of the "wilderness guide" business, but opened an opportunity for him in a more honest but dangerous line of work.

With the rest of his earnings, he purchased a substantial amount of spice and other "herbs" to sell abroad. He chartered a dhow to carry him and his goods to a new city, where his knowlegde of the frontier people and the winding mountain passes would enable him to maintain a lucrative trade route. Alas, fortune, wisdom and a little opportunity have brought him to Ireem. Some say he has the best midwakh smoke in town, though he doesn't just offer it to anyone.

Occasionally, Joachim can be found playing any number of his exotic instruments at one of the inns or cafes in town. He keeps on cordial terms with a number of organizations within the city. Joachim isn't the type to start a conflict, but will certainly guide an unwary person to it if they're less than savory to him.

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