Friday, July 11, 2008

Nadja Gufler - Prey/Slave

Name (Full SL Name): Nadja Gufler

Age: 18

Your group: Prey/Slave

Brief background story of your character:

Story of my life...

My name is Nadja. My father is the king of Langtbortistan, a kingdom beyond the sea.
So I am really a princess even though I wear no robes or diadems or the like.
So you may wonder why I am here in the Kingdom of Sand. I will tell you the true story:

When I was about 15 of age I fell in love with the stableboy in my fathers stables.
A handsome curly headed boy at my own age. And he fell in love with me.
It was pure innocent love, but very deep. Of course we kept it as a secret.
Every day he brought me a gift like an apple or a flower and whenever we were alone
he told me stories. Old stories, fairytales that was told to him by his granny.
We promised each other to be faithfull in all eternity.
He was the one that taught me to ride the horses like a man and not sideways
which was common at the court.

One day my father presented me for a suitor...
It was a prince from the neigbour kingdom.
My father wanted me to marry him to strengthen the allience between our two kingdoms.
My father went angry when I told him no.
He said it was his responsibility to make a proper match for me.
And from then I was not allowed to see the stableboy anymore.
And from that moment I was always followed by a handmaid.

I was watched every second of the day.
My stableboy still sent me notes hidden in our secret place in the royal garden.
And I sent notes back. But we could'nt meet.
This went on for two years. I often cried at night those days.
My father laid pressure on me to marry the foreign prince and went angry everytime I said no.
My stableboy got a job as a squire and apprentice to a famous knight.
He wanted to become a knight himself. And then we could run away together...

But then one day my father was in a bad temper.
He told me he would set up the wedding with or without my acceptance as I obviously did not know what was the best for myself.
Later that night I packed some stuff, dressed up as a boy and ran off.

My idea was to hide in the woods while my love would bring me food and other needs.
But shortly after my escape I was captured by a gang of robbers.
They brought me down to the nearby harbour and sold me to a slavetrader.
He soon unveiled my gender, and I was brought to a ship and locked up in a small cage.
The same night the ship left the harbour and set out for the open sea.

During the months of the ships journey the slavetrader trained me in discipline and dancing.
He also showed me ways to give plesure to a man. I was still a virgin and he never opened me.
As he said - I was far more valuable as a virgin...

One night - after maybe half a year - I saw light in the distance from bonfires.
I succeded in escaping the cage and jumped into the sea.
I swam for hours hoping not to meet a hungry shark and finally I was washed up at a deserted beach.
After two days sleeping in the sand, hunger and thirst drove me into the dessert trying to find a path.
And luckily I ended up in the beautiful city of Ireem.

Never did I expect such a friendly reception.
The citizens supplied me with a warm bath, food and clothes and bid me welcome.
They also told me about the predators in the dessert and I praised my luck that I had survived my dessert walk.
I know now I am persecuted by bedouins, undeads, slavetraders and other people in the dessert.
Still I have made friends among them. Precious friends!

Now I hope to stay clear of the predators until my love finds me. I will not be able to return to my homeland until I can come as his bride. Then I know my father will forgive me and everything will be good.

I work as a dancer in the local tavern, but if you hear me sing a sad song accompanied with my lute.
I will surely be thinking of my father and my homeland and may cry a little.

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